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'Dark Knight' Massacre

SECOND Victim Hires

Casey Anthony Lawyer

8/20/2012 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Casey Anthony
's old defense attorney is seeing double after the "Dark Knight" massacre in Aurora, CO -- TMZ has learned, Jose Baez has been hired by a second victim of the shooting.

41-year-old Marcus Weaver -- whom James Holmes shot twice in the upper shoulder during the tragedy -- tells TMZ, "Over the past 30 days of agony, along with very careful thought and consideration, I have hired Attorney Jose Baez as my legal counsel."

TMZ broke the story ... Baez has already been hired by a woman named Shirley Wygal -- whose 32-year-old daughter was shot and killed by Holmes.

Now, Weaver says, "I felt that the night of the incident, that the security at the theatre was lacking from the time I entered. I want answers, we ALL want answers. And I know Attorney Baez will do what ever he can to help with the fullest extent of the law."

He adds, "Every day, early in the morning or at night, I have a movie in my head of what happened. I wake up every night with nightmares. I don't think it will ever go away."

Weaver finally underwent surgery last week to remove the bullets, which were then taken by police as evidence. It's unclear whether he plans to sue the movie theater.


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Honeys Booboo    

It's good karma.
Jose Baez freed the innocent lady, Casey Anthony.
So now the millions of dollars are coming his way.

772 days ago


Half a million will ease your nightmares, right? I'd be damn happy I was alive if I were you.

772 days ago


Money will make those "nightmares" go away. And who better to get that money than a guy that got a woman off a murder charge for killing her own child. No sympathy for these "victims" anymore.

772 days ago


Disgusting, money-grubbing, a$$clowns. "Oh, let's bankrupt this theater for something that was in no way their fault!" I hope they get syphilis & die.

772 days ago


I hope they dont think bozo baez is going to gain them any sympathy. Its quiet the opposite. My sympathy goes only to people who would not seek monetary gain off of tragic events. Or if ur gonna sue someone at least just the person who did the crime and not the people with the deep pockets. Also if he felt the security was lacking from the moment he went in then he shouldnt have stayed. NEXT!

772 days ago

Hervey....Hervey of Arabia...He was a single guy...    

Too bad Casey Anthony wasn't in the theater that dreadful night. Her Daughter may have finally got justice for Casey murdering her.

772 days ago


That's wonderful - be prepared to lose 45-55% of anything you get to your "lawyer."

772 days ago

Mason H    

"I felt that the night of the incident, that the security at the theater was lacking from the time I entered." <-- that is a quote for all you trolls out there. It's just unbelievable. R U F&cking kidding me? What sort of security are you expecting at this theater. I lived 5 minutes from this theater and have been going there since the Century 16 opened. It is a very nice theater and never was very well maintained. There is no way anyone felt unsafe there b4 this tragedy and if they honestly did, then why the hell were they there instead of hiding in their bedroom closet? People just trying to get an instant payday from a tragedy and no one is holding the real criminal responsible. Disgusting.

772 days ago

Buddy The Elf    

Losing ALL respect for anyone involved in this tragedy as they try and capitalize off it.

Because BEFORE this happened the first thing we ALL thought when going to the movies was "I wish this place was more fortified and had more armed guards."


772 days ago


Why dont u sue the other people in the theater for not running fast enough. And I can sue u all for even being in the theater thus giving james holmes people to shoot which made all news stations report it and gave me nightmares and fear of theaters. See i can do it too!

772 days ago


I'm sorry, but in what world does he live in where movie theatres have security? No one could have predicted something like this would happen and it could have easily happened anywhere else in North America.

772 days ago


He got shot TWICE people, give him a break...

772 days ago


what the **** why do the dark knight victims want to hire a lawyer that got a murderer to go free and i wish he was forced to quite from his career and i dont know who is worse casey Anthony or james holmes -.-

772 days ago


it must be nice to know that one can turn tragedy into fortune

772 days ago

i'm mad as hell    

My buddy used to transport hoodrats in & out of the ghetto to their appointments because that was his job.They always stated aloud they truly hoped my buddy would get in a wreck so they could all get paid.This is simply another page from the ghetto best seller "How to hit the lottery if you is black"

772 days ago
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