Taylor Swift Ok, Calvin Harris ... You Can Sit With Us


Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are a lot closer than expected at the Billboard Music Awards -- and he got the full GFE after she won an award.

Ok, Calvin wasn't the first person she hugged after winning Top Billboard 200 Album -- but he IS the only one who got an extended hug combined with a neck snuggle. They haven't exactly been undercover, but this qualifies as a full couple coming out.

As we showed you earlier ... the seating chart called for Taylor to sit with 2 friends between herself and her BF. Nice decoy, T Swizzle.

Taylor Swift I Want Calvin Close at Billboard Awards Just Not THAT Close

Taylor Swift's playing the old music game -- make your fans think you're single, 'cause it's good for business -- and that may be why she'll sit 2 seats away from her boo at Sunday's Billboard Music Awards.

Taylor and Calvin Harris have been seen together in public showing lots of affection, but we're told Taylor requested that several of her friends form a human barrier between her and the famous DJ.

Apparently she wants to have interaction without reaction.

And that's why they call it the music game.

Taylor Swift I'm a Dancing Fool For Calvin Harris!!!


Taylor Swift was shakin' it off in a big way as BF Calvin Harris took the stage at Wango Tango.

Taylor showed up Saturday at KIIS FM's Carson, CA event and stood on the sidelines, dancing her face off.

Taylor was there with the Haim sisters, the chicks who introduced her to the famed DJ.

Swift just kicked off her world tour in Japan. The next stop is Vegas Friday at the Rock In Rio USA.

Calvin Harris My Fair DJ

Calvin Harris wasn't always the hot guy slaying the hottest girls ... it wasn't that long ago he was geeky, awkward, unkempt and in need of a shower.

Harris was photographed in Australia in 2008 ... way before he hit it big, buffed up big-time, and started dating the likes of Rita Ora and Taylor Swift.

Since then, he's cut and colored his hair, hit the gym, fixed his teeth and discovered the sun.

Oh yeah, and made millions and millions and millions of dollars.

Props to the Daily Mail for unearthing the epic pic.

Calvin Harris Gives Taylor Swift the Suplex Treatment

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris continued their 2015 Countdown to Breakup Tour ... and this time they pressed the flesh in L.A.

Taylor made herself comfortable on Calvin's lap at Troubador, where they watched Haim perform -- the group that seems to have connected them. He cut a song with them, she's best buds with them.

Last week they unveiled their romance at a Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville.

And you gotta see the chaotic scene as they left. Get it while you can, paps.

Calvin Harris Taylor Swift is Fine And She's Good for Business, Too

Calvin Harris went from outright rejecting Taylor Swift to embracing her, and several friends tell us, there's a business side to his change of heart.

Calvin and Taylor are now full-on dating, but just months ago he said he would left swipe her on Tinder because she's "the opposite of my type."

So why the change of heart? Our sources who are prominent in the DJ world say Calvin got to know Taylor through the Haim sisters, Taylor's best friends. Calvin and Haim have a hit song, "Pray to God," that was released earlier this month. He got to know her and liked her.

But our sources say Calvin is the best businessman among DJs and knows the cache of dating the biggest pop star in the world.

They believe Calvin has developed feelings for Taylor, but they say he's wired for success and there's no hard dividing line separating his personal life from business.

We feel a song.

Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Oh Yeah, They've Hooked Up


Taylor Swift wanted to make one thing clear at Kenny Chesney's concert in Nashville ... she's banging Calvin Harris.

The video we got of them holding hands as they left the concert is but one example of strategic PDA. People who were around them said Taylor was sitting on his lap for a long time. There's also a pic of Calvin with his arms wrapped around Taylor's tiny waist. And an eyewitness says they kissed.


Taylor left Calvin's side for a while to dance in the aisle and then she went onstage to perform a song with Kenny.

On Wednesday, Swift and Harris were spotted around town doing a little food shopping and Taylor hit up one of Harris' shows in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Taylor's break-up song has already begun writing itself.

Calvin Harris Taylor Swift ... Not My Type AT ALL

This is stunning ... Calvin Harris went way beyond saying he was not into Taylor Swift ... he said she's the OPPOSITE of his type.

Calvin went on "Capital Breakfast," a British radio show, in November and was asked about Tinder and the celebs who would earn a right swipe.

You gotta hear him ... he's not putting us on. Calvin says Taylor earns a solid left.

