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The Lohans

You Be the Judge

10/13/2012 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012_michael_lohan_lindsay_lohan_dina_lohan_poll_article_tmz_gettyLindsay Lohan's nuclear fight with her mom this week -- with Lindsay alleging Dina was on coke and then recanting it -- proves this is one screwed up family.  So we gotta ask ...


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Everyone is forgetting about Ali - another LIE by the family. They claimed she was going to Japan or Asia some place to "model" when she really went to rehab. This entire family needs to be relocated to Siberia where they can live their lives all alone and destroy each other. They each are like cancer, keep them away from society.

709 days ago


Why does TMZ keep reporting on these losers?

709 days ago


i couldn't believe how michael talked to that woman that skyped in yesterday during tmz live, i was stunned. he went from 0 to 60 immediately, he should have never phoned in. he finally screwed himself.

709 days ago


Lowhans are my fave TMZ stories; most abnormal family grouping I've ever studied as an anthropologist, lol. Lindz needs to steer clear of seriously troubled parents to get her life together otherwise she’s doomed to end up like them, hopefully it isn’t too late. And maybe mom wouldn't be such a mooch & mess if Mike Lowhan ever paid his child support; what about it, Mikey- why haven't you paid, loser? Too bad TMZ couldn’t have sent Mikey’s payment for that phone recording directly to Dina’s mortgage & noted it as child support, Mikey still has a minor child in that house. :D

709 days ago


tanning mom was also on the red carpet this week.and almost beat lindsay out for the drunkist Fck around..

709 days ago

just because    

is stupid poll because they are all pathological liars with the same issues yet they all try to blame each other when they get called out. it makes me angry in a strange way.

709 days ago


You're really phoning it in with these weekend mega polls, TMZ. You don't have to do much writing, just post a huge questionnaire, and sit back while readers vote all weekend. Lazy, lazy, lazy. It's better than another Kardashain story though. They were last weekend's mega poll, if memory serves. Predictable and lazy.

709 days ago


pretty bad when the POLL is all negative. an hard to find something positive about any of these ass holes

709 days ago


This is typical Lindsay...She gets caught in and trips over her own lies and to try and cover her butt she always pitts her parents against each other and blames them for everything she did to herself.

She is pushing 27 looks like total crap. Bloated face, stoned out eyes, double chin. Can't see a photo of her not looking drunk stoned or both. Can't blame mommy and daddy for her destroying her career and screwing up everything she does. She's crying wolf too many times and she is nothing more than a laughing stock and tabloid joke. She knows it.

But Lohan has to pull stupid crap to get attention. It's the only attention she gets is when she makes a fool of herself. Sadly she does this intensionally to get the attention. She knows exactly what shes doing when she does it.

Lohan is nothing more than a jealous, mean, nasty vindictive drunk and druggie. She did this to herself.

709 days ago


You know what? Had you had these questions right after Michael what jumping out of his exgirlfriends window to evade police, he'd have the higher rating. I mean really, they both totally suck as parents. Both of them.

709 days ago


Lohan won't be so smug when she runs out of money and people to use. Mommy is 1.3 million in debt. In fact the bank rep was going there wednesday to serve forclousure papers when he got caught in the mommy daughter drunk druggie fight.

Lohan has burned everyone who has tried to help her and cut her a break. She kicked them right in the teeth. Like she was doing them the favor.

Everytime Lohan speed dials to tmz about 98% of the posts can't stand Lohan. She's a pathological lier and just not relevant in anyway. She should thank the tabloids for giving her attention she craves. Only it's never good. But Lohan still has the delusional attitude like she's some hollywood big shot. That's funny. In fact Hollywood poison.

709 days ago


I actually feel bad for her this time. She feels like she has to protect her mother and her father is taping her convos? Who can she trust? I would say no one, very sad. Lindsay you can have a better life but you must distance yourself a bit from your mom until she gets the help she needs, I think that then and only then you will be able to have a healthy relationship with her, as far as your dad goes, that's just sad, I think he thinks he's helping you but NO if he wants to help you he shouldnot of went to the tabloids and lost your trust completly, you can change your life but you need different role models. All the best, I think you can do it.

709 days ago


Lindsay has become a joke. Whatever talent she may have had is gone. Add to that the fact that she looks 20 years older than she is.
Her parents are gigantic a$$holes.

709 days ago

Zephyr, Enemy of #LittleWhores    

pretty bad when the POLL is all negative. an hard to find something positive about any of these ass holes

Andy - When has there EVER been anything positive in any Lohan story? This entire worthless grifting family has made its living through the tabloids and the police blotters. It's the only thing they know.

709 days ago


We've got Dina on tape stating that Lindsay is dead to her. (What parent EVER says that to their own child? It's despicable! ) Then we have Lindsay stating on tape that her Dad is dead to her. I wonder where she learned that behavior from?

709 days ago
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