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Gold Medalist Nadia Comaneci


8/10/2012 4:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0808_nadia_comaneci_memba_launchNadia Comaneci tumbled her way into the world's heart with her performance at the 1976 Montreal Olympics and was the first to be given a perfect 10 in an Olympic gymnastics event. Guess what she looks like now!

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Nadia!!! I wanted to be just like her watching her in the olympics. I was in the age range of Mary lou though. Nadia was awesome!!

802 days ago


Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't TMZ based in California? Yea, yea, she got a perfect score and she's still pretty but why not stick to either athletes DUI or American gold medal winners. Seems like TMZ has a bunch of jerks working through the night. Everyday for that matter.

802 days ago


I was 12 that summer and Nadia made me love watching gymnastics. I remember it clearly all these years later. She looks Great!

802 days ago

Really People?    

I remember we girls all wanted to be her

802 days ago


Still the greatest, and for the record, Aliya Mustafina is the World's Greatest Gymnast this year. The Russians have total balletic grace and utmost elegance. Our American girls are something to be reckoned with, but they look like very limber and agile cheerleaders in comparison.

802 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Completely agree with Eddie's comment above!
The gymnasts now have completely lost the artistic aspect of the sport. I watched Nadia's performances right before this year's competition and was absolutely blown away by how beautiful and graceful her skills were - and how effortless she looked doing them!
Even though the girls can do more difficult skillls, they don't look as good doing them. On the balance beam, they quickly flail their arms around like they're only doing it because it's required and that they're just waiting to do their next element. Nadia moved her arms like a dancer, and that artistic aspect makes all the difference. Between elements, she would do subtle dance moves, while the girls now will actually stand there literally doing nothing while waiting to do their next flip.
There's been so much emphasis put on technical difficulty with the scoring system, that most of the girls don't bother with the artistry, and that's a shame. Only a couple of the Russians still work at putting art into it.
(Check youtube for Nadia's 1976 Olympic balance beam routine, then look at Shawn Johnson or Gabby Douglas. Big f'ing difference.)

802 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

She deserves nothing but praise. She has overcome some mean demons. Attempted suicide, fought eating disorders, etc. Life was not easy for the young Nadia. I'm glad it worked out for her. She still has the heart of a champion.

802 days ago


Glad to see she finally turned into a woman. I thought she was too young to perform. She looked like a 10-year old back in the day.

802 days ago


I'm watching the Olympics unfold- past present and future, on TMZ exclusively.

802 days ago


One of the greatest! ( :

802 days ago


absolutely love Nadia, however this being TMZ, I would love to know what her life was like in Romania. When she first defected here there was alot of negative press about her. While I still admireher and happy that she has a great marriage and kid, I really would love a behind the Iron Curtain story of Nadia-she was supposedly very involved with the Ceausescus.

802 days ago


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802 days ago


I am a romanian too like her and she is a legend everywhere !
Proud to be a co-national with her and other then she is the symbol of gmnastics forever , other words are useless.

802 days ago


She was the most effortless, exquisite gymnist of them all. Got l0's too.

801 days ago

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