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Halle Berry Custody Trial

Olivier Martinez

To Testify

8/26/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry
has a secret witness she's going to call to the stand to support her bid to take Nahla to Paris -- her fiance, Olivier Martinez.

Sources close to the case tell TMZ ... Halle's lawyer will ask Martinez -- a famous actor -- about his experience with paparazzi in Paris.  Martinez will say the photogs are far more respectful and less aggressive in gay Paris than their counterparts in the US of A.

Martinez will also discuss their living arrangement and his involvement with Nahla. He will also tell the judge that Halle is a class A mother.

As for how the case is going, we're told baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is having trouble making his case.  On Thursday, one of Halle's expert witnesses left the courthouse early without even testifying -- he was there to counter one of Gabriel's experts, but there was no need for a rebuttal because sources connected with Gabriel tell TMZ ... his expert kinda crashed and burned.


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She did'nt even try to find a safer place in the usa... there is plenty room outside of LA.
Why try france first? Ah.. of course, it's far far faaaaaar away from Gabriel. She acts like Nahla is an item that she wants just for herself... what about Nahla? What does she want? I bet she WANTS her father!

750 days ago


gabriel wants her in the US so he can live for free, I hope she gets to move to france. I want to see gabriel catch a flight averytime he wants to see his daughter, and pay his own way. That would be good for him.

750 days ago


Berry is a mean person. Anyone, who has had so many failed relationships is crazy. I hope the judge rules in favor of Aubry. It is evident that he has been a wonderful, loving father to Nahla. Berry wanted to be famous, her daughter did not make that choice. So, it should not be grounds for moving to another country. Berry is BbC (beautiful but crazy).

750 days ago


using ghetto trash wording ..cant even spell GABRIELS name right at least once..thought journalists were supposed to not be BIAS to one we see why TMZ will not give credit to one author or another so we cant see who is **** and who is great at it!

750 days ago


Go for it Halle. !

France is a beautifull country where you can find more respect and life quality. All you wrote write hateful things for Halle should shame yourself.

750 days ago


The only thing keeping her in the media right now is this trial. She's almost a has-been. Can anyone name the last successful movie she STARRED in? Exactly. If she ended this trial tomorrow and stayed in the US, she would have no problem with the media. Besides, Martinez is far more recognized in France than he is here so I can only imagine the media attention would be even greater over there.

750 days ago


Top causes of kid's deaths:
Falling, in showers and bathtubs, and running in house
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Number of child deaths in U.S. caused by media following their celebrity parents: 0
Your kids are in more danger walking around the house, than they are if the media films their parents at the shopping mall.
There is no relevant or valid argument that France is safer for kids than the U.S. regarding the there are no serious injuries or deaths to kids in such situations.

750 days ago


And then Olivier can explain about the time he was in a long term relationship with Kylie Minogue but kicked her to the curb when she battled breast cancer...and how he will do the same to Halle if this custody war takes too long...
Interesting that ROL has a completely different take on Gabriel's chances..the social worker HIGHLY recommends that the child NOT be removed from her father...

750 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

Why was it so easy for Usher to win the case and this case has been going on forever? Makes me think that the judge doesn't believe anything that Halley says. If the judge did believe her she would have won this case way before Usher. FACT!

750 days ago

noreen huggins    

Olivier is a big ass back is a bitch

750 days ago


Martines is a douche, Halle is a c.u.n.t and that poor kid is doomed.

750 days ago


I can think of someone who could probably show you hundreds and hundreds of pictures of Olivier Martinez being pestered by paparazzi in France!!! The owner of Olivier fan site >>> Call her up Gabriel and law team. Last I checked she was on YOUR side. Olivier is turning out to be a really horrible person in my eyes.

750 days ago


Why are there so many photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's kids in Paris if there is such a difference?

750 days ago


If she is having her current piece testify against Gabriel Aubrey then I think it is only fair to have her past mounts testify to her psycho rants and beahviour when it ends.
Have all her old bonkees testify on Gabriel's behalf, let the playing field be more even.

750 days ago


"less aggressive in gay Paris"....yeah but what about "straight Paris"? They won't be spending ALL of their time in gay Paris.

750 days ago
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