TMZ Live LeAnn Rimes Bullied into Therapy

8/30/2012 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: LeAnn Rimes -- Bullied into Therapy

TMZ Live

The LeAnn Rimes rumors were flying all day -- rehab for drugs, booze, anorexia -- but her attorney Larry Stein called in to clear up the whole mess. Stein says LeAnn's been the victim of intense bullying ... and she's gonna sue.

Plus, Paul Ryan's speech was brilliant! Or a total disaster -- depending on who you ask. Harv reveals what he liked about it -- and what was 100% hypocritical about it. Also ... the trouble with Ryan's wardrobe!

And is the 20-year-old who appeared on "Wife Swap" too hot to hook? After her bust for prostitution we talk to Alicia Guastaferro's estranged husband about what went wrong ... and get him to rate his ex. Hint: it was a bad break-up.
(0:00) Leann Rimes in NOT in rehab -- she's seeking treatment for stress after she was cyber-bullied into submission. Her attorney, Larry Stein, calls in to explain how they're prepared to go on the offensive.
(7:00) Kris Humphries is being sued by a woman who claims he gave her herpes ... but he denies it ever happened.
(10:00) Paul Ryan's speech last night -- it had some good moments ... which were overshadowed by factual errors, his BS idea of real freedom, and ... most importantly ... his oversized suit jacket. Playing the part of fashion police today ... Rep. Aaron Schock.
(18:00) A lady from "Wife Swap" gets picked up for prostitution -- is she the hottest hooker ever?
(24:00) Robin Roberts says goodbye (for now) to "GMA" -- and the way it went down shows how much more chemistry the show has than "Today."

(28:21) Prince Harry -- so far a no-show at the Paralympic games. Harvey thinks he should just show his face and get it over with ... like Hugh Grant did.

(31:10) "Jersey Shore" is coming in for a landing -- and the haters are coming out of the woodworks. 

(34:40) Lindsay Lohan's excuse for not paying her bill at the Chateau Marmont is a fat load of BS. You won't believe how much she spent living there during her hard partying prime.

(40:20) Plus, will the real Republican rapper please stand up? We can only name two rappers who support the GOP.

(43:00) We take your calls!