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Olympic Equestrian

Cruel and Unusual

… for the Fans

8/7/2012 12:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Do you suffer from insomnia? Have a hard time falling asleep? Enjoy watching humans get rewarded for accomplishments of hard working animals? The you're going to love Olympic equestrian ... the most boring "sport" ever created by man.

Seriously. We'd rather watch paint dry, and then try to remove it, then watch that "Bachelorette" guy huff said paint remover (allegedly).

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you would think that the horse's azzes who write for tmz would appreciate anything about horses.

774 days ago


Keep to writing about gossip and celebrities. These riders make it look easy. I'd like to see the writer of this article get on a grand prix level horse and even try to get over a two feet jump. Stick to what you know.

774 days ago

lyn parker    


774 days ago


Dressage is tough to watch until you've learned to understand it. My daughter hated it (she's a jumper) until she got up to the higher levels. She said it takes so much more focus, and you really have to think about every single movement you make and every cue you give - not just getting over the jump.

774 days ago


Wow - seriously, TMZ has sunk to a new low. Y'all need to stick w/ what you are good at - being a stupid gossip rag. Because seriously - that's about all you are good at. This is a typical idiotic comment from some dumbass who knows nothing about horses or the sport, or the fact that not only is the rider having to control their own movements, but those of a 1400 lb animal. I'd love to see you try it. Get a clue.

774 days ago


Pointless and degrading to the equestrians who work so hard to get to the Olympics. The horses are probably worth more than your car! Dressage, stadium jumping and eventing (well, I doubt you know that that is), are extremely difficult and dangerous sports. I am totally offended by your comments, and you need to apologize.

774 days ago


I am going to have to rethink coming to anymore! I find it extremely rude that the staff writing this post would bag on a sport which clearly he/she knows nothing about. It may look as if the horse is doing all the work, but I assure you this is not the case. I challenge this writer or any of the TMZ staff to get on a 1200 lb animals and try to make it around the arena, much less jump fence 5 ft + tall. Then will see where your respect for the sport is! YOU suck!
Oh and BTW, I thought your site was about celebrity news? How does this post have anything to do with a guys are going downhill!!!

774 days ago


Are you kidding? You have NO IDEA how hard it is to ride a round of fences! The horse does not do all the work! Yes, they do the physical jumping BUT the rider had a ton of decisions to make and then had to be able to physically stay on! that is just a statement made out of complete and utter ignorance! You all must have never been on a horse in your life! And, its very dangerous! This is a 1500 lb animal that has a mind of its own and a lot of strength. Ask Christopher Reeve's how dangerous it is...Oh, wait, you can't! Yes its dangerous!!!
Man, I am a big fan and watch nightly...but this was an ignorant piece and it really made me mad last night. Fools!

774 days ago


TMZ should stick to what it is good at - commenting on Midget Bowling and stars'asses... That's about all TMZ is good for or good at...

774 days ago


are you kidding me? have you idiots nothing better to do than rip on an amazingly hard sport? get off your fat arse and do something besides making your diabetes worse criticizing others. It takes YEARS AND YEARS to become an olympic equestrian. seriously stupid comment. what are your qualifications to write a post? your mom didnt swallow that night?

774 days ago


Jackie Kennedy anyone ?

774 days ago


Wow you are incredibly ignorant of riding and the skills/discipline it requires. It also happens to be my favorite sport in the Olympics; I don't find it the least bit dull. Its engaging, exciting, and takes real talent. Don't believe me, you get on a horse and try and jump a fence thats 160...m high. So why don't you get back to your important job of posting all those pictures of celebrity bums instead of trashing a great sport.

774 days ago


whoever wrote this never rode a horse before.....let alone worked one. Geez people, the horse wouldn't do that alone!!!!!! The rider is in control if they're any good at all, and it's hard work for both!

774 days ago


What an absolute looser generation our public schools gave America.

774 days ago


You guys need to remove this post. It's incredibly offensive. These people train very hard and spend hours and hours doing so. These horses are also highly trained. I'd LOVE to see any one of you get up on a horse and jump a 6 foot fence that is also several feet wide, or do any of the dressage moves. You just insulted so many athletes. Way to make Americans look like ignorant fools with this post.

774 days ago
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