TMZ Live Kanye Uses Kim's Sex Tape for Inspiration

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The fact Kanye West used Kim Kardashian's sex tape as visual Viagra when he was with other women is either romantic, creepy -- or both. We'll tell you what Kim thinks, but more importantly ... we're dying to hear what YOU think?

Plus, Miley Cyrus' weekend from Hell -- a creepy intruder gets busted at her house ... and she ends up a suspect in a criminal battery at a nightclub.

Also, the heroic Navy Seal who helped take out Osama Bin Laden is talking about the mission on TV and in a book. Good idea? And are you buying his story that Team 6 didn't intend to kill OBL?
(0:00) Kanye West didn't just rap about Kim Kardashian's sex tape -- he also used to watch it ... while having sex with other women. What type of woman would ever let that happen?
(6:30) Double trouble for Miley Cyrus -- the same night an intruder was arrested at her house ... she's accused of battering someone at a bar in LA.
(10:00) Prince Harry is being targeted in Afghanistan by the Taliban -- which isn't terribly shocking. The shocking part ... the Taliban has a spokesperson!
(14:26) Amanda Bynes got pulled over -- and let go ... even though she doesn't have a driver's license.
(18:00) Christopher Darden -- a prosecutor in the OJ Simpson trial -- claims Johnny Cochran tampered with the infamous gloves. Shawn Holley -- one of Johnny's attorney's on the case -- is livid ... and calls in to call BS on Darden.
(24:00) A few Texas ladies fawn over Ray J -- Harvey is positive it's only because of his sex tape with Kim Kardashian.
(28:00) One of the Navy Seals who shot Osama Bin Laden talks about his controversial new book detailing the mission. A former Seal calls in ... he feels like the White House already gave out most of the information in the book.
(36:00) Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof's divorce went from a peaceful affair to an all-out war in no time fast. And now, the Sacramento Kings are getting dragged into it.
(40:00) Chad Johnson refuses to sign his divorce papers ... which is just delaying the inevitable.
(43:00) We take your calls!