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Halle Berry

Is Nahla a Paris Pawn?

8/19/2012 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0816_halle_berry_gabriel_aubry_paris_articleHalle Berry is locked in a bitter custody trial with baby daddy Gabriel Aubry. Halle is asking the judge to let her move to Paris with Nahla, and Gabriel is saying, "Over my dead body." So we gotta ask ...


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Diana Clark    

I believe the daughter should go to the mother, Halle has never had any bad publisity or anything negative, she will be well taken care of by her mommy

794 days ago


It's such an excuse. What about the rest of America? Why does it have to be Paris?

793 days ago


I think if this country is so dangerous for Halle, she should also consider getting out of show business. Oh yeah, that's right, this has nothing to do with safety, but everything due to revenge.

Ummm, and if we are talking safety, is Nahla safe with a woman who previous tried to kill herself, along with her dog, when things got tough for her several years back? Halle is mentally unstable, and I bet David Justice and Eric Benet have some good tales to tell.

793 days ago


Someday Halle will realize that by keeping her child away from her natural Father has taken a big toll on her Daughter's stability. She should be thankful that he wants to be a Father and not try to keep them apart. I hope she loses in the Courts With the LA Courts favortism to celebrities, I hope that they realize the mistake that Halle is making and does the right thing by denying her right to take the child out of country in order to cir***vent the Father's bonding.

793 days ago


someone has said it a few times, how gabriel would speak the language since it's his native tongue...
ummm canada is predominantly anglophone, and qubeqios is very, very different from the french in france. unlike countries like britian, which canada has closer ties to, france has no such connection with canada.
she tried to get permission to move to new york with her not that long ago as well.
treating your child like a weapon, means one day it's going to come back, and stab you in the back.

793 days ago


You can take Nahia anywhere in the world you want but the events that both you caused will follow her for the rest of her life right along with the skripper pole drug/alcohol abuse and lots of lesbian love.

793 days ago


The type of parent to move far away is the same type of parent that will bad mouth the other parent. This child will be brainwashed to hate Nahla either way.

793 days ago


So, here's my question for anyone reading...
When she split from Dave Justice, who's black, she cried abuse.
When she split from Eric Benet, who's black, she cried serial cheater.
When she slit from Gabriel, who's white she played the cheater and racism card.
Anyone have any ideas what she's going to accuse Olivier of? My idea, he was verbally abusive, a serial cheater, racist and then she play the "He referred to my daughter as BAGGAGE". What ya think?

793 days ago

Joey Dernman    

Well now that makes a lot of sense dude.

793 days ago


I think all that has to be looked at is Halle's history with men. She is been in and out of abusive relationships with men. How many times have we seen here abusing paparazzi also?
Ok, paparazzi can be intrusive but Meryl Streep, Dustin Hoffman and others raised there children with out all these problems and with dignity.
Halle Berry has anger issues has anyone seen Gabriel go off? they follow him with that child.
All Halle is doing is using it as an excuse to take the kid to Paris where her boyfriend lives. She is more concerned about the boyfriend and hanging on to him than Nahla, It is pathetic.
Am I the only one that remembers the paparazzi chased Diana to her death in Paris so how is it better there?
I really hope the court does whats best for Nahla and stops Halle taking her to Paris. You decided to have a child with Gabriel Halle so you take responsibility and put your daughter first. She didn't ask for this your doing it to her by worrying more about your boyfriend.

793 days ago


Why is everyone blaming Halle for this? No one knows what is going on between her and Gabriel except for the two of them. And it seems like there are a bunch of closet racists on this board anyway. Whenever there's a Black/White issue, all the racists come out and immediately take the White person's side. Gabriel never seems to have much interest in this child anyway. He's too busy playing golf and tanning.

793 days ago


When the girl was born, and Halle and Gabriel were still together and much in "love", she bought a 63-acre property in Saint-Hippolyte, in Gabriels native french speaking province of Quebec, Canada. A place where they could raise their daughter in a safe environment, far from cameras and LA, and close to Gabriel parents and family. A place where she could have a normal life in the countryside.

But then something happened. She dumped Gabriel, sold the place. Later found a good looking french speaking dude to replace the arguing biological father and is now planning to move to HIS country. Far away from the annoying implicated father. All this because apparently, the US is not a safe place to raise her daughter.

Halle, you already had a safe place not in the US ,close to Nahla other side of the family, where you could've raised her !!! What gives? Unless you didnt want your daughter to have that connection with the Aubrys...

If this is not the action of a vindictive selfish individual i dont know what this is.

793 days ago

noreen huggins    

yes nahla is a pawn in this BS her mother made

793 days ago


All Halle Berry wanted from this guy was good looking sperm. He should sue her for fraud. She never wanted him in the kid's life and will stop at nothing to destroy him. I've lost all respect for her. She's disgusting.

793 days ago


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793 days ago
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