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Anti-Muslim Film

The Man Behind the Movie

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9/17/2012 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Nakoula Basseley NakoulaThis is the man whose anti-Muslim movie -- "Innocence of Muslims" -- has triggered a wave of violence in parts of the Muslim world.

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula -- who produced the low-budget movie -- is seen here with Anna Gurji, one of the actresses in the film. The photo was shot this year, during production.

Nakoula, who lives in Cerritos, CA., got backing for the movie from hardcore anti-Islam organizations. The flick triggered violence in Egypt, Yemen, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Israel and the Palestinian territories.

U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and 3 other Americans were killed in the violence.


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I hope Nakoula got to bang her. She's cute.

705 days ago


Islam, the religion of peace...

705 days ago

Rico Suavy    

Allie Acbar

705 days ago


What these terrorists don’t understand is that they are showing the entire world a face of Islam that reflects on it’s nations as a whole and it is not a pretty picture of tolerance. How about if America pulls ALL of its support for any country that harms diplomats or any US citizen! And I mean all support, financial, education, health and TRADE! Respect is earned and not just given because you Demand it! You want an apology from us over this, Fine here it is: We are sorry that a stupid film maker with zero experience created a cartoon of a film that seems to of offended thousands of people around the world who have no tolerance for freedom of speech or religious tolerance. We are sorry that the USA has continued to pour millions of it’s country’s money into helping to get your countries out of the dark ages, we were wrong in trying to help you and again we are sorry. We are also sorry for trying to help you in creating safe and healthy places for your children to grow up and trying to educate them it was a mistake on our part that we actually thought you wanted a better life for your own children than you have had in the last 1000 years, our mistake. We will withdraw all financial, health, educational, business and trade from all of these countries who continue to be without tolerance of the freedoms we expect as a nation here. And if you think we are going to have a hard time without any of your trade or resources, then think again. Also we will close our doors to anyone from these violent countries, this means that all visitors and students who want a higher education here in America because they cannot get one in your sand pit of a country will have to go to China! And you think the US is intolerant, wait till these kids try to protest in China! All current visitors, business and students will be given 30 days to leave America unless these dark age countries wakeup and come into the 21st century. So, there it is an apology to all the hate filled so called “Religious Muslims” of the world. Like it or leave it.

705 days ago


wow...he looks creepy...just like every other hollywood "producer".

705 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Do people understand "freedom of speech" doesn't protect all speech, you're not permitted without consequence to threaten people, incite a riot, or commit acts of treason. I view the movie as treason, I don't believe for a second there isn't a conspiracy going on here.

705 days ago


She looks like Ann Hathoway in a wig.

705 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

WTF is wrong with these so called peaceful musilms...........if they don't like something they kill you.I have no use for these nuts.

705 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

If this little trailer to a movie actually caused the craziness in the mid-east, then we should be burning the whole world up for what the muslims are doing, i.e., burning our flags and killing our people.

705 days ago


Thanks for signing this man's death warrant. These attacks were planned, the movie was just an excuse. Some much for tolerance from the "religion of peace".

705 days ago

Someone who actually knows what they're talking about    

To suggest that this guy's YouTube movie is THE reason behind the attacks on our embassies is nonsense.

Those animals in the Middle East look for any excuse to riot, rape, and brutally murder. They take pleasure in this.

When did we get to the point where a third of our fellow countryman are actually identifying with those evil bastards? "Well, there IS a YouTube flick insulting Mohammed" .... are you effing serious??? Its the same bullcrap you morons pulled when you were JUSTIFYING the murder of our US troops because a few Korans got accidentally burned!!

What if every time Bill Mahr insulted Christians all the Christian began rioting, looting, gunning down politicians, etc? Think about how stupid that sounds.

What if every time you're on this website and you see someone insulting Christians there was suddenly a bomb going off at your work ... or your kids school? THATS how these bastards over there do things. And you're defending it???

Those little bastards over there get a free pass for attacking U.S. soil and killing an Ambassador? Shameful.

What we need to do is every time these "mobs" begin throwing rocks ... waste them ... all of them. Their friends will get the hint real fast and stop throwing rocks.

People in that part of the world respect 1 thing .. violent force. They dont negotiate, they dont try to understand your point of view, they dont care what you think of their behavior ... but they DO care when a Cruise missile takes out 3 sq blocks of their neighborhood. They DO care when a gunship mows down 50 of their buddies throwing Molotov ****tails and rocks.

Quit trying to reason with those animals ... take them out ... and dont apologize for doing so.

705 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

'Unfounded And Preposterous'
Libyan reports shred White House claim that Benghazi attack was spontaneous, unpredictable

Read more:

705 days ago


Even in comedy a bit of truth comes out. As in Achmed The DEAD Terrorist Puppet. Jeff Dunham is the comedian that brings Achmed to life. If the puppet disagrees with you it will say, "Silence, I kill you". That just about sums up their thinking over there.

705 days ago


Isn't that Anne Hathaway?

705 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Today is the anniversary of our Constitution. Ironic that this film maker is being "investigated" by our very own country and hung out to dry for exercising his freedom of speech.

Where are the hollywadbaggers who always profess "freedom of speech"? Cowering, I'm sure.

705 days ago
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