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The Lohans

You Be the Judge

10/13/2012 7:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

1012_michael_lohan_lindsay_lohan_dina_lohan_poll_article_tmz_gettyLindsay Lohan's nuclear fight with her mom this week -- with Lindsay alleging Dina was on coke and then recanting it -- proves this is one screwed up family.  So we gotta ask ...


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Who in the hell cares about these 3 nut cases. TMZ should find some else to reprort on. Really TMZ you have nothing better to report then these losers. As much as I hate to say it I rather read about honey boo boo, and thats not saying much either

749 days ago


LINDSAY LOHAN! Please look at these survey results. 97% think you should stay away from the folks. 50% think you still have a chance to pull it together, which is good news. When you party as much as you do, the alcohol and/or drugs will always be in your system and affect the way you think and act. Your only chance for a good life and career is to go to rehab and then surround yourself with people who will have a positive influence on you. Good luck!

749 days ago


My best answer to all the questions would be, "I don't give a **** what the Lohan trash do."

749 days ago


of course mom was coked out of her gourd. just like on dr phil. did you see they way she kept touching her scalp. classic coke move. tingly scalp. she was drunk she was toasted.

749 days ago


repulicans.....what you gonna do?

749 days ago


So I can assume that Buffoon is going to be so busy clicking poll buttons he won't have time to pop in spout crappola and run? I know, he cannot resist even though nobody reads what he types. Do you know he STILL hasn't acknowledged that I voted so many times on the last Lohan poll, just to prove a point? ROFLMFAO

749 days ago


Even Dr. Phil couldn't do a "miracle cure" on Dina. When parents and children do drugs together...they die together. It's sad. Talent wasted.

749 days ago


LILO is so messed up and I actually am starting to feel sorry for her bc even though she is an adult now, she is surrounded my children as parents. Your parents should be the main people you can always depend on and it's obvious she cannot rely on either of them. But I do think she could turn her life around, if she cut out all the bad influences around her, parents included. But she has to make all the right choices for a very very long time before anyone would really believe she had changed. And also, keep her drama out of the headlines!

749 days ago


3 blind mice, 3 blind mice

749 days ago


isnt that great the picture above looks like they are all singing " Bridges over troubled waters"

749 days ago


lindsay is an adult- she needs to cut both of them off and live her own life- lose the drama and concentrate on herself and hopefully save her own career- i still have faith in her- :)

749 days ago

Jo Ann    

I agree with the previous poster who says that Lindsey is fragile right now and she does not need either parent, or their problems, in her life. They are both using Lindsey and her fame for financial gain. I think they are to narcisistic to truly love anyone other than themselves. I think of my own daughter who is Lindsey's age and my heart breaks for Lindsey. She needs someone stable in her life who can help her grow and mature, someone who will always be there for her. I hope she finds this someone.

749 days ago


Dina wants her coke and eat her too.
OH sorry that "Cake and eat it too"
Kind of tired

749 days ago


Who cares. Just more candidates for The Jerry Springer Show.

749 days ago

Ellie G    

Looks like they are all assuming the position that makes them the most money in that pic. Sucky sucky sucky.

749 days ago
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