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Mitt Romney

Introduces Running Mate as 'Next President of the U.S.'

8/11/2012 5:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0811_romney_videoPresidential hopeful Mitt Romney was so excited to introduce Rep. Paul Ryan as his running mate this morning in Virginia ... he accidentally referred to him as "the next President of the United States." WHOOPS!!!!!

Romney realized his mistake when Ryan took the stage and jokingly said, "Every now and then I am known to make a mistake. I did not make a mistake with this guy."

Certainly not the start the Romney/Ryan ticket was looking for, but hey ... at least people are talking.

Then again, here's a theory. If Obama wins, he's still the same President. If Ryan runs in four years and wins, he would technically be the next Prez. 

It's unlikely that's what Romney meant.


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You do remember that Obama did the same thing with Biden, don't you?

803 days ago


Obama said the same thing. Maybe it's nerves. I remember when Romney said if people didn't have money, they should ask their parents for it. Lol. If ONLY it was that easy for them. Ha.

803 days ago



803 days ago

Cheryl A.    

My husband and I watched that and didn't notice that he said "The next President" We had to rewind the DVR when Mr. Mitt corrected himself to see what he said. No big deal. Nerves, being tired or maybe excitement.

803 days ago


Yes Obama Did the same thing when introducing Biden. ...Re today, I wish they had both wore a tie, it just looks more presidential. Romey the Robot, wow he really does NOT connect! Did you see him walking thru the crowd? no eye contact with the crowd, or sincere waves to actual people. Paul Ryan, much more genuine (good choice btw). .... Now can be dubed: "The rich white guys ticket!"

803 days ago


Douche packs.

803 days ago


I feel sorry for Obama if he gets re-elected. Look at the big mess he will inherit from ther last 4 years

803 days ago


Romney just lost the election. Ryan is the same as McCain choosing Palin. As a Republican, I am disappointed in Mitt's decision and I can't support him now. Guess I will have to vote independent.

803 days ago


For Gods sake Mitt . . . . would you PLEASE think before you speak?! Some things you say make you look like a stupid ass. Stop embarrassing yourself because I am voting for you in November to get that freaking Muslim Obama out of the White House. He's got to go so P-L-E-A-S-E dont let us down!!!! Be more serious and not so smiley and joking. Being The President of this country means you carry yourself with dignity and class. We have to get this jerk out of The White House before he legalizes ALL illegal aliens and gives them welfare, our social security money and our medicare. F-ing bas*ard!!!

803 days ago


Obama's gaffe:

And don't forget Biden introducing Obama at the same event as "The next president of the United States, Barack America".

803 days ago


Let the hatred begin from the Democrats! Obama did the same thing when he introduced Biden 4 years ago....get over it, TMZ!

803 days ago



803 days ago


Cheez, I wonder how folks remember insignificant crap like this happened 4 years ago? Wow, must be nice to have that kind of time and brain space!!

803 days ago


ANYONE CAN MAKE A MISTAKE LIKE THAT. I liked Mr. Romney until the debates. He sounded too much like Donald Trump, constantly, trashing and bashing a sitting president. Republican or Democrat, President Obama has been the recipient of harsh attacks more than any other president I can recall. Takes away from someone who yearns for public respect. Perhaps Mr. Romney should change places with Mr.Ryan.It appears that Mr. Ryan will, probably, outshine Mr. Romney. Should be interesting!

803 days ago


He's a great match for Romney, we needed a younger candidate who's more relateable to the middle class. He has an obvious understanding of economics and thought-through policies that would benefit every social class, as opposed to the current administration's villainization of higher class workers.

803 days ago
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