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Ryan Dunn Car Crash

Parents of Dead Passenger

Sue ... He Killed Our Son

8/8/2012 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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The parents of the passenger who was also killed in Ryan Dunn's fatal 2011 high speed car crash are suing the "Jackass" star's estate ... claiming Dunn was extremely drunk when he wrecked his Porsche and is responsible for killing their son.

TMZ broke the story ... Dunn had been drinking HEAVILY before he crashed his Porsche into a tree at 132 mph in Pennsylvania in June 2011 ... killing himself and his passenger Zachary Hartwell.

Now, Hartwell's parents have filed a lawsuit against Dunn's estate AND the bar where Dunn had been drinking before the crash ... claiming Barnaby's West Chester was negligent in serving Dunn after he was obviously hammered.

The Hartwells also claim Dunn was reckless and negligent by operating his vehicle while under the  influence of alcohol ... and should not have been driving at extremely dangerous speeds.

Zach's parents are suing for unspecified damages ... claiming they've lost the services, guidance, and comfort of their son. And they want Dunn's estate to cover expenses associated with Zach's death ... including funeral costs.

Zach's parents are also suing on behalf of their son's estate ... claiming Dunn and the bar should pay for the "pre-impact fright, fear, pain and suffering" that Zach experienced before he died.

Zach's parents also want both parties to pay for the wages Zach would have earned during his lifetime.


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The Man    

Can't blame the family for doing this,afterall Dunn should have never plopped his drunk ass behind the could have been worse,he could have killed more people on the highway so I'm glad the family is doing this,sue his ass for everything he's DON'T have.

740 days ago


obviously you guys dont know anything about the law. one should be held liable if one's negligence causes injury to another.

it doesnt matter if zach went into the car with him what matters is that ryan drove his car recklessly and neligently thus causing injury to zack and his family (moral injury, thus moral damages may be awarded to them)

its like riding a taxi, nothwithstanding the fact that i knowingly rode into a taxi (even knowing that the taxi driver is drunk), still the taxi driver will be held liable if he drove his taxi negligently and recklessly.

740 days ago


Can they sue themselves for neglecting to teach their child common sense.

740 days ago


This is a great idea! As I'm sure the lawyer explained to them: once they win the lawsuit their son will come back to life

740 days ago


Ugh...this is just wrong. Barnaby's is in the middle of a college town and it's been proven that people in the bar were buying him drinks. The bar had no idea how many drinks he had. It's actually quite hard to get a drink there on a busy night no matter who you are. I feel sorry for both family's..but really there are a ton of accidents at that intersection that nobody ever hears about. It's a dark road with a bad turn if you over shoot it.

740 days ago


This has gone to far - pre-impact fright, fear, pain and suffering" that Zach experienced before he died.
I smell Meth users

740 days ago


How do they know there son suffered for all the know he could of been agging Dunn on to drive fast and keep going they could of been having the time of their lives, who is to say they werent we have no clue what they were thinking before hand. Yes you lost your son and that was terrible and I am sorry for you but your son got in the car with a drunk man, That is dumb on his part.

740 days ago


Zac worked for Ryan and the 2 widows even live together now. Zac's dad said last year that he knew both men drove drunk and sped, it could have been either. Grief is horrible, but damn, pretty ballsy.

740 days ago


I'm surprised it took them this long to file. I think they'll probably win the suit against the bar since it's illegal to serve drinks to someone you know is drunk. But I doubt they'll win against Dunn's estate since their son knowingly got into a car with an intoxicated person. I don't know about the "life time wages" bit though, that seems to be far reaching.

740 days ago


When you drink and drive, there is always a chance for an accident. Luckily (?) they did not kill any others. Now the loved ones left behind suffer. I just feel it is wrong to play the blame game, they need to look at the source-their son-and realize he was as much to bame for getting in to that car. But of course because the driver has/had some $$, they want a ppiece of the pie. Sadly dragging it all out is going to hurt them further and will not bring their son back. And who are they tryint to hold responsible, really? The one responsible is dead, so it is not going to hurt him, but it is going to hurt his loved ones, and that just does not make it right or just. Yes they may win, but really nobody wins in a situation like this. I just could not imagine suing a dead man's family when my son was equally to blame. People are so quick to blame others for their own-and their own loved one's-stupidity. Gets very tiring of people getting hurt or even dying and trying to blame others for something that could have and should have been prevented by their own self.

738 days ago


if ryan AND the bar are responsable, why wouldnt the passanger be responsible for his own deccisons too?
i can understand ryans estate paying for the funeral, but thats it. it sounds like these parents are getting money/fame hungry.
the passanger drinking or not was well aware what he was doing, and its not completly ryans fault

737 days ago


Being a mother,You want his money whats the point,your son was tragically killed along with Ryan,they are both missed....what justice will it serve?
I will pray for you and you evil wickedness of greed. God bless

736 days ago


life sucks,i have three young men 25,22,20.they drink they ride with those that do im sure,but the loss of a child is devastating,you know but how is money going to bring him back?or make it better?was your son drinking?he got into the car knowing ryans condition,did he think he was going to die that night? probly not as much as ryan thought he why hurt more people and make there life hurt worse for something that was not done on purpose,now if you were to say no im donating the money to MADD,well that could give a small justice.You need prayers for your self and the evil you are doing to dunns family,,,,just let things go your son lost his life doing what he enjoyed being with a friend......

736 days ago


Hi, I'm Zachary Hartwell and this is "Sue Your Friggin' Ass Off."


731 days ago


This is stupid, first off Ryan Dunn didn't force Zachary Hartwell to get into the car with him. He got in out of his own free will knowing the Dunn was hammered. Its his own fault for getting into the car, you know what happens when a friend of mine is drunk and driving me home? I first tell them not to drive cause your probably gonna die or get arrested. If that doesn't work my ass calls another ride because I don't want to die or get arrested. The blame is on both of them not on a bar that had probably hundreds of people around, its a bit hard to keep track of that many people as a bar tender. Also how is it the fault of "Jackass" when no one else from that crew was even there that night. Greedy bastards trying to use the death of there son for a payday.. ****in insane.

730 days ago
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