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'American Idol'

Judges Get Right to Work

9/16/2012 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" judges Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, Keith Urban and Randy Jackson wasted no time getting right to work today ... showing up in NYC alongside host Ryan Seacrest for day one of auditions. 

"Idol" made the official announcement about this season's judging panel just a few hours earlier.  

As TMZ first reported, Jackson got a last minute reprieve when producers failed to come to terms on a contract with Enrique Iglesias.

The 12th season of "American Idol" will premiere in January.


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It's the muppet show!

767 days ago

paul a.    


767 days ago


in what world does someone let themselves be judged by Nicki Minaj? "Oh i'm a bad singer? Well then put me on your label"

767 days ago


I swear to god....seriously....Nicki Minaj? I was under the impression that American Idol was suppose to judge and pick out actual talent? I didnt know that dressing like a Ringling Circus clown and making some of the most god awfull facial expressions made someone capable of "judging" talent....ughhh so not watching this season Id rather sit through Gilmore Girls.

767 days ago


They all together, look like throw up to me!! ewww

767 days ago


I will start by sayi9ng this show is so far past its prime it isn't even funny. Now onto the judges. Randy Jackson I cannot believe you came back after they got rid of you and then couldn't close the deal with someone else. have you no shame.
Keith Urban don't listen to country but according to Google you had a album release this year videos included. Can't really say if you suck or not.
Mariah Carey yuck with a double helping of yuck. could their be a better image of a has been but the drama I am sure you will start with Nicki but be interesting reading but won't save the show.
Nicki your last album was a hot mess but nothing says I have nothing better coming along then by doing this has been show.
Oh yeah and I quit watching after the obvious cheating became too much to overlook. Chris Daughtry not only not winning but coming in 4th place Then as I started to put that debacle behind you came out with Kris Allen over Adam Lambert. I don't really like Lambert but seriously .... glad I had not invested nearly as much time in the show as I did for Chris Daughtry's season. Haven't watched it since and don't plan on starting this season.

767 days ago


Yeah... No.... To me, Randy is the ONLY one I could enjoy / respect watching from that crowd.

767 days ago


And don't forget that it's Ryan Spazcrest that gave everyone the Krapdashians.....I say boycott it for that reason alone!!!!...

767 days ago


Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban join American Idol. Do you like the AI's new judges? Vote at

767 days ago


I won't be watching. I am tired of all these shows and the idea that the judges are the talent and not the people auditioning. Its been months of hearing how one celebrity or another is going to take over and the fact is, who cares. I only watch Idol up till Hollywood week and after that it is sooo boring and as for the rest I am just sick of the concepts.

I don't know why Randy Jackson is smiling, he is only their because they could not get the celebrity the show really wanted to they decided to stick with him. The producers and executives have already made it clear that his presence is not needed and spent months trying to find someone to replace him and only due to the fact that they cannot find someone gives him one more season. If I were him I would be embarrassed but I am sure he thinks "these dawgs could not find anyone better than me and here I am." Sorry dude your less than second string.

767 days ago


I was going to watch to see Mariah but adding Nikki Minaj no way in hell i could ever watch idol again.

767 days ago


Ahhhh...Carrie Underwood? Much bigger and recognized start than Kelly (although Kelly is great) and what about Jennifer Hudson? There have been quite a few successes from this show and not all of them won the show, they were just on it.

767 days ago


Niki minaj?!?!?!?! I once thought there was a god. Now I'm not so sure.

767 days ago

There's a problem here    

Did anyone really think that Mariah Carey and NIcki Minaj would be a draw? Keith WTF is wrong with you? You still had a career that was drawing big bucks. Randy? Shame on you is all I can say. You were the only one who had a hand in the whole biz and you sold out .. dawg.

767 days ago


How long will they drag this show out? It's way past it's prime, but there are still plenty of people who seem to watch, at least that's what Nielsen tells us. I only like the first few episodes anyway, with all the crazy auditions once the "competition" starts I stop watching. You always see better singers sent to Hollywood than actually end up in the final cut.

767 days ago
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