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Britney on "X Factor"

A Real Change of Face

9/14/2012 2:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears made her big debut as an "X Factor" judge, and she didn't hold back one bit ... on facial expressions. Wondering what her face was thinking? TMZ translates.

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No Avatar

Mr E    

She sure is expressive! Should make for more riveting judging as opposed to someone who is more stoic in his/her delivery.

737 days ago

Big D    

I thought she did a pretty good job as a judge.

737 days ago


I really hate this LIP SYNCING B**CH!!!

737 days ago

LiLo's boy toy    

Stupid. Like most of this reporting

737 days ago


She admitted to having mental health issues by the conservatorship thing and they "leaked" the legitimacy of that to you guys. However medication jokes, and poking fun of her is pretty low. Tell me, does Harvey roll down his window and mock obviously mentally ill people on the streets? Does his staff?

737 days ago


I guess as far as TMZ is concerned she was supposed to just sit there like a maniquin and not move. TMZ staffers are nothing but a bunch of bullies who will pick on anyone who is vulnerable. Half of the staff there are gay and probably have been picked on so you would think they would know better.

737 days ago


Throw out a bunch of pictures of Harvey's creepy looking face and make fun of that. There are a bunch of stupid looking people working at TMZ who needs to have this same treatment.

737 days ago

Sin D    

" these pants make my butt look big" ? No's the fat that makes your butt look big..

737 days ago


Circle Jerking and Bath Salt LOL

737 days ago


Why do I still waste money on cable when there are crappy shows like the X Factor? TMZ report us when the show is cancelled and Britney Spears real sex tape comes out.

737 days ago


You just can't stop saying Britney and crazy in the same sentence. ****suckingdickwads.

737 days ago


Dear TMZ, lame. I am not even a Brittney fan, but this was LAME!!!

737 days ago


Britney has been incredibly RUDE and BITCHY since the show started. I'm tired of her fans making excuses for her like "oh this person was crazy!" According to them, everytime Britney is rude is because someone is a psycho. Meanwhile a contestants walked on stage with flowers without uttering a single word and she gave him the NASTIEST look..couldn't even say thank you..shes horrible to her fans.. Britney is showing her true Colors. Tired of people acting like shes sweet and one dares to FAIRLY CRITICIZE her because they're stuck on their guilt trip from 2007. Get over it people. If any other Pop Star acted this way they'd be Crucified. So why is Britney sliding? Why has Britney been allowed to slide during ger career? People let it slide that shes talentless and let it slide that shes a RUDE BITCH.

737 days ago


Its also funny that Britney fans are quick to call other people crazy and psycho, talk badly about other celebrities but then tell people to "leave Britney alone" and act like shes an innocent angel constantly being hypocritical.....

737 days ago

Go Brit!    

I would like to take this grand platform to announce.... I am so proud of Britney! She is ADORABLE on that show and she deserves any and all the love she will receive from her fans watching the show. You go mama. She is and always will be a phenomena... that I am almost 30 and long time fan... and my 14 year old stepdaughter likes her just as much! She has the X Factor big time! Work it baby!

737 days ago
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