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Prince Harry

Taliban Vows to

'Kill or Kidnap' the Prince

9/10/2012 6:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Prince Harry is being targeted for death in Afghanistan ... so says a rep for the Taliban (yes, they have a rep).

Harry -- a helicopter pilot in the British military -- is currently on a 4 month tour in Afghanistan ... where he is reportedly fighting Taliban insurgents on the front lines.

Obviously, his presence has pissed off the Taliban ... and now terrorist spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tells Reuters the group has made it a top priority to kill or kidnap the Prince.

"We are using all our strength to get rid of him, either by killing or kidnapping," Mujahid said during a phone interview either conducted in a cave ... or a suburb in Pakistan.

During the interview, Mujahid referred to the Taliban plans as the "Harry Operations" ... added, "We have informed our commanders in Helmand to do whatever they can to eliminate him."



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So wait, now the Taliban is planning to kill the enemy. So one person is going to change their stradgy? How are they going to know, who is who? His helicopter won't be the only one flying.

772 days ago


Go back to Vegas Harry :P

772 days ago


Honestly this is why they should NOT be sending him to Afganistan. How much money and special manpower is going to be used to ensure he is protected? They could use a rank and file serviceman to do the same job without all the complicated logistics you need for a prince. I'm not saying a regular guy is more expendable, what I mean is he wouldn't be a high value target that the entire Taliban army would be gunning for.

772 days ago


Oh TMZ, are you getting paid directly from Buckingham palace now?

Who gives a **** about this??

We want more naked pictures!!!

772 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

The guy is like a hundred miles away from any actual combat.

772 days ago


So who initiated the conversation. The Taliban Rep called TMZ or did TMZ call the Taliban Rep?

772 days ago


F!ck those a-holes Talibans. Jahannam is all you pricks will be going. bastards.

772 days ago


"Durka, Durka, Durka",

772 days ago


He is so protected it would be a total accident if they got him.

772 days ago


Wait, "Time" magazine (it used to be relevant, kids) says that the Taliban is over. They wouldn't tell us that without a good reason, right?

771 days ago


For all of you saying they shouldn't announce him going, they tried that last time, after a few months it got leaked and he had to come home.

The media know which regiment he serves with and as they have all been shipped out it's obvious he will be there they can't keep it secret.

But last time he was serving as an infantry man, this time he is an Apache pilot and Britain has never lost an Apache in combat so he is as safe as he can be.

As for people talking about bodyguards, he's surrounded by armed soldiers for christ sake why would he need a bodyguard. Think about it for a second.

He's serving in the military and enjoys doing so, he was under fire many times during his last tour and will be far safer this time around in a helicopter.

771 days ago


Who does catering and hairstyles for the Taliban? Just curious.

771 days ago

Don Martin    

I guess the Taliban haven't stopped dreaming about their virgins long enough to figure out how bad they just got their ass kicked. So now they want it stomped in the ground? Dumb Asses camel lovers.

771 days ago


tell him to take his clothes off and display his white pasty body. They wil change their minds.

771 days ago


This TMZ is why you DO NOT publish where he is going. Not only is his life put in danger but also the other members of the squad. The fact that media outlets can not use simple common sense is beyond me. I do not see where any other deployed man is publicly name. Why publish his name. Sometimes it is not a matter of if you could but if you SHOULD.

771 days ago
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