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NBC to Sharon Osbourne

We Didn't FIRE Jack O.

Over M.S. Diagnosis

8/7/2012 6:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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NBC is lashing back at Sharon Osbourne ... claiming she was DEAD WRONG when she insisted the network fired her son from a reality show because he was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. 

Sharon had told the media she was quitting her gig on "America's Got Talent" because NBC had "discriminated" against Jack Osbourne by dropping him from an upcoming reality show called, "Stars Earn Stripes" ... in which celebrities compete in various military-style physical challenges.

And to make matters worse, Sharon had claimed Jack was notified by e-mail ... just two days before production was set to begin.

But NBC claims Sharon is blowing the whole thing out of of proportion -- but admits the network decided to NOT ask Jack to participate as a contestant after going through vigorous medical screening.

NBC Chairman Bob Greenblatt explains, "We hold medical information in strict confidence and therefore cannot comment specifically about Jack, but as a company that cares deeply about the health and safety of everyone on our shows — especially one like 'Stars Earn Stripes' that requires dangerous water stunts, strenuous physical activity, and uses live ammunition — we required all potential participants to undergo medical vetting to ensure that they could safely participate."

The statement continued, "Although we did not ask Jack to participate in the competition, we were able to offer him two substantial alternative roles on the show, both of which he declined. This network does not discriminate on any basis."

Greenblatt added, "Our hearts go out to her, Ozzy, Jack and his family at this time."


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JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

I have MS myself and have had it since 98 which would have been when I was 36 and since then have developed crippled-ness (sic) on my left leg which makes it tough to walk and impossible to run so far... and people do terribly think you can't do shiiite when it comes to working no matter what they say out loud, so I just decided I'd work for me and that's what I do, they can all Kiss my cripppled azzzz : ) I don't know why these people are even bothering, with the money they have. If I had it the last thing I'd do is work for a network that would doctor news tapes to inflame the public against George Zimmerman and ensuring he'll likely never receive a fair trial. I wouldn't work for NBSleaze if they let me host SNL for a year. Not in THIS Lifetime. Obama water carrying coots.

773 days ago


You *DO* realize Jack has been working as a friggin POLICEMAN on and off for the last few years, RIGHT NBC? Your claim your show uses "live ammunition" is hilarious.
I won't be watching.

773 days ago


She's like Kris Jenner in pimping out her kids - instead of looking out for Jack's health like the network, she wouldn't care if it killed him as long as their names were in the spotlight. Vile woman.

773 days ago


I'd like to see Sharon Osbourne and Kris Jenner fight to the death. Would be the most highly rated show on TV.

773 days ago

Seymour Bluffs    

Good lesson to teach your Kids..She walked of the X factor because things didn't go her way and now AGT

Bye Bye Sharon don't let the door hit you on the way out....

773 days ago

No comment    

What talent does Sharon have? She is famous for being married to a man that fried his brain with drugs. Now she just babbles on tv shows. Sharon is pissed her stature can't force NBC to provide Jack with a cush job. Jack has zero appeal to the public. We are supposed to feel sorry for him because he had MS, and thus provide him with a job?

773 days ago

Wow ...    

I understand the frustration. However, when health becomes an issue, people have to learn to adapt. It is sad and unfortunate, but it is reality. NBC is not discriminating, though it may feel like it at the moment. The diagnosis is new and fresh, this is just the beginning of life changes for Jack. Support, encourage, but do not add to it by making sh!t up. That is not helpful to him. There are plenty of things Jack can do, but participating in this type of program should not be one of them. Like it or not, it truly is for his own safety. So take your anger out on something else, not NBC. It isn't their fault Jack has MS...

773 days ago




Jack has a new show called Haunted Highways
Syfy’s newest paranormal reality series, Haunted Highway (formerly known as Paranormal Highway) will premiere Tuesday, July 3 at 10PM (ET/PT). The hour-long series follows two teams, Jack Osbourne & Dana Workman and Jael de Pardo & Devin Marble, as they do their own first-person investigations of the most frightening claims of paranormal activity along America’s remote back roads.

773 days ago


As a person with MS, and shared the same symptoms as Jack Osbourne, I think NBC did the right thing. Had he been in remission for awhile and had his disease under control then maybe he'd have a reason to complain about it, but MS is so unpredictable that NBC had every right to do what they did in my opinion. I don't think it's discrimination at all

773 days ago


I think Sharon is just using this excuse to get out of judging America's Got Talent. Because Jack has a show already on the SciFi channel. Did you forget about that one Sharon?

773 days ago


This can be easily verified with a copy of the email and date sent to him. Also, if Jack had taken the medical physical, proof of that date would be crucial to support that he had a 'verbal contract' to be on the show. Also, to offer to pay his own insurance would have released NBC of any wrong doing.

773 days ago


NBC sucks, after they have treated people badly and kept Matt Louse after he repeatedly acted like a jerk, Katie Couric said he used to contstantly pinch her bottom, NBC allowed him to sexually harrass & assault her and gave him more money to act like the tool he is.
I watch my local news and change to CBS or ABC when Today comes on the channel.
Sharon is a mother defending her pup and NBC sucks.

773 days ago

Heather Foulkes    

Sharon Osbourne needs to be given the facts about MS. As a person who is "living large" with MS, am completely and utterly insulted by her doom and gloom comments about it. On the cover of one of magazine, she states "I don't want Jack to die." First off, we all die. Second off he'll likely die of something else other than MS. There are varying degrees of the condition, however, i saw him the other and he seems to functioning just fine. My legs are sluggish, but I no way does that hold me back. Nor do I use it as an excuse, unless I want to get really good seats at a Prince concert. Then the crippled card comes. What? Membership has to have it's priveledges. LOL.

For Sharon's obvious ignorance, I sentence her to 100 hrs with people who actually live with it.

As far as I'm concerned, I'm in better health than she is.

Have a lovely day.

773 days ago

Fifty Shades of WTF    

While I wish Jack all the best and good health, he simply isn't a person I would tune in to see on anything. He is like most of us... average. Usually shows want to cast people that will draw veiwers. Jack is not that person. Again, I wish him nothing but the best. We just can't ALL be stars.

773 days ago


Hurrah! Glad she is gone. And why on earth, would we care if this guy is on the show or not. Seriously. The entire drug infested family is tiresome, completely tiresome, and without talent (except the druggie Dad, upon whose coattails the entire family rides.) Thank goodness they can get someone else on AGT now, and try to make the shows a whole bunch better with other real talent.

773 days ago
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