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Olympics 2012

You Be the Judge

8/4/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0803_2012_olympic_poll_artThe 2012 Summer Olympics are just about at the halfway point and there has been no shortage of storylines. From Michael Phelps' slow start to a cheating scandal in badminton, these Olympics have been getting HUGE television ratings ...and track and field hasn't even begun yet. 

So after a week of action, we ask you ...

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No Avatar


Silly poll in the middle of the night? Check.

813 days ago


you cannot gain "consent" to compete from the animals. Therefore this Dressage should be eliminated from the Olympics.

813 days ago


Why is there a picture of Michelle Jenneke in the graphic? She's not competing in the Olympics...

812 days ago

Pompano Ann    

OMG. My husband and I were watching the trampoline events; who knew? That Dong Dong from China took the gold again who knew? LOL

812 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

TMZ, this is one of the most moronic polls you've ever come out with, and you've had some truly garbage polls.

812 days ago


olympic skateboarding?
look, i know there are some events out there which have no business in the olympics but skateboarding?
i would rather they have a contest as to who can drink the most beer and smoke the most cigarettes. if they do- i'm in!!!

812 days ago


The idiots who voted Dressage as the worst Olympic sport have NO idea what skill it takes both for the rider and the horse. Horse events have been included in the Olympics since their inception...you know, the original Olympics. I'm guessing those of you who voted against it have never ridden a horse or have only ever ridden Western style. Ignorant people.

812 days ago


I could do without NBC giving away event results before the event is broadcast.

812 days ago


aliya mustafina! the queen

812 days ago


Olympic Dressage: Where all you need is $3,000,000 and a dream.......

812 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

I thought I was familiar with all the different Olympic sports and was just now totally surprised to tune into something I've never seen before: handball! The NBC Sports Channel just showed a match between Croatia and Denmark, and for the life of me, I could NOT figure out what they were playing! I thought handball was played in an indoor court, like racquetball. Is anyone familiar with handball? Is it played in the U.S., and do we have a team competing? It's really weird...almost like a cross between basketball and soccer, but played on a court that's 35 feet longer than a basketball court. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!

812 days ago

i'm mad as hell    

The NO-lympics are a God-damned joke!99% of Americans wouldn't normally waste their time or money supporting any of these so-called sporting events.USA men's BKB practically playing against junior high school type talent.Not hard to win medals when a majority of countries have no means to support their teams financially.China def didn't have $100 billion to piss away when hosting the '08 NO-lympics.Starving,homeless,uninsured & unemployed people all over the world!Can't these moronic politicians worldwide finally agree that their country's $ are better spent on far more important things?Announce a final year for these NO-lympics & let's mercifully put an end to this utter nonsense!I hereby propose a Hillbillies versus Hoodrats Hunger Games-type $49.95 pay-per-view monthly event so we can thin out tens of thousands of the s***bags highly undeserving of our taxpayer $ each year.How does this grab u?

812 days ago


Americans don't know anything about handball and they think it's part of the worst sports of the Olympic Games. Europeans don't care about American football or baseball but we do not judge your culture. Handball is one of the most popular sport in Europe.

812 days ago

Celtic Storm    

There's no such thing as being able to "coast" to an Olympic medal, especially swimming. That question is pointless.

812 days ago

Seriously wtf    

1. The second question with the magnificent 7 is misleading to those of us that are younger. I thought it was referring to the old movie as a joke after question no. 1.

2. I like the tape delay coverage

3. What the heck is dressage?

812 days ago
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