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'Dark Knight Rises' Massacre

First Lawsuits Filed Against

Colorado Movie Theater

9/22/2012 4:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Three people wounded in the "Dark Knight Rises" shooting spree that left 12 dead have filed a civil lawsuit against the movie theater, claiming the door James Holmes used to get into the theater should have had an alarm.

Denise Traynom, Brandon Axelrod and Joshua Nowlan also claim the theater should have had extra security for the midnight showing and failed to help moviegoers evacuate the theater after the shooting.

Traynom was wounded in the rear end, Axelrod suffered bone injuries to his right knee and ankle, while Nowlan’s right arm was nearly severed by a bullet. Nowlan was also injured in his left leg.

They're seeking unspecified damages.

The lawsuit, which was filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Colorado, came on the same day the theater announced plans to re-open in 2013.


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Straight Talkin Texan    

Alarms on outside theater doors is a good idea. It would also help prevent people from sneaking into a movie without paying. However, I think the theater is more liable because it didn't have an on-guard security person or police officer.

759 days ago


Money hungry vermin is what they are. How sad and pathetic that we have to sue. No class.

759 days ago

_][ Character_Assassin ][_    

Don't forget to sue for missing barbed wire and razor fencing, gun towers at at each corner block, metal detectors, around the clock security guards tellin you when to squat and cough at the entrances and more sentries posted at the parking lot for searching cars. And anything else I forgot to mention. If you're going to sue might as well sue for the whole shebang.

759 days ago


I feel bad that they were injured, and that many people died, but these people are just sue-happy s***bags.
If someone wants to kill you, they will kill you. Alarms would have done what alarms always do...have people ignore them.
Considering how many other movie theater attacks there have been in the last 50 years (none), an armed guard made SO MUCH sense (sarcasm).
You can't protect everyone from everything. They were just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and its not the movie theater's fault.

759 days ago

texas turd    

I dont know that any alarms would have mattered.. he was heavily armed and on a mission. he had protective body gear and was far more prepared than any security the theatre would have had. There are implied risks when we go out in public places and you have to do your own do diligence, especially when you have children with you. Thats not to say the theatre shouldn't out of respect, willingly give the injured compensation. Even the makers of the movie could give something too. They made plenty from it and peaked even more interest in the movie from this tragedy.

759 days ago


shamefull lawsuits. People love movie theaters and want them to stay around, but then sue them when something like this happens. It's just shameful and opportunistic. Humans should show more integrity. FYI, Movie theaters barely make enough money to stay open as it is. The only money they make is off concessions. What happened was quite terrible but NOT the theaters fault that some guy went crazy.

759 days ago


Reopening that theater by continuing to use it as a theater is a clear example of the arrogance, greed and lack of humanity that exists in the American culture. It would be a further cruelty on the friends, family and aquaintances of every one of the victims, as a constant reminder within the city as long as it remains the same. Real compassion would be to morph it into some other type of business, with modifications for a restaurant or something that would not be such heavy associative reminders.
Another risk is that every nut job in America that seeks grandiose public acknowledgement might want to take a shot at the batman theater themselves, since it is all about "notoriety" in the minds of the distrubed.

759 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

Do you really think if the theater had extra security at the midnight show a $9 dollar hour guard could have helped evacuate people? No way. They would have ran and been the first out. But the movie theater is responsible because they at least shoud have had an alarm on the door. But who really could have known something like this could have happened.
Phishie from Philly

759 days ago


Alarms, yes. But you want theater establishments to spend all kinds of money on security officers? Prepare to pay $25 a ticket.

759 days ago


If these people felt that all of that security was needed, why did they stay when they realized it wasn't there? Did they even CHECK to see if the place was secure? They whine about security, but don't seem to have been to concerned before that.

759 days ago

Don Martin    

Oh Please! Now we are suing anyone with money because we have to live in a screwed up world? Pretty piss poor when folks are trying to squeeze money on the blood of their dead ass relatives. Move to an island people...

759 days ago


I guess i am still not sure how an alarm on the door would have helped. It would have been a loud ringing sound while shots were being fired. If you were in a movie theater and hear the alarm go off are you really going to think you are in danger? Im sure we have all been in a building somewhere when an alarm on the door went off and the last thing i though was that i was in danger. All i can remember thinking is "that was loud".

759 days ago


This is disgusting, theyre trying to turn a tragedy into their gain.

759 days ago


As someone that worked in the theater industry for 8 years, I am unaware of any theaters that have emergency alarms on the rear exit entrances. In most megaplexes they are used daily to exit into the parking lot rather than moving a large crowd through the lobby. As I understand it, the gunman purchased a ticket at which gave him access to prop the door open. Rear exit theater doors only open from one side in my experience. The theater would have hard time monitoring this. He would simply slip back into the theater with a ticket stub. Employees should make sure the theater is secure by the end of the night (ie check all exit doors). But added security wouldn't have helped unless you have guards stationed at every door in a movie theater. Thats unrealistic people,

I have great sympathy for the victims in this tragedy. I understand in a time of horrible grief and heartache you try to find someone to blame. The only one to blame is the monster that shot all of these people. The way this story reads is that people that survived the attack are trying to get compensation off of the theater. I think that is morally and ethically wrong. I give props to Cinemark for stepping up and offering to pay all funeral costs for those affected in the beginning. I believe me i feel for the victims. But this type of lawsuit is absurd.

759 days ago


I hope they do not get one penny and they should have to pay for the theater's lawyers when they lose!

759 days ago
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