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Lindsay Lohan

My Chateau Marmont Ban

Is Over

10/13/2012 8:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1013_chatuae_lindsay_gettyLindsay Lohan is OFF THE CHATEAU MARMONT BLACKLIST -- which explains why she was there Thursday night -- and TMZ has learned it's all thanks to a Hail Mary phone call to the owner himself.

As TMZ first reported, LiLo was BARRED from the legendary hotel after she didn't pay her massive $46,000 bill -- which she racked up buying cigarettes, mini-bar goodies and candles. Lindsay claimed she thought the production co. behind "Liz and Dick" -- which she was filming at the time of the charges -- was footing the tab. 

Sources close to Lilo tell TMZ ... the actress reached out to hotel magnate Andre Balazs -- owner of the Chateau along with a slew of other properties -- in hopes to reclaim her stomping grounds.

We're told LiLo and Andre have been friends for years and she made it clear that the whole ordeal was a giant misunderstanding. Lilo offered to pay off the debt (which we're told she did) if Andre could have a chat with the Chateau staff. 

Our sources tell us, Andre informed LiLo he had no idea she had been blacklisted and promised to remedy the situation ASAP.

Which clearly happened.



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She spends more time trying to get in bars and nightclubs than she does on her "career"

638 days ago


IF Blohan is pregnant, TWO things would have to happen to collect that 18 year payday from one of her third world 'johns'. One, the baby would have to survive her massive drug and alcohol habit and two, babies are tested in hospital to known addicts. That means Blohan would have to stay CLEAN for a minimum of 7 or 8 months and that will NEVER happen! Don't count on a Blohan baby anytime soon . . .

638 days ago


andre balazs didn't know? puhleeze. i got a bridge to brooklyn i want to sell you.

638 days ago


What value does she bring to ANY relationship that the other party would want to continue it???

638 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Uh oh, Lindsay's new assistant Michelle Madonna must have gotten the boot...............

638 days ago



OMG! WTF, really? This is as news worthy as a Lohan family herpes outbreak. While Milo is right, what is DUIna really qualified to do?

Surprise bu++sex? Now that Lindsay is preggers, you would think DUIna would be at the mansion inhaling paint fumes and decorating the nursery, eh?

638 days ago


Dear TMZ,

Does Lindsay work for you?

638 days ago


Do you have any actual PROOF it was paid other than the word of a compulsive liar? Which part of "We're Told" do YOU not understand you illiterate twunt?
Note: the voices inside your crazy head are not considered proof.

"which we're told she did" what part of that don't you understand?

638 days ago


Liho, Massengil, AND Crazy Susan. Not exactly bastions of credibilty.

Liho said it was paid off.....

638 days ago


Forest for the trees time again:
OK the enablers keep telling us Lilo is loaded (financially), chemically it's a given...but I digress.
So if she's so frakking rich, what's the bifg deal about a measly 40k lent to Deadbeat Dina. With all the millions Mr Stupid, Crazy Susan, et al are claiming she's sitting on- why would she get so bent out of shape about such a miniscule amount?
Rhetorical question- the sober, non-looney members among us already know the answer.

638 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Ooops, looks like MILO is taping more conversation with people he hates.......Kate must be so proud of him as a provider for her and the unborn child she will be supporting for next million years.

638 days ago

Pony Princess    

That's the way to be responsible in everything you do. Go to someone else and say you are willing to pay your debt IF that person can get you back into the place where you owe that hugh debt. Claim it's some sort of misunderstanding.

A really responsible person in this situation (considering she has the means to pay the debt) would have been to go to CM, pay off the debt, and ask that she be allowed back in. They probably would have let her do that without her going around trying to get sympathy and pursue her "I'm a victim" claim.

We are aware of the real LL. She's such a loser.

638 days ago


why cant she just stay home by herself and enjoy a quiet normal night instead of reving up drama all the time.she should at least take a shower and wash her hair she looks like she stinks really bad.

638 days ago


Not so fast! Be sure to save lots of $$$ for your LOSER parents...

638 days ago


What a crock of BS. You can tell TMZ got this right from Lindsay. First off, Lindsay and Andre are NOT friends, nor have they ever been. He is a wealthy businessman who would never have anything to do with the likes of her. He was also well aware of the fact that she was banned and it is highly unlikely that she even spoke to him about this. He's not in the habit of taking phone calls from delusional junkies, which she clearly is. Second, the entire staff there pretty much hates her. She constantly causes problems when she is there and has a habit of treating everyone like crap. Keep in mind, dozens of celebrities stay there and the staff puts up with a lot, so it's pretty bad when they all cannot stand someone. Third, one of her "special friends" (we all know what that means) paid her bill, that is the only reason she was allowed to come back. The same guy is footing her stay there now. The lies her camp comes up with floor me, especially when it's so easy to prove what they're saying isn't true.

638 days ago
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