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Barack Obama

I'm a HUGE

Clint Eastwood Fan

9/2/2012 5:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

President Barack Obama
has no hard feelings toward Clint Eastwood following his um ... bizarre speech at the RNC this week ... saying he has nothing but love for Dirty Harry.

In an interview published this weekend, Obama copped to being a "huge fan" of Mr. Eastwood's work, saying he's "a great actor, and an even better director."

The president did slightly dodge the question when asked if he was offended by Clint's chairtastic speech this week, saying only, "If you're easily offended, you should probably choose another profession."

It remains to be seen if Barack will need a new profession anytime soon. 



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All black people like Clint....except for Spike Lee and most black people don't like Spike. I would vote for Eastwood if he ran for President.

751 days ago


So was I until that demented performance, but I'm sure I'll forget about it and chalk it up as a senior moment.

751 days ago


I wonder if they would have chosen Eastwood if they knew his wife was black...oops forgot Ryan might have...(and yes she is black, she said African and Hawaiian on her reality show)!

751 days ago


Clint would make a great President. He really called out Obama for his failure to turn this country around. Maybe Obama has a future in Hollywood cos America can'f afford another four years of Obamanomics.

751 days ago


I like Clint no matter how ditsy. I rather have ditsy than Obama whose having Islamic Radical open up the Democratic Convention in prayer. A few who are linked according to FBI to 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He is not American, he is a muslim who is trying to take over America.

751 days ago

linden frank    

Hear that Mitt...if you're easily offended. And boy your party is.

751 days ago


751 days ago


Once again President Obama gives more respect then he is shown. He could have come back with some snotty reply, or pointed out he didn't start the war in Afghanistan, but he didn't. He just gave props to a hollywood icon.

And the right loves to bring up President Bush when dems complain about the lack of respect shown to President Obama. I don't recall a dem governor wagging their finger in President Bushs face trying to shame him like he was a dog, do you? I also don't recall President Bushs citizenship being called into question.

751 days ago


we already have the worst president in office since carter...DON'T RE-ELECT HIM unless you want our country to be destroyed and turned into another european nightmare!!!

751 days ago


Clint nailed it, with the chair thing...NAILED IT...You people at TMZ, and anyone else who wants to say it was bizarre,, you know it wasnt, he was addressing as if Ovomit were sitting stop acting stupid. Clint was right on about everything he said especially about replacing an employee when he doesnt do his job..OBAMA DESERVES TO GET FIRED!!

751 days ago


I think it says everything it needs to say about liberal America that once the previously beloved and quite progressive-leaning Clint Eastwood criticized the Messiah, he suddenly became a crazy, doddering old fart with Alzheimer's. They can't really refute the substance of the message, so they trash the messenger.

751 days ago


Democrats and Obama supporters are the only people drinking Kool-aid. They've been drinking it for 4 years now its pathetic. Please tell me how 8 percent unemployed highest since the recession and 1/6 in poverty is moving in the right direction. IM neither Republican or Democrat so I dont wanna hear how Im bias based on party thats not the case. I however am able to look atpolicies without a bias and make a judgement on if its correct or not. Best for the Country. Nothing about the Obama administration is what we need as a country. Nothing but hot air they have fed us. Nice job on the stimulus that the tax payes paid for to begin with, byt the way that was a flop. Nice job with the bailouts, passing money between corporate leaders. NOTHING and I mean NOTHING has been a meaningful choice to put this country forward. When will this administration step up and take responsibility for the mess it has created. Ronald Ragean didnt use his term going backwards and blaming Jimmy Carter for the emss he created he went on a corrected things. Something Obama should be doing. Lie after Lie and yes it is time for CHANGE!

751 days ago


Wow Democrats and Obama supporters have got to be the most ignorant in the world. We are at * percent unemployed (highest since the depression) and 1/6 in Poverty (highest since WW2). It only took Obama 4 years to pass GWB debt total he amassed in 8 years. Pathetic? I can keep going. He turned down the XL Pipeline which wouldve generated 80,000 jobs and used our own resources in oil. Still Drinking the Kool-aid? Ive got more. The bailouts were a joke that money was passed between corporate leaders. The stimulus...Oh, that was great give us our own money back and still it was a failure. Really boosted the economy huh? When will this admin step up and be accountable? nothing but promises being broken. Clint was right like him or not, he hasnt done ANYTHING he said he would. I dont care what it was like when Bush was in Office it isnt any better now. Its WORSE! Ragean Didnt use his time blaming Jimmy Carter for the mess he left him, He corrected it and got the country going again. Somehting Obama should be doing. Whats Obama going to say when he inherits his own mess on his second term? Yea keep drinking the Kool aid this why our country is in the dumps.

751 days ago


He might like Clint Eastwood, but its pretty clear Clint doesn't share the love.

751 days ago


Finally, discussing Respect! What happened to Respecting Your Elders or Respecting in General? As an American, I respect the fact that President Obama and Mr. Eastwood are fellow Americans as well as Human Beings! I also respect the Courage They both have to Stand Up for Their Belief's. We should be more excepting and respectful to One Another and not point out someone's short comings. Please Please Please set an example TMZ starting with respecting Mr. Levin TMZ Please let Harvey Be....Harvey;) Cherish Life, Cherish Yourself, Cherish One for All and All for One...Laugh With US not At US! Thank You in Advance For Your Consideration... Sincerely, Cherish4All;)

751 days ago
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