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Rosie O'Donnell

I Had a Secret Heart Attack

Last Week

8/20/2012 1:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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0820_rosie-odonnell_TMZRosie O'Donnell suffered a major heart attack last week but kept it a secret ... until now, when she revealed the whole scary ordeal on her blog ... as a poem.

In a post on Rosie's official blog dated August 20 ... the comedian drops a bombshell with an entry titled "My Heart Attack" ... in which she explains how she went into cardiac arrest and didn't even realize it.

In the post she explains (in poem form) ... she experienced chest pains, clammy skin, and vomiting ... she then took an aspirin -- but never bothered to call 911.

The next day she went to see a cardiologist and was informed by her doctor that her symptoms were a result of a "widow maker" heart attack.

She says in the post, "50% of women having heart attacks never call 911 ... 200,000 women die of heart attacks every year in the US ... by some miracle I was not one of them."

She ends with a warning to other women saying, "Know the symptoms ladies ... listen to the voice inside ... CALL 911... save urself."


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Rosie never kept a secret in her life.

801 days ago


Now she will be on Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, everyone but "The View. Did they put her in the hospital after the diagnosis? I think If I had the widow maker I would not be writing a poem but would be seeking intense cardiac physical therapy. Maybe now she will loose the 200 lbs plus and eat right.

801 days ago

hard to believe. pain from indigestion is enough pain to drive you to the hospital. a widow maker heart attack and she goes to the doctor the next day? sounds like a sham BS story to me.

801 days ago


Couldn't have happened to a nicer person. She is a pig.

801 days ago

Paul Junior    

Now that she is aware of her medical vulnerabilities... it's time she re-examined the liabilities of her Spiritual condition.

801 days ago

highly unlikely. heart attacks in general send people running to the emergency room. the pain is massive. a widow maker is debilitating. usually makes one pass out. i think rosie, once again, is dillusional. because she says it doesn't make it so. or maybe shes just plain lying.

801 days ago

David Patriot    

Too bad it didn't take away her ability to talk. She is, and has been, a disgrace.

801 days ago



801 days ago


..Must be a compbination of being fat as a whale plus having a rotten attitude. THAT will get you sick sooner or later. I find her to be a dispicable human being.

801 days ago


I think you people are so cruel have you no heart? what did Rosie do to any of you. She is a good person who speak her piece not like some of you who hide behind these pc writings you are all spineless. I know Rosie will make us aware of anything and everything out there she knows that will help us secrets for her when it comes to letting us know who is f ===ing us in this place we live. Rosie take care of your self and get strong and exersize more this was a wake up call ..I too have diabetes and suffered silent heart attack and my husband had one too we are 62 years old and were lucky to be here. I hope we can keep up the diets and exerside but its very hard, we love to eat enjoy going out and entertaining so its really hard but try the best you can. and to those spineless people out there look at yourself in the mirror your not worth nothing to think about your spineless and weak minded people who are insecure and really who you hate is yourself for being that way, dont blame someone who hurts no one and speaks for herself and anyone who wants to listen, write her off and go your way she dont need you thats for sure. and as far as Donald all the money in the world could give him the popularity he needs..he buys his popularity he is nothing he rode the coat tails of his parents thats how he has that peace of change that he is carrying around and trying to be somebody with. yeah its easy when you are given a golden spoon. you will see its not all good he still have a family and his health to go thru life.......problems find everyone.esp when you are in the lime light they will follow him each and every day...........also i hope your fiance feels better my grandson has a similar diseasce rare as we speak he is having another surgery one of 9 surgerys he gets sporatic tumors in his body since birth and has been disabaling him he is a little fighter 20 months old now. suffering since birth we have run out of drs. and help as now his tumors were just found in a very risky area near his spine and main artery and it seems no one knows how to deal with this this all you people out there with all this wasted bs you talk abount go to hell! we dont need people like you around. you will burn for all the nasty things you say and do to people it does scatch up with you.

801 days ago


Personally I could care less about this woman. She has destroyed any interest I have in her at any level

801 days ago


Too bad she survived! {don't think she had a heart attack---she just wanted PR}!

801 days ago


Dear Rosie if you r reading this tmz postings please ignore those spineless insecure,nobodys who write these mean and cruel things about everyone under the sun. its a free country so freedom of speech cant be avoided but they are like I said spineless and insecure low life people that really hate themselves for those reasons. they hide behind these sights on the internet, I also had a heart attack 62 and its hard to keep in shape and do the right thing as we like to go out and eat in nice places and have fun and enjoy life/my husband too we both were in our 60s I believe diabetes has a lot to do with our conditions, but you stay strong and be well take care of yourself dont dwell on it I know its hard but remember God has the final say for all of us. and these slimebucket low lifes who have so much to say will have their hard times too and face a much higher being one day. you have been an inspiration to many people you are in the limelight and make us aware with your oppinions whats going on out there and too bad if they cant take it. you are a great person, be well also hope your fiance is ok, my grandson since birth has a similar condition he is 20 months old and has suffered with these sporatic tumors inside since birth he has had over 9 surgerys and still having more one today as we speak he is now facing soon another tumor found in his c spine and caratid artery region which could disable him even further he is living on a trac and respirator and breathing apparatus /feeding tube and is so despirately fighting each trial/ he has titaium ribs andbrackets for his spine to stay straight and many other complications if you look he is on fb with the biggest smile he faces hardships more and more each day but trys he is our inspiration and messenger from above, (web they are having a fund raiser for him soon you can see his photos on his fb page and his web before all your spineless disgraceful people have so much evil place inside of you take a look at all who suffer and still have faith and love for humanity even a 20 month old. Rosie I hope you read this and if you ever can respond please do my email is i cant seem to figure out how to get onyour blog??? i tried so many times... so be in touch if you can let me know you or someone you know read this comment.
and to all you spineless bag of bs go f yourselves. as far as donald he has no talent either just in the limelight cause he has money his family left him born with a golden spoon, doesnt like rosie lol cause he too is insecure and needs a pose to protect him he buys his popularity sure he has money but is he happy to us maybe but i can tell you money no money we all have hardships people like him have bigger hardships sometimes cause they dont think they should and think money is the answer for everything and anything. one day we all wind up in that big black limo going to the same place....change your hearts people before its too late.

801 days ago


I don't believe Rosie had a heart attack, she doesn't have a heart. If she had any thing it was GAS.

801 days ago


Unless she had further testing to examine her heart, how can she be sure she actually had a heart attack? Symptoms sound like, is not a confirmed diagnosis.

801 days ago
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