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Clint Eastwood

Talking to Inanimate Objects

9/1/2012 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0831_clint_eastwood_objects_launchIt appears the empty chair Clint Eastwood was talking to at the Republican National Convention actually wasn't the first inanimate object to fall victim to Eastwood's ramblings!

Check out what other lifeless objects have been subject to his speeches.


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Clint Eastwood gave new meaning to the diss "Talk to the hand." The official RNC diss is now "Talk to the chair!"

782 days ago



782 days ago


I understood every word!! It was hilarious!! Of course he is going to get bombarded with nasty comments--liberals are mad!!! Finally a courageous person steps forward because he cares and wants to see this country thrive. You don't see the hollywood liberals who speak out get bombarded with nasty comments by Hollywood conservatives--why I ask?? Because they aren't petty and childlike and have better things to do with their time.

782 days ago


Eastwood pointed out how worthless Obama is and some people still aren't getting it.

Obama is as worthless as Facebook or Myspace stock... time to sell and cut our losses.

782 days ago


And yet that chair Eastwood was mumbling to had a better personality than mitt romney.

782 days ago


Clint Eastwood is a brainwashed sheep who is not in control of his own brain. This is not a guy that anyone should be taking political advice from.

782 days ago


I got exactly what Clint was talking about and I also got why he was talking to a chair as well. It's not very hard to understand it.

782 days ago


Talking to an empty chair was also just a device, just a way to frame his remarks. Like an appeal to ridicule, where Obama, and his policies, are nothing more than an empty chair. It's really not as confusing and as strange as people/TMZ are making. I got it.

782 days ago


He can talk to a chair all he likes.. He said what needed to be said loud and clear!... IF HE CAN'T DO THE JOB!... YOU GOT TO LET HIM GO!!!!!! Enough said!

782 days ago


The empty chair symbolism was pretty that I thing about it....
Not repub or lib, I find them both too extreme. So I just take it issue by issue.

782 days ago



782 days ago


Clint funny.
TMZ not so much!

782 days ago


Okay, I get all the republicans standing up for Clint. He is a hollywood icon and he said what you like. What I do not get is how some of you are not annoyed with whoever was in charge of this.

A lot of you keep saying things like "liberals are mad" and blah blah blah. But speaking as a liberal Dem, I loved that Clint did that and I think many other Dems LOVE that Clint did that. And here are reasons why...

-He was a distraction. Almost nobody is talking about Romneys speech. Romneys night became Clints night. And Clint isn't the one running for president.

-It was loooong. Even Ann Romney was reportedly annoyed because Clint went on so long that they couldn't show a package of family movies during prime time. Which is what Romney needed. Instead of the politician smiling at you. See him as the dad smiling with his children and grandchildren. Romney is accused of not being human enough. Those would have showed Romneys human side for the nation to see.

-Hollywood endorsements don't do much, no matter how much people like the celeb. Just ask John Kerry.

Like I said, I'm a liberal Dem, so I loved this. But if I was a republican I too would probibly be defending Clint. He is hollywood royalty and well lets face it his persona is just plain cool. But at the very least I would admit to being annoyed that whoever was in charge didn't seem to make it absolutly clear to Clint to only stay on for 5 minutes. Other then rallies which already have Romney supporters there, there will be no other opportunity to show that package of family movies. Which I think was sorley needed for Mitts campaign.

782 days ago


Eastwood's appearance was the craggy contrast to the super sleek professional media shows Mr. Obama is delivering.
When Obama is speaking, everything he says is always done with the same theatrical emotional undertone, namely, WE can, WE change WE will have a bright future, etc..

Obama does not like to talk about facts, instead he let's you consume emotions which are, in reality, quite the opposite to what would be appropriate to the facts!

THAT is, what Eastwood made clear. The intentional grotesque in Eastwoods speech lies in the fact, that HE is the absolute media professional BUT he spoke his words in a manner, Josey Wales would do it. And then Ten Bears answered:

"It's sad that governments are chiefed by the double tongues. There is iron in your words!"

782 days ago


A life sized card board cutout would have been better, but I imagine there would have been production, transportation, and turn around issues considering hurricane Isaac and the lateness of the guest speaker booking. A manikin, or any other effigy would have been construed as offensive.

782 days ago
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