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Bubba the Love Sponge


Leaked Sex Tape

10/16/2012 6:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Bubba the Love Sponge just went on his radio show ... and claimed Hulk Hogan may have played a role in the release of the sex tape ... despite several public denials.

During the show, Bubba made it clear ... he and Hulk are no longer best friends -- in fact, it sounds like they pretty much hate each other's guts.

At one point in the show, Bubba called Hulk a "self-centered" man who has delusionally convinced himself that Nick was innocent in that 2007 car crash, Brooke actually has talent and that Linda is  "whore." Bubba actually defends Linda throughout the show.

Bubba never really denied having anything to do with the sex tape -- but said, "I'm gonna be honest with you, I have not seen the tape ... including me supposedly bragging and being a horse's ass."

We broke the story, there is footage of Bubba on the sex tape ... talking about selling the footage if he ever wanted to be rich enough to retire.

On the radio show, Bubba continued, "At the end of the day, I can't even comment on the validity ... [Hulk] could have had something to do with the leak of it,"

Bubba also touched on the fact that he let Hulk have sex with his then-wife Heather Clem -- saying they all consensually agreed to it and reminding Hulk, "Nobody put a gun to your head."

As we previously reported, Hulk is suing Bubba and Heather over the footage -- claiming they taped him without his consent.

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No Avatar


These two beeeyatches need to grow up! One lets his BFF boink his wife then calls him names, the other one is pretending to be all bent out of shape about the tape, (pure BS that he goes around saying it was low point in his life----ADMIT IT HULK, YOU ARE A DOUCHE BAG!) Both are two douche bags with too much time on their hands! Media w h o r e s !!!

736 days ago


We all know that these two are Douche Bags! who lets their BFF boink his wife and WHO takes him up on the offer! The entire bunch of them, kids, ex-wife, new wife etc are white trash with too much money and time- go do some charity work ! DO SOME GOOD WITH YOUR TIME! MEDIA WHORES!

736 days ago


Okay. Hulkster is a pig. Bubba is a talentless fat pig. But if TMZ ran a "who'd you rather" between Heather Clem and Linda Hogan, I'm pretty sure Linda would not get even one vote.

736 days ago


Gee Hulk...if that was a fish...you'd have to throw it back!

735 days ago

OH NO!    

That Bubba ****, sure has a face for radio.

735 days ago


You 3 may have agreed to the tryst, but Bubba and Heather crossed the line by video taping the event. Bubba was sooo low that he actually commented that he & heather could RETIRE on the proceeds of selling the tape. SPIN IT ALL YOU WANT BUBBA BUT THERE ARE 2 INDIPUTABLE FACTS: YOU TAPED THE SEX ACT WITHOUT HULK'S PERMISSION AND YOU OBVIOUSLY HAD EVERY INTENT ON SELLING THE TAPE IN THE FUTURE. IF YOU DIDN'T, WHY OH WHY WAS THE FIRST COMMENT OUT OF YOUR MOUTH REGARDING THE MONEY YOU CAN MAKE SELLING THE TAPE?

735 days ago


bubba is a horse's ass

735 days ago


Bubba the S*** Sponge made the tape and hoped to cash in. Then his Whore Ex-Wife snached the tape and tried to sell it. This is a true cast of Low Rent S***bags. At least Bubba is finally telling the truth about his feelings for Hulk. Bubba wanted to be Hulk's buddy so bad that he let him bang his wife. You know she was tire of looking for Bubba's little worm under all the fat rolls. They are all a Big Lame Joke.

735 days ago


Bubba did go on the offense this morning. It was quite entertaining. I've always thought Hogan was stupid, so seeing his buddy roll on him is funny. Pretty excited to hear Bubba on Howard Stern tomorrow morning. Howard will make this lame story entertaining.

735 days ago


What a peice of work! Lets bring the mans kids into it........nothing about you beinga FREAK taping while your wife is being pounded by another man!

735 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if a judge looks at this and dismisses the case and berating them all for being morally corrupt and acting like childish idiots.

735 days ago


Personally I think the whole thing is a scam. Let Hogan pretend he's innocent and the victim of a leaked tape - don't believe it for one minute. Then Hogan attempts to sue for damages. This whole deal screams of insurance fraud. Class act......

735 days ago


Hulk is boing Im ready to see Lindas tig ol bitties!!

735 days ago


Bubba asked Howard Stern to have sex with his wife. Tell me he wasn't planning to film that for money. What a total s***bag.

735 days ago


What man stops a B.J. to answer the phone...Then makes excuses for his 2 minute lay... man I ate like a pig 10 minutes ago... and by the way no son wants Dad to answer the phone while cheating on mom..

735 days ago
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