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Kramer to Seinfeld:

I Learned My Lesson

After N-Word Meltdown

9/28/2012 7:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Richards is telling Jerry Seinfeld ... he's still pretty damaged from the fall-out of his infamous N-word laced tirade at the "Laugh Factory" ... and refuses to return to the comedy stage ... but insists he has learned his lesson.  

TMZ posted the shocking video back in Nov. 2006 -- when the former "Seinfeld" star repeatedly pointed to an African-American heckler and called him a "n**ger" while in the middle of his comedy set.

At one point, Richards even said, "Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass."

But in a brand new interview on Jerry Seinfeld's Crackle TV show, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," Richards opens up about the incident, telling Jerry he's finally learned that entertainment is all about the audience ... not about the performer.

"Now that’s a lesson I learned 7 years ago when I blew it in the comedy club and lost my temper because somebody interrupted my act and said some things that hurt me and I lashed out in anger."

"I took it too personally ... and I should have just said, 'Yeah you're absolutely right. I'm not funny ... I'll go home work on my material and I'll see you tomorrow night.'"

Richards also says he "busted up" after the incident ... and hasn't performed a comedy act since. He also thanked Jerry for sticking by his side throughout the years ... saying, "[Your support] meant a lot to me."


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We all lose our tempers, but we don't all say things like that. I'm not sure he has learned enough--he didn't even approach the bigotry in his comments. He just said he's learned it's about the audience, not him. He is completely ignoring the hate in his comments, the way he degraded this man. I'm a huge Seinfeld fan--but he needs to learn a little more about the words he said.

752 days ago

D. Potter    

They all apologize...

752 days ago


that was the funniest **** to ever come out of the laugh factory

752 days ago

Pudding Tang    

He was obviously 'black' listed.

752 days ago


I heard he broke a mirror that night...

Your 7-years bad luck is over

752 days ago


Oh please. And black comediens such as Paul Mooney try to destroy white people any chance he can. He even referrs to white woman as white bitches. More than 50% of his show is against white people. He doesn't have to apologise for that. He is given ShoTime specials to continue doing just that. How bout Mike Epps. The video TMZ showed of him being served legal papers by a white woman. He made a ton of comments about her race. How bout Dave Chappelle. He refers to blacks as every sterotype out there. And he did it on his tv show on comedy channel. The only outcome of that was that The Comedy Channel wanted to give him 50 million dollars to continue doing it. But people like Don Imus said 2 of the many words Chappelle says, and he has to suffer so much fall out over this. Or Michael Richards want some black people to stop interrupting him as he is giving a show for paying customers, so he tells them to shut up. Good for him. A lot of the young white comedians don't touch race issues in their sets, cause they will be labelled as racists. Black comedians try to destroy white people in their sets, and they are offered money and tv shows. Unreal !

752 days ago


A comedian has to defend against hecklers. He just can't do it that way if he doesn't want backlash. Sam Kinison might have done it the same way and we never would have heard about it on the news because that was his style and he was not trying to be popular with everyone.

752 days ago

really! really?    

It's hard to forgive Michael Richards, Mel Gibson, or anyone else guilty of blasting someone because of their race, culture, sexual orientation, or appearance. I do not believe that alcohol, a moment of extreme anger, or a spontaneous reaction can lead to racism, superiority, or anti-Semitism unless those seeds of hatred already exist within that person. I do believe that an out of control moment can expose these hatreds in people who ordinarily are able to mask them.

752 days ago


I don't see anything wrong with what Michael Richards did, Hell I would have said the same thing, if some drunken @sshole was heckling me. The black people call themselves the N word all day long, so why the hell are they bitching about respect...

752 days ago


*Tsk Tsk* Kramer - Now get back out there and entertain us!

752 days ago


i used to love to watch seinfeild reruns. after that comment i haven't watched seinfeild since. some things that people say are hard to forgive and mr. richards' comments were, to me, unforgivable.

752 days ago


I give Richards a lot of credit. He hasn't done stand up because of the incident.

752 days ago


I think when black people use the term it's endearing.When blacks say whitey they feel it's owed to the to use that term Whitey.Guess what ,you can't have it both ways...Team Richards...

752 days ago


Let's turn the tables. Do you think these two hecklers would have heckled Paul Mooney, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, etc. No. Then why did they do it against Michael Richards. How bout cause he is white. The two hecklers are the racists ! They are looking like the victims. No way. They started it. They deserved what they got.

752 days ago


His tirade from seven years ago wasn't THAT bad. He just called a spade a spade. His genius was stifled by some 1/2 drunk home boys. Now THAT'S obscene!

752 days ago
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