So what happened between November and March? Taylor looks the same, but somehow in the wee hours he changed his tune and his swipe.

OMG!!! Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris TOGETHER!!???!

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris surfaced in Nashville ... could it be?

Taylor and the famous DJ were coming out of Whole Foods Wednesday night -- wearing matching shirts no less -- when 2 people snapped the pics.

This isn't the first time they've been together recently. Taylor went to Calvin's concert in Vegas earlier this month. There were reports he chartered a jet to fly her to the gig.

They got all flirty at the Brit Awards after-party in London back in February.

Shopping for food together ... hmmm.

Taylor Swift Shakes Off Harry Styles During Extremely Icy Encounter

Body language refers to various forms of nonverbal communication, where in a person may reveal clues as to some unspoken intention or feeling through their physical behavior.

Keep that nugget in mind as you watch Taylor Swift react as ex-boyfriend Harry Styles approaches her and her friends in the lobby of the Sunset Marquis in L.A. on Wednesday night.

Normally Taylor lets her words do all her talking, in this case ... she did it all without saying a single one.

Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Taylor Swift & John Mayer These Two, Again?

Taylor Swift and John Mayer showed up at the same place Wednesday night ... eating dinner within eyeshot of each other ... and we know what didn't happen.

We got pics of Swift and Mayer leaving Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood in separate cars ... so there's smoke.

But there's no fire. Our Chateau spies say John and Taylor saw each other but didn't exchange a single word.

They famously dated a few years ago and traded breakup songs about their relationship.

So here's our thought. John should have asked her how she's doing with just a touch of insincerity. Perfect, right?

Taylor Swift to One Direction: 'SHUT THE F**K UP!'

Taylor Swift doesn't just write breakup songs about her ex-boyfriends ... she talks SMACK about them during award shows ... and last night, she got caught. On camera.

It happened when One Direction took the stage to present a Moon Man at the MTV VMAs for Best Pop Video.

FYI -- Taylor used to date Harry Styles (they broke up in January) ... but apparently, she's still harboring some resentment -- 'cause as the band rambled on, the camera cut to Swift ... who leaned over to Selena Gomez and mouthed the words, "SHUT. THE. F**K. UP."

There are people out there who swear Taylor wasn't cussing -- that she was saying the words, "Sorry for my arm."

Those people are stupid.

Taylor Swift I Made Nearly $1 MIL On My Last Breakup

Taylor Swift is so good at breaking up ... she's actually learned how to turn a profit on it -- earning nearly $1 million after dumping the house she purchased to be closer to her ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy.

As we reported, Swift purchased a $4.8 million mansion in Hyannis Port, MA next to the Kennedy compound last year while she was dating Conor. But -- shocker -- Taylor and Conor broke up soon after.

Now we've learned Swift has flipped the home for a huge profit -- selling the place a couple weeks ago for $5,675,000 ... that's a profit of $875,000 in just a few months.

She might suck at relationships ... but she's killing it on the real estate market.

TAYLOR SWIFT My Bloody Valentines!

Today is Valentine's Day ... a holiday that commemorates the day on or about the year 270 A.D. ... when St. Valentinus was beaten with clubs and beheaded by the Romans (look it up).

And to honor him, here's a photo gallery of Taylor Swift with all of the people she's rumored to have hooked up with.

They are never, ever, ever ...

Harry Styles Develops a Taste for Clam

If there's one thing Harry Styles didn't get enough of while dating Taylor Swift ... it's clam -- because that's pretty much the first thing he ate following their breakup ... and TMZ has the pic.

The "One Direction" singer -- who just ended his record 2-month relationship with T. Swizzle -- was in Queens Sunday night, when he got a hankering for some Italian ... and swung by the famous Don Peppe's with a pal.

We're told Harry appeared extremely chill throughout his meal -- happily noshing on veal parmigiana, shrimp luciano over linguini, and his main course ... a steaming pile of clams.

And how about this ... we're told it was Harry's first time trying clams in his entire life. Huh ...

Taylor Swift & Harry Styles Put Their Relationship On Ice

Taylor Swift and her future ex-boyfriend Harry Styles are making the most of their time together before the breakup -- and hit the slopes for a little ski vacay in Park City, Utah.

The adorable pics were snapped Friday at the Canyons Resort ... when TSwift and the One Direction star decided to take a little lunch break in-between shredding the gnar.

We can't wait to see how this all plays out in a song ... but what rhymes with Utah?

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