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Rihanna and Chris Brown

Wassup with That?

9/8/2012 2:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

showed her true colors at the VMAs this week, taunting Chris Brown's girlfriend by kissing him and love-tapping him on the head for all to see. So we gotta ask ...


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All grown people make choices, good or bad we have to each live with those choices. Women beaters don't behave that way when they first meet you, if they did they would never get a date. People know how to behave and they do behave when it suits them in the long run. Once you have fallen in love they know you are hooked (so to speak) Women mistake the jealous behavior for "oh he cares about me." NOT! I will pray for this young silly woman who needs counseling. What is it with these men named BROWN who take down these talented women and what is it with the women who allow it to happen?

775 days ago


She is pathetic she really is and I have no sympathy for her anymore. How dare she make it look like its ok for a man to hit a woman and then act like its normal by getting back with him. She is in the public eye and the scary thing is that a lot of young people look up to her and follow whatever she does at least if shes gonna get back with him keep it on the down low. I hope her rubbish music and everything shes in gets boycotted.

775 days ago


Rhianna needs an image consultant and seriously needs to sit down somewhere. Although she is "the star" portraying herself as the "free spirit, do what I want fuzzy" isn't something she should be proud of.

775 days ago


Rihanna is a strange and sick person. Se has low self-esteem and "daddy issues." I predict a violent death at the hand of a boyfriend or a drug overdose in the next 5 years. And if you think you will go down in history as a "legend" rihanna , have you heard anyone talking about amy winehouse lately? Yea, didn't think so. Get your shyte together you complete Idiot.

775 days ago


if not for the "star maker" machine, nobody would even know who these two mediocre perforners are.

775 days ago


She is one of those woman who think, "I can change him". What a sad person she is.

775 days ago

BB not bb    

Rihanna seems to have battered women's syndrome. Maybe a battered women's counselor could try to talk some sense into her before she winds up dead, which she nearly already did, having been beaten unconcious and left on the side of the road alone at night. Come on. God will only save you but so many times and then you are being stupid and he will let you meet the fate you choose. Wake up.

Very pathetic how she is so famous and no one is intervening and stopping this.

775 days ago


This woman is determined to prove to Chris that there is smthing he loves in her, she knows it but he doesnt seem to know or care to know or y else did she do it openly?

775 days ago


I say Leave Them ALONE Already!! If anyone had seen the Oprah interview with Rihanna you would know they she Truly LOVES him and that will never change. I believe in second chances and believe in Chris Brown's evolution. I also believe he Loves her and they will reunite. I know it's fun gossip but...Let them be already!!!

775 days ago


Sure keep on messing with him and when something horrible happens (again) I don't want to hear about it.

775 days ago


LMAO Its funny seeing how you're giving them EXACTLY what they way...publicity. Rihanna's gunna keep doing what SHE wants to do, and TMZ is gonna keep reporting on it. It's a mutual benefit.

775 days ago


It is probably pretty typical that battered women return to their abusers and rare that they leave for good. I hate to blame the victim but screwed up people tend to pair up in this world.

775 days ago


nothing is real in the show business, but this time I really hope so... dunno what to say if this wasn't invented by the PR people because if this is real then .. looks like the guy in a street fight losing coming back again and again to get more

775 days ago


Just don't see why anyone keeps reporting about these two.

775 days ago


girls (commenting in here I mean) defending the beater : please don't pretend to don't know. when a man does it then he'll do it again. it will be only a matter of time. and you know it. am I right?
hmmm by the way... what "beating" has to do with "love" again?

775 days ago
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