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Mel Gibson's

Hot New 'Friend'

Has 'F' Me Written All Over

8/20/2012 10:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

082012_mel_gibson_launchMel Gibson has a brand new female companion -- she's hot ... she's foreign ... and she came thiiis close to showing her vagina in a modeling campaign for a company called "F Me" jeans.

The pretty lady -- who accompanied Mel to The Grove in L.A. this past weekend -- is Nadia Lanfranconi ... an aspiring musician who moved to the U.S. from Italy back in 2007.  

Mel and Nadia have been spending a lot of time together recently ... they even went to a sushi dinner earlier this month.

0820_mel_gibson_akmgsi2Of course, we all know Mel loves aspiring foreign musicians ... but we're told Mel and Nadia are NOT in a serious dating relationship.

Too bad ... 'cause Nadia showed off the goods during a campaign for "F Me" jeans last year ... a company that makes clothing featuring a waistline that plunges dangerously close to the female reproductive organs.


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LYING BUNNYAZZ! YOU were the one who posted the 'hearing date'. There was no hearing scheduled liar and there isn't a date set for one. If YOU knew how to read and look up court docs, you would have known there was no hearing scheduled. Chalk this up to another B'nutz fail.

598 days ago


Most likely there is a lot of back and forth going on about Gibby being brought into TJ's claim of marital interference. I seriously doubt Gibby will be able to walk on this issue considering Pappy has not been able to call the shots in other areas of his life, and due to his age.
There's no way a judge is going to let Team Pappy off the hook for the lock out. Once they get confirmation of this they will fold like a cheap suit.

598 days ago


20Idiots said:

What's so funny to me is how FLOCK has gone on and on about PRIVACY then REALIST posts Superior Court Case #s for EVERYONE...those being cases regarding MR MEL and FAMILY.
Funny thing is to get that info from the website you have to PAY (like 5 bucks) - how pathetic does THAT make Realist? SO desperate to have info on Mr Mel and family that she'll PAY FOR IT!?!?!?!?! THEN Post it - THEN go on about PRIVACY!?!?!?!


Now, now Idiots. You know damn well that the information about the case summaries is free. As for privacy - - the case numbers were posted on TMZ. Take it up with them.

I guess that sort of makes you a liar, doesn't it?

598 days ago



Got a strong feeling Teddy got her assypoo kicked!!!!

Party time!!!

598 days ago


actually realist, the Divorce Case # was not post on was posted in a PDF which you had to open/download FROM TMZ.... YOU then pulled the # FROM THE FILE and posted it ON the comments like I said YOU Posted it

598 days ago



Hi Canook,

Apparently the hearing never took place yesterday. There is nothing in the court summary. It may have been taken off calendar, and no new hearing is scheduled.

Read more:
And here we have REALIST ASSUMING the hearing didnt take place.....
PFTTTT! Why ASSUME? PFFT! Wow talk about posting something wrong...Realist is ASSUMING the hearing didnt happen because that's what FLOCKERS DO......PPPPPPFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT!

598 days ago




Hi Paulette!
Here's latest info on both off of LA Superior court site:

Divorce hearing:
08/28/2012 at 08:45 AM in department CE60...... at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Mel v TJ:
08/13/2012 at 08:30 AM in department CE6 at 111 North Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012
OSC-Temporary Restraining Order

ANOTHER example of your denials of things you were WRONG ABOUT.

598 days ago



Cujeaux prayer:
"mirror, mirror on the wall, tell me, who is best?
like my Oksana on pedestal.."
are you looking into a mirror and
"judging others"
by your own accomplishments in your own life?
No wonder your hands are always
in Mel Gibson packets looking for " POTC


What is this nonsensical sh*t? Gibby would be thrilled to see that his biggest fans don't make any sense and can't read and write proper English!

