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Johnny Lewis' Dad

I Exhausted All Resources

To Save My Son

9/30/2012 10:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Johnny Lewis
' father tried to help his son multiple times before his death ... telling TMZ he believed Johnny's last stint in a treatment center was finally going to work.

A close family source of Johnny's tells TMZ that Johnny tried a few different Scientology approved treatment center, but they didn't work. 

So Johnny's father, Michael Lewis -- a high level Scientologist who was once close to L. Ron Hubbard -- tells TMZ he then turned to a treatment facility in Altadena, CA called Ridgeview Ranch as a last resort. Ridgeview describes itself as specializing in the "treatment of mental heath and/or drugs and alcohol."

Michael tells us that Johnny responded well to the environment at Ridgeview -- the staff was supportive, the program seemed to be working and says he thought "it would stick this time."

Michael says that Johnny's treatment physician at Ridgeview advised against the use of psychiatric medication (which is highly frowned upon in Scientology) and used an alternative approach to getting well.

However, after a short stint at Ridgeview Johnny opted to finish the rest of his sentence in jail ... insisting he had no drug or psychiatric problems.

Johnny was released on September 21, just days before his death.


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Scientology is about a useful as a rubber with a hole in it ...

716 days ago


Scientology teaches that psychiatry is a scam that costs people their lives. Maybe if this guy had seen a psychiatrist he'd still be alive.

716 days ago


He could have left Scientology and saved his son. He didn't exhaust ****.

716 days ago

Blue Lake    

The killer's parents and the CoS have blood on their hands for disallowing this sick creep to be treated with the strong meds he needed for his condition. Think about it, folks. YOU did this.

716 days ago


thanks Tom Cruise and all the other Scientologists. If he had got the psychiactic care and meds he needed, this might not have happened

716 days ago


if his dad was close to L.Ron, then surely he knew what a frud the whole religion is!

716 days ago


It's just sad he and his son were caught up in the cult of Scientology and his son didn't receive proper medical care.

716 days ago


why is this s*** still being talked about hes a murder BURN IN HELL BITCH

716 days ago


There are so many wounded family members on all sides of this issue. I'm sure Dad is tore up over the death of his son, and I do believe he tried everything
within his realm of thought. Johnny Lewis was dually diagnosed meaning he had a drug/alcohol problem plus mental health issues. Doesn't California allow the family to place a hold on a relative that is a danger to themselves? If he could have stayed in treatment for 60 or 90 days everyone might be happy and alive. A pill or two a day would have stabilized him and if you're stable and just got out of rehab there is some hope you'll work a program and stay clean. No everyone does but if would have there wouldn't be all these family causalities. He's dead and gone but they have to leave with TMZ and a hundred other "news" organization on their front lawn until another heinous crime happens to distract them.

716 days ago


His father a high level Scientologist?
Sooner or later they shall have to do investigation into that "cult" of brain washing people.
Look at what has been acomplished with John Travolta and Tom Cruise!!
Disfunctional lives full of denial and disaster.

716 days ago


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716 days ago


Where is the Christian charity for a lost boy, no matter what his religion or illness. I have lost family members to drugs and mental illness and it hurts just as badly as if they had died in an auto accident. Be kind, people. It could happen to you any time.

716 days ago


Way to fo COS. John Travolta should be the poster boy for why NOT to listen to these QUACKS the COS uses as doctors.Now this high up mucky muck has a kid that goes off the deep end and brutally murders an old wman and her little cat because the quacks once again say no drugs..sound familar . No drugs to help these two boys and now they are dead and so is an old woman. Grats COS I hope the kids of this old woman sue the COS and the father . That church needs to go away . Tom and John better wake up before they lose another child.

716 days ago

steve g    

Another actor in trouble, What a surprize. Has everyone forgotten, that he killed an elderly woman, in her own home.To bad he fell. He should have had to face the courts. I hope he burns, I bet Scientology will help his family out, As long as the "donation" is big enough.

716 days ago

Michael Forever    

He was a sacrifice...any questions?

716 days ago
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