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Olympic Equestrian

Cruel and Unusual

… for the Fans

8/7/2012 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Do you suffer from insomnia? Have a hard time falling asleep? Enjoy watching humans get rewarded for accomplishments of hard working animals? The you're going to love Olympic equestrian ... the most boring "sport" ever created by man.

Seriously. We'd rather watch paint dry, and then try to remove it, then watch that "Bachelorette" guy huff said paint remover (allegedly).

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What a stupid and pointless post. Not only that but lots of people think the agility events are fun to watch. Dressage isn't so great, but no worse than synchronized swimming or race walking.

808 days ago


Okay, I really want you to get on a horse and canter going around a ring, and perhaps make a couple of jumps. If you could then maybe you would have a little more respect for the sport! This is one of the most dangerous sports out there! Give a little respect.

808 days ago


At least they're doing something with their lives fulfilling their dreams at making it all the way the Olympics while you're busy stalking the kardashians and octo-mom

808 days ago


Why don't you ask Ann Romney how she got her horse to london?

808 days ago

Cruise Lover    

Respect the horse. TMZ boring jackass

808 days ago


Whoever posted this at TMZ has a remarkable ignorance that can only be described as "vaulting".. The horses and riders spend YEARS learning to work together and trust each other, and what looks very easy is extremely difficult, much like most other Olympic sports.. thats why they have the f*cking games, because these are some of the best at what they do.. The people who are interested watch it and the people who aren't dont.. Sorry Travis Pastrana wasn't able to come in and do a 360... on a horse for you.. Grow up already... oh and BTW, you had to complain about dressage but decided to not bitch about handball or archery? Fuuuuuuuuccckkkk.......

808 days ago


Not only is it a very dangerous sport, especially at that level, but it is also one of two Olympic sports where men and women compete as equals. (I believe sailing is the other one). And if you think the horse is doing all the work while the rider sits there, then you all are very wrong over there at TMZ, and obviously haven't ridden a horse. It's a partnership, the only reason it looks effortless is because they are very skilled. Riding is a great full body workout.

808 days ago


If you think its so boring, let's see you do it you ignorant prick. The amount of knowledge, skill, time, and dedication needed to be an Olympic level rider is more you have ever put into anything, I guarantee it.

808 days ago


Correction: Golf, is the most boring sport ever (not equestrian).

808 days ago


We have to re think our relationship to other living beings. Would it be more clear to people if it were an event with elephants, mounted by humans, carrying logs? Animal control should not be an Olympic event.

808 days ago


Not surprised TMZ would say another idiotic thing...

808 days ago


The horse stops short, thrown off. Oh well. Horse is just being a horse.

808 days ago


Anything beyond gold medal booger-picking is boring for TMZ staff.

808 days ago


Wow you guys have sunk to a new low. Sports writers you are not...stick to the daily gossip and asking folks what they ate for dinner. Leave the rest to the real reporters out there.

808 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

This elegant sport certainly beats watching one more celebrity get handcuffed, thrown into the back of a police car or watching them hit a pedestrian or rearend a stopped car, Lindsay.

808 days ago
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