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Kramer to Seinfeld:

I Learned My Lesson

After N-Word Meltdown

9/28/2012 7:18 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Richards is telling Jerry Seinfeld ... he's still pretty damaged from the fall-out of his infamous N-word laced tirade at the "Laugh Factory" ... and refuses to return to the comedy stage ... but insists he has learned his lesson.  

TMZ posted the shocking video back in Nov. 2006 -- when the former "Seinfeld" star repeatedly pointed to an African-American heckler and called him a "n**ger" while in the middle of his comedy set.

At one point, Richards even said, "Fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your ass."

But in a brand new interview on Jerry Seinfeld's Crackle TV show, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," Richards opens up about the incident, telling Jerry he's finally learned that entertainment is all about the audience ... not about the performer.

"Now that’s a lesson I learned 7 years ago when I blew it in the comedy club and lost my temper because somebody interrupted my act and said some things that hurt me and I lashed out in anger."

"I took it too personally ... and I should have just said, 'Yeah you're absolutely right. I'm not funny ... I'll go home work on my material and I'll see you tomorrow night.'"

Richards also says he "busted up" after the incident ... and hasn't performed a comedy act since. He also thanked Jerry for sticking by his side throughout the years ... saying, "[Your support] meant a lot to me."


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Calling Audience names like that is definitely UNCALLED FOR!!!! I, too, use to love Seinfeld. But haven't watched it since this Ahole made his disgusting remarks on Black people. So sad.

754 days ago


I've seen Michael Richards around Santa Monica.

Guy needs to forgive himself. It was awful, but it's time to move on.

Would love to see him do something again on TV.

754 days ago

Ronald Jensen    

Of courses Jerry stood up for Kramer. As one of the top 1% of Hollywood Sinfield is obligated to defend racist remarks. Typical Hollywood response is Do as I say not as I do. Surprised that BUSH wasn't blamed.

754 days ago


Good bye your career is still over

754 days ago


Anyone who sits here and says they have never spoken out of anger is lying, it just wasn't captured on tape. People say things they KNOW will offend the other person when they're angry. It doesn't mean he actually feels that way about the entire African American race. I think he knew when he called them that word is was going to piss them off as much as he was pissed off. I think childish, but not rasict.

754 days ago


The people on here still saying negative things about him, and say he isn't sincere or whatever. If you haven't t said or did anything you regret, then by all means lash out. He is great. He slipped up. Let him be great again. Kramer was one of the best characters on TV. Michael Richards is genius. So funny. He made millions laugh.

754 days ago


"...Mr Richards comments, were to me, unforgivable...". That is exactly why you are a racial bigot.

754 days ago


The thing is, Michael Richards didn't know what he was doing. He was right to call the heckler whatever he wanted to call him. Fark a heckler. You heckle someone, the gloves are OFF. Michael Richards did everything else wrong though, including this interview.

754 days ago


Michael Richards lost his temper because some ignorant people were talking during his set. It wouldn't have mattered if his material was "gold", if people are going to talk and disrupt the show, they should be thrown out immediately. You wouldn't put up with someone doing that in a theater or a piano concert. These people are ignorant. Now maybe he did go over the line with the N word...but he tried to turn it into a harder edged bit, but he's not known for that or stand up. If it was Louis CK or George Carlin, Lisa Lampinelli etc everyone would be laughing - same goes for Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle etc - it would have been a non-event. But because it was TVs beloved Kramer, it's a big deal. The aforementioned white comedians would have been completely unscathed by this because they are known for going over the top and saying things to make you think.

If I was Michael Richards, I would apologize and move on. Out of all of this, I've never seen an apology from the a-hole that started this. Where is he? Is he just playing the race card? You started it big mouth. How about taking some responsibility for it? No one wants to hear what you have to say at a comedy show, so shut your effing mouth.

So to recap. We've got Michael Richards who is one quarter of the BEST ensemble cast in television history. The awesomeness of Seinfeld will live on for generations. Think about it, have you ever seen a Seinfeld episode while flipping through channels and said "Oh this one isn't very good..." No. Because every single episode out of nine seasons is a CLASSIC.

And then we have some African-American ignorant bigmouth who can't shut up in a comedy theater who got yelled at a little harshly. His friends call him the N word all the time, let's face it. Boo fricking hoo.

Sorry, gotta go with Kramer on this one. He's a brilliant TV and stage comedian and the world deserves more of him.

754 days ago


Micheal No groveling required! You were set up by a group of goons who came in late, interupting your show, started yelling drink orders, then insulted you by yelling your not funny. WTF? They got their five minutes in your spotlight. Why did they pay to see you and then pull the stunt????? Come back not everyone buys the B.S.

754 days ago

Celebrities Suck    

the best tv show on tv is Seinfeld. It's amazing how blacks, and Hispanic comedians on comedy central and in comedy clubs get on stage and repeatedly say the N word and call other Hispanics spics and call whites hill billy but now if a white man gets on stage and says the N words he's scrutinized.

754 days ago


i wonder why it's OK for blacks to use that word but not whites?

754 days ago


Why bring this story back? always gonna be some white people who condone what he said and stick up for the racist ****er how many black people were ever on sienfeld? 2 maybe 3 .....white people love to bring up black comedians but they been talkin bout white people since "slavery ended" so to mold paul mooney in with the likes of kramer is absurd mooney is a Legend to stand comedy and has always talked about racial topics

754 days ago


Poor kramer. Own the word

754 days ago


the way Kramer did it u could tell was Offensive!..even white people in the crowd that night were said to offended so to defend against it now is ridiculous....people love to defend their individual racist thoughts behind the comfort and safety of a computer screen to these people i say...Have a Seat in a corner somewhere

754 days ago
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