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LeAnn Rimes

Bullied into Therapy

8/30/2012 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


The LeAnn Rimes rumors were flying all day -- rehab for drugs, booze, anorexia -- but her attorney Larry Stein called in to clear up the whole mess. Stein says LeAnn's been the victim of intense bullying ... and she's gonna sue.

Plus, Paul Ryan's speech was brilliant! Or a total disaster -- depending on who you ask. Harv reveals what he liked about it -- and what was 100% hypocritical about it. Also ... the trouble with Ryan's wardrobe!

And is the 20-year-old who appeared on "Wife Swap" too hot to hook? After her bust for prostitution we talk to Alicia Guastaferro's estranged husband about what went wrong ... and get him to rate his ex. Hint: it was a bad break-up.

(0:00) Leann Rimes in NOT in rehab -- she's seeking treatment for stress after she was cyber-bullied into submission. Her attorney, Larry Stein, calls in to explain how they're prepared to go on the offensive.
(7:00) Kris Humphries is being sued by a woman who claims he gave her herpes ... but he denies it ever happened.
(10:00) Paul Ryan's speech last night -- it had some good moments ... which were overshadowed by factual errors, his BS idea of real freedom, and ... most importantly ... his oversized suit jacket. Playing the part of fashion police today ... Rep. Aaron Schock.
(18:00) A lady from "Wife Swap" gets picked up for prostitution -- is she the hottest hooker ever?
(24:00) Robin Roberts says goodbye (for now) to "GMA" -- and the way it went down shows how much more chemistry the show has than "Today."

(28:21) Prince Harry -- so far a no-show at the Paralympic games. Harvey thinks he should just show his face and get it over with ... like Hugh Grant did.

(31:10) "Jersey Shore" is coming in for a landing -- and the haters are coming out of the woodworks. 

(34:40) Lindsay Lohan's excuse for not paying her bill at the Chateau Marmont is a fat load of BS. You won't believe how much she spent living there during her hard partying prime.

(40:20) Plus, will the real Republican rapper please stand up? We can only name two rappers who support the GOP.

(43:00) We take your calls!

No Avatar


Ooh, Harvey & Charles are accusing black people of being too bigoted to join the Republican Party!

747 days ago


Paul Ryan is such a little c*nt!! He IS the type of boy (hes not a man at all) who would lie to your face with a smile. Do you really want that ass as your president?

747 days ago


Paul Ryan lied in most of his speech...All you have to do is check all the facts and see the blatant lies . The problem is the most republicans will not check the fact and tend to believe the lies because of their uneducated anger. Most republicans will lash out at dems and progressives instead of taking all that energy and do a real fact check that they are being brain washed on lies.

747 days ago

Will E    

sorry Harvey but everything you think that are false have been completely proving true as of 12:01 pm cali time..... Fact check .com is way bias and esALY bis niggro pleaSE..

747 days ago


Because Obama hasn't lied during any of his speeches. All politicians's just who does a better job at hiding it. I want my life back...Obama has not done any of that for me. Neither will Romney/Ryan but at least I wont have the gov't telling I HAVE to have medical insurance or pay a tax.

747 days ago


First: all these people shouting “TMZ liberal” need to check themselves. If you look back at all the stories they have done since the election season got into full-swing, they actually have remained extremely neutral. There have been an equal amount of negative and positive stories on candidates from both sides, on this site. I know, shocking, but I think they’re actually being more “Good Night and Good Luck” about the whole thing than any other news outlet. Second, even when looking at the neutrality, it’s pretty obvious Harvey is rooting for the Romney/Ryan ticket. Yes, he’s expressed many displeasures about the party, but all-in-all, he’s a 1%-er rooting for less taxes, for himself, let’s face it.

Not to mention, Harvey & co. failed to report on the black CNN camera-person who got nuts thrown at them from a delegate at the GOP convention, who then shouted out, “that’s how we feed the animals!” If he was looking to sabotage the GOP, he would have had that story in a Hot-Harry red frame.

As far as the un-truths Ryan pontificated upon at the convention – even FOX news ran a story today about how Paul Ryan lied considerably in his speech.

The Grahm Leech Bliley act ****ed us. The GLB was passed in 1999. A GOP-backed bill, signed in by a Dem president. It’s the bill that ****ed us all. Everyone who thinks one president, with an opposition House and/or Senate during their first four years, can turn the economy around, is simple and doesn’t understand that running a global economy is nothing like balancing a check-book.

Another bit of advice: not everyone can be RICH! So all those people voting thinking that one person can turn the economy around and make them rich is a mere four years would probably have better luck answering that email from the Prince in *****ia. [Insert birther objections here….please note the stupidity of said retorts will be noted.]

747 days ago


rimes is crazy and delusional, if she really feels she is bullied by people over the internet.

747 days ago


as much as i love tmz... harvey's" attorney" has run it's course! my daughters an attorney and ........

747 days ago


If you are going to criticize Paul Ryan, please do not forget Joe Biden. He did way more to indicate that he has a character flaw!! As a lawyer Harvey, there is no way you can justify plagiarims. He cheated and still graduated only number 76 out of 85. Although he lied saying he graduated in the top half of his class! Biden even used another person's life story in a speech as his own. Now that is just lazy.

747 days ago


Harvey...Stop dropping the attorney card! you are NO more an attorney than the day of your bar exam! my daughter is a federal attorney and she never...would talk like you! make your $ stop!!! pushin your...just stop!

747 days ago

For Sooth?    

Ah yes, the bully card. I should have seen this comming. LeAnn got caught spreading a heaping helping of h8te and then magically she is the victim. Well she can go to court but she can't deny all the ugly spewing she was doing that day in the restaurant just to get some giggles from the gals at the table. And it turns out one of the gals turned Judas so that LeAnn could have a field day.

No h8te LeAnn, no h8te.

747 days ago

bill b    

Charles and Harvey, be careful about assuming the "media" is correct when they fact-check. Even the Fact-Checkers are now getting it wrong. Check this link out.

746 days ago
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