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Johnnie Cochran's Family

O.J. Simpson Prosecutor

Is a Dirty, Rotten Liar

9/10/2012 2:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Johnnie Cochran's widow is FURIOUS at former O.J. Simpson prosecutor Chris Darden ... claiming allegations that Johnnie tampered with the infamous bloody glove are pure B.S.

TMZ spoke with famed attorney Shawn Holley -- Cochran's former right hand woman-- who tells us Johnnie's widow Dale Cochran is outraged by Darden's claim ... explaining, "It makes no sense."

Darden recently made the comments while speaking at Pace Law School ... saying, "I think Johnnie tore the lining. There were some additional tears in the lining so that O.J.'s fingers couldn't go all the way up into the glove."

Holley tells TMZ ... if Darden really did believe his insane theory he FAILED in his legal obligation to raise the issue in court ... adding, "to bring it up 17 years later when Johnnie Cochran is dead ... it's just, it's unbelievable. It's maddening."


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Poor Leno    

This case smelled like **** after a few days, it was clearly some one tampered with evidence. But fate has struck O.J and taken him down his path as he did not deserve anything better coming to him!

772 days ago

Harlin's Garage    

To this day, the O.J. trial shows the biased stupidity of humanity... If you don't want the glove to fit, simply stretch your hands and make a dumb "struggle" attempt on your face... Dumb move by prosecution to even allow this... That's why the defense makes the big bucks...

772 days ago



772 days ago

D. Potter    

Who cares, really? O.J. the killer is locked up, Johnny is dead and the Kardashian's are everywhere...

772 days ago


Johnnie Cochran got what he deserved, Hopefully this whore gets a brain tumor as well.

772 days ago

queen love    

Innocent of all charges...First time in United States's history Black man kills white woman and walks away; get over it and move on.

772 days ago


if i remember right, the defense told O.J. to quit taking some meds for his arthritis. his joints swelled because of this. and O.J. is in prison for something else, so why should it matter? hell has a special place for him...

772 days ago


O J is sitting in a Nevada State Prison and has to serve about 10 years of a 33 year sentence for something the average person would have maybe received 2-5 years.

He should rot in there and only because he was given a pass on the murders.

Who cares about the glove now? The Prosecution failed miserably on a case that was winnable

772 days ago


The prosecutors are idiots to have him try them on in the first place. Why would you expect him to do his best at putting them on, plus of the fact HE WAS WEARING LATEX GLOVES!!! They were probably a tight fit in the first place.

772 days ago


Chris Dardern always will and always has been a hater. He is jealous of Mr. Cochran even in death as he was in life. He will never be at the level of Johnnie Cochran. He was not fit to sit in the court room with Mr. Cochran and hes not fit to even be spoken of in the context of great lawyers. He got out lawyered, get over it big ass cry baby. Still crying and Cochran is deceased and O.J. is locked up. GTFOI Loser! Darden is what in the old days was called a House......XXXXX

772 days ago


There's a special place in hell for this woman.

772 days ago


Cochran didn't have to tamper with the glove. It was a custom-fitted leather driving glove. I'm sure Furhman stole it from OJ's home, and the glove was fitted to his hand.
But when OJ tried to put the glove on in court, he wore a plastic surgery-style glove over his hand. That alone would be enough to keep the glove from sliding over the heel of his hand and settling on his fingers.
The leather would catch and bind on the rubber, and pull against the tips of his fingers. He'd have to rip the rubber glove to pull on the leather one. Obviously he wouldn't want to do that, so he just pulled it most of the way on and then wiggled his hand for the jury.

772 days ago


Whatever. OJ is still guilty and he's still in jail where he belongs.

772 days ago

Mick Kahler    

The glove did not fit for 2 reasons.
1. When leather gloves like that age and get wet (with blood in this case) they often shrivel and shrink.
2. If you ever noticed, O.J.. had his hand & fingers splayed out so it would be hard to slip the glove on. When you put a glove on, you normally put your fingers together to ensure a quick slip on. Plus he had rubber gloves on to add to the snug fit. We all know O.J,. did it and he's in jail for other crimes and the families of Nicole and Ron have to deal with limited justice. That is sad.

772 days ago


I don't understand it either. You don't have to make up a torn lining thing to explain what happened. Gloves are usually pretty snug fitting. When you try putting it on while wearing a latex glove and expanding your hand it won't fit. That's all they did. Sure it is misleading but it doesn't cross the line into evidence tampering.

772 days ago
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