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Paul Ryan

Black Ex-Girlfriend Wants NOTHING

To Do with Campaign

8/31/2012 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0831_deneeta_pope_article_yearbook_wsj_2Deneeta Pope -- the African American woman who dated Paul Ryan in college -- wants to stay a country mile away from the Presidential election ... TMZ has learned.

We spoke with Pope a few minutes ago and she could not have been clearer -- she does not want to become an issue in the election. 

Pope said, "I'm not interested in talking. I don't know why everyone is calling. I'm newly married and would just like to be left alone."

Ryan did an interview awhile back, saying he had a Black GF during college.  Ryan was clearly trying to blunt criticism that he was not sympathetic to African Americans.

Pope deflected the call and said any questions about Paul Ryan should be directed to Paul Ryan. 

Problem is ... he's kinda busy.


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Irish Rover    

this racial BS is getting ridiculous..who wrote this article the aunt jamima lookin porker you all got working for yah...why not put the author of the article up TMZ are you afraid we might see who is **** and who isnt in the journalism world!

784 days ago


She is smart to stay out of this silly conversation. What Mr. Ryan did years ago has nothing to do with his current beliefs and values. Additionally, there are selective bigots and people that will hang with one so-called person of difference yet, hold bias and bigotes views towards the entire group of people. Case in point: one of my old ex-college buddies came to visit and started degrading every one from Black, Asians, LGBTQQI, and Latins yet when I called her on it her standard clueless response was "some of by best friends are . . ." You know the drill. Therefore, Ryan's comment "some of my friends are . . . has not relevance. It what one does globally really tells the story. Not just one anecdotal experience with one person.

784 days ago



784 days ago


Of course she doesn't want anything to do with this election. They are 42 years old and dated during college! Why is this even a story. this is ridiculous. Focus on what is going on now and not anyone's old girlfriend, college transcripts, antics during school, come on we are in a terrible economy with an admin that hasn't even bothered to put out a budget and this is what is being focused on?

784 days ago


"Black Ex-Girlfriend"? ...and her ethnicity matters because? TMZ is Sh!t..................

784 days ago


in other words, "I'm not racists. My best friend is black." Girl bye...

784 days ago


I'm sick and tired of your slanted opinions, you're just like the rest of Obama lover media

784 days ago


Good for her! Any woman who, does support "them" should get therapy for self-esteem issues or learn how to read.

784 days ago


I'd hit. She's pretty hot.

784 days ago


Paul Ryan saying that he had a black girlfriend to show he is down with African Americans is like Sarah Palin saying she can see Russia from her house in regards to foreign policy. Absolutely no reason to bring her up.

784 days ago


omg...who cares who his ex was...good lord.....move on!!

784 days ago


Middle Class voters who vote Republican are like self-mutilators. They're cutters. They like the pain and self-inflicted abuse that they get from it. They feel so good when they hate, and become so numb to everything else (like, logic, truth, facts, etc)

784 days ago


I don't get how anyone Mid Class can vote Repub. They don't exactly hide their intent to hurt the poor (and if you ain't rich, you fall in the "poor" category from their view). They feel threatened by minorities, religions (they want "white America"/Christians) & the middle class ("unions") hurting their profits. Widen the gap between rich & poor by eliminating the middle class.. pull up the ladder on you. You ever want another pay raise? Voting Repub is suicide. I liken mid class Repub voters to DomestViolence victims. They get abused, but keep going back to them. They feel that "connection" (of racism, hate, hurt, kill). And, the deficit.. If you have a maxed-out credit card, can you pay it off just by cutting it up? (Spending cuts?). NO! It would take 40 years to pay it off! You also need to make PAYMENTS on it! ("Revenue"). Who's going to give more $ to pay that down? Us? We've already taken layoffs, paycuts, paid into medical. We can't afford more. Has to be them. You think Romney can in ANY way relate to living check to check? Can he relate to only filling his gas tank halfway so he can afford to eat? I think not. Guns, religion, hate, getting a black man out of office are just more important to some mid class voters than their own well-being. They'd rather commit suicide because they want to feel like they're friends with the "school bully". Paul Ryan told so many easily-provable lies the other night, and got caught doing it (even by some people at "FAUX News"), but it doesnt matter to middle class Reoub voters. They hate black people that much, that they'll still vote for Romney/Ryan. Even if it means getting poorer in the process.

784 days ago

Virtual Insanity    

Okay, so is Deneeta Pope the only girl Ryan ever dated besides his wife? Or just the only Democrat? Oh, or the only African-American? Probably none of the above. Leave the woman alone. I'm sure Ryan has plenty of ex-girlfriends- none of whom I care to bother.

784 days ago


Finally a respectable peson who doesn't want to be a side show media freak. I didn't think those people were still left in this world. TMZ must have been flabbergasted that she hung up on them.

784 days ago
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