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Mariah vs. Nicki

How the WAR Began

10/3/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


The Mariah Carey-Nicki Minaj feud turned into full scale war after their blowout on the "American Idol" set. We posted the video everyone's talking about -- now we'll tell you what the 'Idol' divas themselves are saying about it. And, will this help or hurt the show?

Also ... Chris Brown and Rihanna are leaving little doubt they're banging again -- so, question is ... should we feel sorry for RiRi if CB strikes again?

Plus, our heated debate with Richard Belzer! He joined us to explain why he threw up a Hitler salute (again) on live TV. Let's just say, Belz and Harv didn't see eye-to-eye on this. Chung chung!

(0:00) It's one of the craziest videos we've ever seen -- Nicki Minaj going crazy on Mariah Carey duing an "American Idol" taping ... and we'll tell you what set the whole thing off.
(10:30) Breaking news -- Ashton Kutcher just got Punk'd ... with a new, ridiculous trick called "swatting." And it's not funny.
(12:00) Chris Brown and Rihanna hung out at a club ... then at her hotel. The question: Would you feel sorry for her if he beat her up again?
(16:10) Justin Bieber's ridiculous car got towed -- while he was performing at the Staples Center. So who was the dummy that parked it in a 15 minute spot?
(18:00) Richard Belzer joins the show -- you gotta see him and Harvey go toe-to-toe over Richard's Nazi salute.
(27:10) Playboy model/real housewife Joanna Krupa is NOT a prostitute ... and she's ready to sue to prove it.
(29:00) AJ McLean loves ass.
(30:30) Chris Cornell's maid says she got screwed over wages.
(32:00) Winona Ryder is back!!! And hotter than ever.
(33:20) Matt Barnes called a cop a p**sy and a fa**ot ... so which one is more offensive?
(37:10) Jason Russell -- the guy behind the Kony video -- is finally opening up about his naked meltdown. You buying what he's selling?
(40:00) We take your calls!

No Avatar


I can't listen to this anymore. Everyone talking over each other. Why bother having him call in when all you are going to do is scream your point of view and not allow him to speak.

758 days ago


Who the hell cares about Mariah and Nicki. American Idol is sooooooooooo stale, and these judges are yesterday's BORING NEWS.

758 days ago


2 rich joos crying about stupid things. Nothing new Boohoo

758 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

I think Harvey is going to have a heart attack.

758 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Love how everyone tries to explain away their own peccadilloes, but if anyone hits them in their little pet-peeve sensitive spot, they get all politically militant. Belzer just makes himself look more and more idiotic trying to explain his actions.

Bet you could rip the Italians a new one in front of Clooney, but even so much as look cross-eyed at a map of Darfur & he'll get self-righteous. They all do that. See how Elton John gets when people even make the most innocuous comments about gays? But anyone else he couldn't give a crap.

They're all two-faced.

758 days ago

Flying Blind    

Harvey, you are an idiot, MSNBC calls it like it is. Yes they lean democratic, but they call them out also when the facts fit. Faux News just lies and never check facts. If they know the facts, they just twist them or lie. anyone with a brain knows this. Faux commentators are paid to lie, period and they know it.

758 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Tell Joanna Krupa to say "I'm not a hooker!" with a Schwarzenegger accent & it'll sound funnier!

758 days ago


Harvey, you such a damn hypocrite. You get all bent out of shape as a Jewish man for someone doing the Hitler salute and ream the guy a new one. Where was your outrage at Lisa Lampennelli when she called Gay men corn holers? That's a derogatory remark towards the gay men. Where's your outrage as a gay man and why aren't you all butt hurt about Matt Barnes calling a police officer a Fcuking F. a. gg. ot. Like I said, Hypocrite.

758 days ago


Cat fight. As old as sharks and roaches.

758 days ago


Who even still watches American Idol? What an OBVIOUS publicity stunt this is, it's so obvious that it's pathetic.

758 days ago

HRH Prince Michael    

@Flying Squirrel: MSNBC and Fox, -BOTH- are merely playing to their respective target-demographics. They've long served-up shamelessly
slanted opinion - disguised as "News".
Can you say "Corporate America Propaganda"?
KNEW you could.

758 days ago


My catchphrase is thank God I don't have a gun.

758 days ago


Let's leave this subject NOW. Next!

758 days ago


la la la la la. Why isn't Raquel weighing in, there are African Americans involved. That's the only time she ever speaks as if she's the voice for the entire population.

758 days ago


I will not be watching this show because of these two judges, they have taken it from where people can create a career to the arguments/ditsy appearances/ridiculousness the judges can create. It is no longer a show of talent but house wives fighting.

758 days ago
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