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Taylor Swift


for Break-Up Songs

8/16/2012 12:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Swift has a habit of trashing exes in song ... including her new #1 hit -- so who's crazier? Taylor or the dudes who keep dating her? Harvey is definitely leaning one way on this.

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I smell like you're doing a promotion for her song, but guess not gonna view the song and honestly she's not the first "musician" to sing about exes.

769 days ago

Megan Moore    

I have to agree. She's a freaking nut job. & she's overrated. Just goes to show that country music will take just about anyone. (Except Jessica Simpson)

769 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

She's weird-looking, can NOT sing live, writes mediocre songs, and is needy-CRAY-CRAY!!! No one is harder on women than the Kennedy clan. I think she'll fit right in! Bwah-hah-hah!

769 days ago

Kartrashian Klown    

This Kennedy child she is dating needs to move on because he is gonna be next. She needs to learn to keep her personal relationships private. And she also is now neighbors with the Kennedy's? Shes a nutcase and scary future psycho. Boy better run for the hills.

769 days ago


Taylor can write whatever she wants but.......... I will say this it is a bit rash buying a house when she's only been dating the dude for a month and he's still in high school. I am a Taylor fan but still rash decision and it comes off as a little say what?? Girlfriend doing what?? Playdates?? I am sure the Kennedys could give a **** less they are nutty but her parents yes I know she is a adult but usually they seem so protective maybe with the alleged divorce they have other things on their minds and their could be tension who knows but it seems very rash.....

769 days ago

BB in CA    

Come on HARVEY - That's her thing! She writes songs about her past. You've got your "thing" so don't criticize the talented young lady.

769 days ago


Tits or GTFO

769 days ago


Hopefully she'll start dating O.J.,that's when the songs end!

769 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Taylor has said: "... it’s when they start to treat me in a way that wouldn’t reflect well on them in a song. If I were to be honest, about it, I’ve had a guy be like, ‘Ugh! You’re not going to write about this, are you?’ And I’m like … ‘Uhh, yeah. I am.’”
First off - I am guessing she holds an impossibly high standard for her boyfriends - that's why they all inevitably "treat her badly" and get their own song. Either that, or she is using them all just to further her music career.
It's normal for an artist writing a song or two about an ex. However, she's done it several times. It seems like she's done this to just about every famous guy she's ever dated, too!
Airing all that dirty laundry to the world is screwed up! If she feels the need to do***ent all those bad boyfriends - (who have one thing in common - dating her), keep a damn journal. It's disrespectful, and makes Taylor look petty and callous.
The worst one was the song she wrote for John Mayer. She cut all contact with him, and the song was meant to be the way that he learned of their break-up. How insanely cruel is that?!? (and no, I am not a John Mayer fan.)
Now she's daying Kennedy for a month at the most, introduced him to her parents, and is now buying a 4.9 Million dollar mansion near him. All of that is just icing on the cuckoo cake!
Sorry in advance for the long post. It's late and I'm bored.

769 days ago


She's dated hella guys and yet no one calls her a ho? I guess if you're a little blonde country singer the double standard works in your favor. I hope for her sake she doesn't end up pulling a Leanne Rimes one day.

769 days ago


harvey's right. there's something wrong with her. don't let the sweet country package fool you. she's immature. just cause she's rich and famous doesn't mean she's got it together.

769 days ago


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769 days ago


Taylor is nothing more than a bully. Don't parents tell their kids not to air their dirty laundry in public, yet she is celebrated for it? She can't sing, she seems stuck up, and her new song is just horrible. She will be a has been at 30.

769 days ago

tony gee    

She is the one who is changing boyfriends like she is changing her undies and when she breaks up with them, she writes them off as the bad guy. Meanwhile, what is she saying about herself in all those songs.

She portrays herself as the one who never made a mistake that contributed to the break-ups.

769 days ago


Harvey is so right. Taylor Swift is a nut job like the Glenn Close character in 'Fatal Attraction', the Kennedy kid better be careful, she might slaughter his pets and sing a nasty song about him when he breaks up with her. And Harvey.. what happened to your old crew..? They were far more smart, practical and fun and supportive to you than some of the new female staff you have now. Such as the stupid chick that can't see the link between these songs and Taylor's exes. And the other woman who roles her eyes, you can get rid of them you know, they are no fun and looks like they don't know what humour is.

769 days ago
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