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Halle Berry

Is Nahla a Paris Pawn?

8/19/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0816_halle_berry_gabriel_aubry_paris_articleHalle Berry is locked in a bitter custody trial with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. Halle is asking the judge to let her move to Paris with Nahla, and Gabriel is saying, "Over my dead body." So we gotta ask ...


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This article was a lot more fun when I thought it read, "Is Nahla a Paris prawn?".

793 days ago


Trust me Halle is not losing sleep because of all the racist haters. She still gets paid to do movies even if you don't support them. She still has movies lined up. To bad Aubrey is too LAZY to get a job and provide for his child. The little 3.5 mil he gets to support his child is chump change because she still works. He only made himself look LAZIER.

793 days ago


You should have added; both- about who is the good parent and both- about rich or poor parents in the Halle Berry questions. Nothing is cut and dry when it comes to parenting. Rich or poor, custody or part-time custody, they are both able to be good parents.

793 days ago

crazy k    


793 days ago


Halle, you don't have to go all the way to Paris in order to escape the paparazzi. Just avoid California and New York - there ARE 48 other states in THIS country, you know.

793 days ago


how sad that someone would use a child to spite their ex. Not only does she hate Gabe, but she doesn't even love her child enough to allow her child to know her father. Her child will grow up to hate her for this. "Selfish" and "self serving" doesn't even begin to describe Halle accurately.

793 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

The only reason paparazzi is still interested in Halle Berry is because she is incredibly good at creating this drama. If she wants Nahla safe from the paparazzi, she should stop the bs and focus on co-parenting with Gabriel under some reasonable compromise. Furthermore, this has to be hurting Olivier Martinez's career. I used to love him. Now, I associate him with her and don't find him interesting at all.

793 days ago


Moving out of state, common tactic used by vengeful women who are encouraged by profit-seeking feminist bureaucracies to break their ex husband's hearts by ripping their children away from them and at the same time receive alimony and child support from the ex while the wife maintains full power over the children and over the husband's ability/lack to see his own children.
Child support of which both the feminist bureaucracies/orgs *and* the American Bar Association profit from.
Fathers and Families dot org
Times are a-changin' ;)

793 days ago


Let Halle take their daughter and move to Paris, as long as Halle covers all of Gabriel's travel expenses plus buys him a house in Paris to stay in with their daughter. Stop using your daughter as a pawn!

793 days ago


This woman is so nasty. Halle Berry is just evil. I'd like to see her with OJ Simpson because they deserve each other.

793 days ago


Thank you finally used a decent picture of Gabriel

793 days ago


Gabriel's attorneys need to look at pictures of Johnny Depp's family in St. Tropez. They act like photographers are pointing guns at them instead of cameras. There are several photos like this. The kids are hiding and Mum and Dad are giving the finger.

793 days ago


Again for the sake of Nahla and the US Judicial Court system---Let's hope Halle's served a big heaping of humble pie.

EOnline! update:

Glad the court trial would be a tv celeb media circus. 17 days blocked out on the court docket. While some may view this is a waste of LA county tax payer money, at least, we could see less of Halle over the next 17 days.

793 days ago


Halle is delusional in thinking having Salma Hayek's signed testimony is going to be her ace in the whole. If you do a Google image search, there are dozen's of photos of the pappis following Hayek, she her husband, their child with nannies and bodyguards etc . Halle/Olivier aren['t going to spend millions on staff and security like Hayek and her husband do. Plus Halle has had several nannies in Nalha's 4 years and still does. And has had a whole slew/staff of body guards (which she doesn't use or hasn't used as much only to build up her case in court)..

Read more:

793 days ago


Blown away by the poll numbers.

I do not like Halle or what she is doing to her kid for selfish reasons. This kids needs her dad to be around.

Hey Halle, next time go to a sperm bank, then you won't have to have all these attention getting problems.

793 days ago
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