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Jeff Ross 'Batman' Massacre Joke

CUT from 'Roast'

8/6/2012 9:36 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0806_jeffrey_ross_01Comedy Central is censoring Jeff Ross ... refusing to air the jokes he made about the "Dark Knight Rises" massacre during this weekend's taping of the "Comedy Central Roast of Roseanne."

Ross -- who came to the event dressed like Joe Paterno, accompanied by two young topless boys -- has been under fire for cracking the following zinger, directed at Seth Green:

“Seth, congratulations. This is actually a great night for you ... you haven’t gotten this much attention since you shot all those people in Aurora. ... I’m kidding. You are not like James Holmes. At least he did something in a movie theater that people remember!”

After the taping, one of the producers announced that the joke would be cut from the August 12 broadcast.

Ross later admitted he crossed the line -- but told NBC News, "That is what Roasts are about."


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can we get names for everyone who voted "funny is funny" so we can get them mental help?

772 days ago


So which is the unfunny part TMZ speaks of? The part about the theater massacre, or the fact that he's making fun of boys being raped by an old creep. That they leave in? And it's considered all right because nobody died? I guess child rape is fine with comedy central. These are kids who have to live with this disgusting memory the rest of thei lives. Insanity.

772 days ago


C'mon! Seth Green does look like Holmes and the jokes funny. It's a ROAST!!!

772 days ago


I'm beginning to think these comedians are cracking these jokes to get attention for themselves. They're basically exploiting a tragedy to get publicity. It's pretty lowlife stuff.

772 days ago


That guy isn't funny anyway. Why start now?

772 days ago


lighten up the joke was funny america is way to sensetive these days

772 days ago


Does Ross have a joke about the Aurora victim who was shot, miscarried her baby and is now paralyzed, and her six year old daughter who was shot and killed too? Ross is a sleaze.

772 days ago


It is a roast people! Political correctness is left at the door. Grow up.

772 days ago


I'm guessing the 31% who thought the joke was funny never lost a friend or relative and has no soul for the families of these victims.

772 days ago


Moron, Roasts are about crossing the line with the person being roasted at that person's expense, NOT at the expense of murdered children, spouses, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers....

772 days ago


that is ****ing sick and should be striped as a comedian because how do people think making fun of a murdering spree or joking about what happened is funny at all but its good they took it out of airing

772 days ago


Oh Jeff and Dane, really sticking your necks out there in the name of comedy. You guys think you are really brave and edgy saying those jokes don't you?

If you think you are so brave, have some guts and come to Colorado to say them! Oh, but you won't do that. Cause wittle jeffy and Dane tell their jokes far far away in another state. PUNKS.

BTW Jeff, Seth Green is A LOT funnier then you will ever be, you :Bleep:.

772 days ago


The roast was for Roseanne Barr not Seth Green. Ross was exploiting a tragedy. Comedians are not immune from backlash by hiding behind the idea that's all's fair if a comedian says it. That's just plain B.S.

772 days ago


Comedians should just never joke about it. Period. It's like making a 911 joke... it will never be funny.

772 days ago


He is never funny on these roasts anyway find some one who is to host them. Dont think the PSU bit is amusing either He looks like Howard Stern's FATASS bro here

772 days ago
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