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Usain Bolt

I'm The Greatest Athlete


8/9/2012 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0809_usain_bolt_gold_gettyUsain Bolt is the GREATEST athlete in the history of all mankind ... so says Usain Bolt ... who just CRUSHED everyone in the 200 meter final.

*Sidenote -- don't bitch about the "spoiler" ... it happened ... get over it.*

Anyway, moments after he captured gold, Usain modestly touched on his accomplishments ... reportedly telling the media:

"I'm now a legend. I'm also the greatest athlete to live."

Bolt also gave the ol' tip of the hat to American sprinting legend Michael Johnson ... adding, "I am in the same category as Michael Johnson. I'm honored. It's all about Michael Johnson for me."

So ... greatest athlete ever? Better than Ali? Better than Michael Jordan? Jim Thorpe? Michael Phelps? Pele?


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Usain may be a show off but he has done what no other athlete in his field has done:

He has 6 olympic gold medals and has ****tered world records on 4 occasions.

Someone may break his records one day but as at now no one has run faster than 9.58 secs. So if he wants to beat his chest and say he is the greatest, he can as he is a phenomenal athlete.

784 days ago


He is the greatest in his field. He is not truly pushed as yet. Sometimes even in the Olympic finals he eases up in his races. Blake is currently the only who can push him to his limits and he is being motivated with Blake as a training partner. As time progresses and Olympics 2016 in Brazil comes the world will see that he is dah best at what he does. #TEAM JA Y'ALL! ALL DAY EVERYDAY!

784 days ago


Bull turds ... two gold medals make you the greatest ... See Michael Phelps record please.

784 days ago


People are so ignorant...... Let a black man from another country be successful and it;s a problem.. and for the retarded people who are talking about can he beat Michael Phelps or Michael Jordan... you idiots... I dont know any athlete who plays more than one sport.. They are good in their own field.. Once you get into the world record, you are now a legend! Please stop hating on Bolt... give respect where respect is due!! Big up this fine jamaican athlete!!!! I amsuper proud of Bolt.. he is not only running for himself, he is running for his country, the caribbeans, and all the black people around the world. He is breaking records and opening the way for others!! leave him alone.... DUTTY AMERICAN PEOPLE... MOVVE UNU RASS AND GUH WHE!!!

784 days ago


Spoken like a true hater! He is the 9th richest athlete on da damn planet! Please tell me which of those athletes broke 5 records in 4 years? It ain't all about America. Accept the fact that there are greater people in the world than those who live in America. For years they've been preventing hard working athletes from getting what they truly deserve. BUT CHIN UP TMZ! TECHNOLOGY IS AT IT'S BEST SO THERE WILL NO MORE 'DRUGGED VICTORY' for America. Every damn athlete gotta fight for the top spot! FAIRLY!

784 days ago


Ummm...no, Carl Lewis is the greatest ever.

784 days ago

Julian Gumbs     

Yes, he is and here's in a brief minute as to why. But before I get of topic, these are objective analysis, keep subjective individual based analysis to oneself. Okay, the sheer difference between his WR numbers and 2nd is HUGE, the next fastest 100 time is 9.69 then 9.75, he currently holds the three fastest times, by himself, Gay shares 9.69. Furthermore, 9.58 is .11 faster than gay, and .16 faster than the field. Furthermore, he is carefree and DRUG free, his cavalier behavior shows, if he truly competed at his best like his peers, who use everything, he would have created GOD like distant between himself and man. Jordan is Great, but he repeated himself through Kobe, now LBJ, desire is Replicated, pure, Talent is never duplicated. It has been over 20 years the NFL has waited for an amazing athlete of Bo's caliber sub 4.12-40 6'2" adonis physical appearence. These Two are PURE athletes no drug or motivation needed. The big difference, Bolt has WR Bo doesn't period.

784 days ago


umm what about wayne gretzky he has 8 of the top 10 point scoring seasons and his records will never be broken

784 days ago

lisazthats me    

He is a great athelete and can run fast, but there are many lengths in track. Its like a racehorse. You have long tracks and short tracks. You have sprinters and runners. You show me that you can run 100, 200, 400, 800 and maybe 160...0 we can talk. Running fast for a short sprint is just that. Congratulations, but you didn't win multiple events that would to me equal being so great. Michael Jordan could play baseball fairly well and basketball. Michael Phelps excels at different lengths and different types of swimming. Again, you run two SHORT lengths of race. Job well done. Not great for any other reason. Jump well, win the decatholon, shotput, something and we will talk.

784 days ago


This dude runs around the block the quickest and claims he's the greatest ATHLETE ever? What a f**king joke, him and his sport. He ain't a fracticon of the man the Legenday ali was. Hell he aint even close to being the greatest athlete today. Manny Pacquiao, Lionel messi, Kobe Byant (whether u hate him or not), Roger Federer, Anderson Silva, and Michael Phelps are true definiions of greatness. Not this fool, who has suspicions of doping.

784 days ago


@ Princess, Ali, great athlete, Hank Aaron, Robinson, Grant Fuhr, Evander Holyfield, the Williams sisters (who have amazing bodies)... THOSE are amazing athletes. This guy, needs some humbling.

784 days ago


He sounds American doesn't he?

784 days ago


He is the best sprinter of all time, but i don't know why Michael Johnson name is in all of this, Donovan Bailey obviously to the crown from Johnson!!!

784 days ago


No one is hating on him and the reason he's getting negative comments is not because he's black or from another country its because of the statement he made saying "I'm also the greatest athlete to live". Also its because he's got way too big for his boots and is a total show off. There have been other athlete who have broken a record before he was even around and while they are happy and excited about their achievements you dont see them making comments like what he said and doing stupid poses acting like their gods gift. The man is a great runner and well done for achieving those records and medals but he needs to get over himself.

784 days ago


Anyone who feels the need to say they are the greatest athlete to have lived obviously is not.

784 days ago
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