I don't know the exact age of Ms. giraffe pants, other than she's in her 20's. By the time I was 25 I had my own house and business. Worked 2 jobs to get there with no help from anyone. I didn't sell my looks or body for anything, and never would. At age 26 I was a foster parent and continued to do foster parenting for over 8 years. I would put my accomplishments up against the illegal alien tart's any day of the week.

598 days ago


I've made it clear the reasons why I don't respect $POTC$ and how it's being used. After Gibby made a sh*tload off of a story that wasn't of his own creation, all of a sudden he rejected the Catholic Church that he previously expoused. The reason for all of the Vatican 2 protesting after the fact was so he wouldn't look like a complete ass for keeping all of the profits.

What he didn't spend on himself, he put towards a tax shelter in disguise. The fact that he doesn't allow anyone into COM unless they fill out an 'APP' and the fact that it's basically shut down, is more proof that the intent wasn't to provide charity and fellowship.

There have been no charity funds going out of COM unless you count setting Pappy up in expensive housing, and moving him around the country. Pappy was very willing to go along, compromise his vaulted morals and take his wife along for the ride. They now think they can kick her to the curb because she is no longer of use as a nurse maid. And the only reason one can conclude from both TJ's and Giiby's statements - its because TJ wasn't going along with 'alternative treatments' that could have killed Pappy.

Now that TJ sees the caliber of people the Gibby clan is, I'm sure she wants nothing to do with any of them, including Pappy. 5 months flock.

598 days ago


Forgot to comment on the link 2i posted -

LMAO! Ol' Faithful never fails to disappoint. Instead of setting an example for his daughter, he goes on the attack. He wants the attention when it suits him, for publicity for his projects, otherwise the world can F off.

598 days ago


PS: just checked. Realist, YOU win the bet on how long it would take the pig thing to blame the hearing on 'Mel paid her off' ROFL!!

Btw, the site reads 'pending', not sure what exactly that means in legalese. Do you know?


BAAHAAAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAAA! B'nutz doesn't know what 'pending' means and needs Cankook to help her out! What a moron!

598 days ago


0 0

The cornerstone of critical thinking is to communicate in an agreed upon vocabulary.

So, I say TMZ POSTED it. What do you call it when TMZ puts up an article?

At all events, and vocabulary aside, it was only through TMZ that the do***ents were viewed and the case number revealed.

Moving on to apparently vs. assumption.

Apparently refers to an outward appearances which may or may no be so. An assumption is a proposition taken for granted as if it were true.

Thus endeth the lesson.

598 days ago


Bovine if you're trying to distance yourself from following the case and posting the outcomes - don't bother. It's all over these threads. Shifting the blame is not a tenet of critical thinking and makes for a poor argument.

Flock thought the Ox/Gibby mess was their business and you were providing flock with legalese and court fodder. Now that Gibby is in ANOTHER mess that DOESN'T include Ox - its nobody's business.

Remember bovine, Gibby used TMZ to put this story out there. Gibby essentially provided what would follow regarding the court docs. Nobody leaked anything against him this time. I for one am interested in seeing how he wiggles out of it.

598 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    


I don't know the exact age of Ms. giraffe pants, other than she's in her 20's. By the time I was 25 I had my own house and business. Worked 2 jobs to get there with no help from anyone. I didn't sell my looks or body for anything, and never would. At age 26 I was a foster parent and continued to do foster parenting for over 8 years. I would put my accomplishments up against the illegal alien tart's any day of the week.

I call BS. Piggy is too stupid to have done this, any of it. HE has proven it time and time again. He's a small minded dumbass that has never done a damn thing for anyone else.

WHY would someone be a 'foster parent' after starting a 'successful' business (assuming it was successful if the pig bought it's own house at that early age.) It simply would NOT happen. He'd have been too damn busy running his business if it was true! This is bs just like all the rest of his bs.

598 days ago



Oh, and Cujo, if you want to see her mutilated coochie let me know, I'll give you the link.


Uh, no thanks bovine. Yikes.

598 days ago
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