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Big Bird to Mitt Romney

Thanks for the Shoutout!

(Even Though You Want Me Dead)

10/4/2012 9:24 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Big Bird
and the rest of the fine people at Sesame Street don't give two craps about Mitt Romney's politics -- but they're PUMPED he gave BB a shoutout during last night's Presidential debate ... despite the whole "Death to PBS" thing.

Sesame Street released a statement this morning following Romney's Big Bird reference, saying, "Sesame Workshop is a nonpartisan, nonprofit, educational organization. We do not comment on campaigns, but we're happy we can all agree that everyone likes Big Bird."

In case you missed the debate last night, Romney mentioned Big Bird in reference to cutting PBS funding in order to save government money.

Romney said, "I'm going to stop the subsidy to PBS ... I like PBS. I love Big Bird. But I'm not going to keep spending money on things to borrow money from China to pay for it."

A rep for Sesame Street -- which has been a partner of PBS for 43 years -- says the show relies on PBS to distribute its commercial-free programming to children. In other words, no PBS ... no Sesame Street.

The CEO of PBS Paula Kerger told CNN this morning, "With the enormous problems facing the country, the fact that we are the focus is unbelievable to me. We are America’s biggest classroom, we touch children across the country in every home."

Long story short, Romney wants to kill Big Bird.


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Jay Smith    

So, we're just ignoring that all he said is he would cut federal dollars to PBS, about 12% of their budget, and continue the lie that he is going to shut down the network. No question which side you are pulling for.

716 days ago

And thats the truth    

Kids are used to seeing commercials TMZ. If PBS has to depend on sponsors, I assure you that kids will still be watching Sesame Street. The only other thing that kids watch that do not have commercials are DVD's and some of them even have previews ect. It is pretty sad when the only thing the Dems can knock Romney about is Big

716 days ago


The government

716 days ago


K TMZ... You put a poll up on every other subject... Where's the poll o0n who won the debate! lol

716 days ago


I repeat, PBS does NOT NEED public funding to stay afloat. They have plenty of money from other sources. They just take whatever is given to them, just like everybody does. Romney is right. Why sell our country to China in order to pad the pockets of PBS executives? Big Bird doesn't get any of the money, you know. No bird seed for him/her. PBS will NOT go off the air if the gov. stops sending them tax dollars, which they do not need. This is proof that PBS really is the liberal political tool of the democrats.

715 days ago


So yeah Romney may have had the upper hand in this debate but like one poster said, he had a really good speech writer where Obama has been too busy running a country. My vote is on Obama because he's not going around saying he's Mexican and the give himself a fake tan. Romney contradicts himself in many areas and last night is NOT gonna help him win the election.

715 days ago


It's truly unbelievable that Government pays for really think that Sesame Street would not get paying commercials if it were private!?

Please NOTE: Ms. Kerger $632,233 in annual compensation—as reported on the 990 tax forms all nonprofits are required to file—surely it can operate without tax dollars.

715 days ago


Gett off the government boob and pay your own way PBS, you have the cash fund your left leaning programs with your own money

715 days ago


Your really think Sesame Street would not make it in the private sector and get commercials to pay for it!?

Give me a break...why should the Government/ taxpayers...ME pay for their salaries???!!!

NOTE: Ms. Kerger $632,233 in annual compensation—as reported on the 990 tax forms all nonprofits are required to file—surely it can operate without tax dollars.

715 days ago


He's right. If we can't afford it, we don't need to be spending money on it. We're used to getting what we want, and it's living the spoiled life. I don't want to be in debt to other countries. I want to feel secure, and confident about where I live. Maybe the six billionaires running the world can throw down to save Big Bird and leave the gov't out of it.

715 days ago


Of course he wants to get rid of Sesame Street. Uneducated people are his bread and butter, why not start them young by taking away the things that may help them grow up more intelligent.

715 days ago

Don Martin    

Why spend tax dollars on PBS when the programing could easily make the transition to commercial cable TV. Just because a bunch of mooching non profit tree huggers might actually have to go to work is not an excuse for pumping millions into TV. If PBS is calling their crapola educational then what the heck is the History channel?

715 days ago

Stacey Loflin    

OMG..stupid. He was giving an example of programs that if we can't afford it - if we have to borrow from abroad - it's getting cut. Makes perfect sense. I grew up on Sesame Street - but it did not shape me or form me and if the people who are relying on it for education REALLY think that not having Big Bird on TV is a life altering momen t- get a grip

715 days ago


Obama is a very weak leader, remember his leadership during the BP oil gulf spill.

715 days ago


Hey numb brain....Romney want to stop wasting money we don't have on a broadcasting system that should be self suffecient or take commercials. The government contributuoin is a drop in the bucket when the vast majority of PBS $ is based on public donations. Check it out.

715 days ago
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