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Britney Spears

The Many Faces of

'The X Factor'

9/13/2012 9:00 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

0913_britney_spears_face_x_factor_photos_launch_v3She may still be under an A-list conservatorship, but Britney Spears is definitely in charge of at least one thing ... making hysterical facial expressions on "The X Factor."

On last night's big premiere, the 30-year-old lip synching wonder's contorted eye, mouth and weave gestures said more about how she really felt about the contestants' performances than any of her actual critiques.
Although Britney's comments were surprisingly lucid, it was her awkward grimaces that stole the show.

Live singing really is shocking to Britney.


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Switched the channel after 10 minutes. Came back later and switched it again after 2 minutes. The show sucks. Cowell really sucks with his commentary. Brit is Brit (the light is on but no one is home) and I love how that guy nailed Lovato with the auto-tune comment.

This is Cowell's last year for sure.

768 days ago


People are so critical for nothing. Britney was great last night and she has my support. However she got her talent...she got it. We are all trainwrecks in someway or another if you want to be truthful. Pointing the finger only brings the finger back to you. Don't judge!!

768 days ago


I find it to be hilarious that she is a judge on this show. She is not musically talented - not in the very least. She is a pretty girl, but not very musically inclined. That being said...I guess the other judges would need to be looked at as well! :)

768 days ago


Britney looks pretty in glasses and speckled gold blouse

768 days ago


It was strange seeing someone who can't sing tell people their "voice" wasn't up to par.

768 days ago


Johnny, Do you have a snapshot of Britney's "contorted eye"?

Is it true TMZ is hiring and no skill is required?

768 days ago


Typical Britney fans. They want every other Celebrity to be Bullied and Bashed, but god forbid you say one TRUTHFUL comment about Britney, and all of the sudden you're hit with 20 nasty comments from Britney fans. Britney fans are major hypocrites.

768 days ago


Why so much attention to the judges? I thought this was a talent show. The judges are retired or out of their prime. So why so much attention on them? Just get ordinary people to do the judging and let the attention go where it needs to go. To the people that are auditioning for fame.

768 days ago


Britney is white trash with money. And those that admire her, can relate to her, because they are also white trailer trash.

768 days ago


Ha Ha Simon! The Voice beat the X factor in ratings big time. The voice 10million viewers, the X factor 7 million. How can anyone over 21 take the x factor seriously anyways. Silly show. I mean they sent the drag queen through, really really. The Voice is amazing, true talent.

768 days ago


I was pleasantly surprised at how lucid and articulate she was. Her faces showed what most people were thinking, nothing wrong with that! Glad she's not botoxing it all away. I wish her the best.

768 days ago

John T.    

This is a joke, we have a fat has been kank that can't dance- can only lip sink now up there cutting down people that are up there really singing. She is such a old looking mess , she always looks like she just climbed out of bed. Who puts all that black crap on her eyes she needs help bad. As far as I can see her days are numbered and she has no talent. she puts those nasty finger in her mouth like a child and bites them till they bleed. She needs help.
She wouldn't know real talent if it hit her in the head

768 days ago


i cant believe how many stupid losers are commenting on this show meaning they watched. get a life people, play with your kids read a book, donate your time instead of sitting in front of your tv getting fat.. reality shows are scripted and are fake. save your money and stop giving into these shows. itz a sin to idolize someone

768 days ago


Talentless, stoned and stunned. What a waste of $15 million.

768 days ago


I don't know who her stylist is but they need to be fired. Britney looked older than her years and her hair was horrible. You would think with the kind of money they have she would have looked more polished than she did.

768 days ago
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