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Paul Ryan

Burned by Pot

and Pan Scandal

10/16/2012 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Campaign tip for Paul Ryan: skip the kitchen chores, and stick to cute baby photo-ops -- 'cause no one's gonna give ya a hard time about cleaning them properly. Unless ...

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No Avatar


Paul Ryan went to go wash down clean dishes but he forgot to tell the people who donate time and food if Mitt gets elected no more free meals from the goverment, The hungry homeless people will have to die on the street with no food no shelter and no medical care,

707 days ago


What your little Most Commented chart does not track is the fact that most of those combined 545 comments are telling you, TMZ, we are sick of your bias. We know you love Obama and would like to have his babies, but give it a rest.

707 days ago

Don José Manuel Fernando Villareal de Assumpción Gómez Bolaños Smith     

It's sad to see this kind of bias in America. Not even here in Brazil (and the government bribes news organizations with governmental advertising and public funding...) I've seen journalists and entertainers acting like propagandists for a regime. Welcome to the 3rd world, my friends.

707 days ago


Better that he is washing dishes instead of being responsible for the death of American citizens in Benghazi and on the Mexican border.
Obama has blood on his hands, maybe he should wash those.

707 days ago


enough already, TMZ

706 days ago


A true American Hero! He resembled what Rosie the riveter did for the war effort in the 40's.

706 days ago


Hey's a photo op. Happens every day in the Obama group.

706 days ago


Yawn TMZ...Get better stories

706 days ago


Like no other politician in history (including Obama) has never participated in a manufactured "photo op." Give me a break.

706 days ago

Saints fan    

If you want to venture into politics, why don't you do a story on how the Obama administration lied about the Benghazi terrorist attack and are now throwing the intelligence community and Hillary Clinton under the bus. Four Americans died and your attempt at political journalism is about Ryan washing a pot. Shame on you Harvey, you're a disgrace in more ways than one.

706 days ago


I thought the GOP admitted the pic wasn't what it seems. That Ryan showed up at the food kitchen, but it was closing and he didn't want to keep the staff hanging around, so he posed for a couple of pics and then left. I'm sure Ryan doesn't care about the poor, but he probably would have been snapped doing more if he'd gotten there earlier.

706 days ago

dick felterflapp    

Yeah, no bias here on TMZ. You'll do whatever you can to get Hussein reelected. ..including lying. Oh, and's too bad you never achieved full male growth...including dangling body parts.

706 days ago


Instead of focusing on Paul Ryan doing good deeds why don't you mention Obama lying and deceiving ? You guys are poor journalists, slanted

706 days ago


Well Ass Clown TMZ I guess once you are done licking the taint of Obama you'll actually interview the witnesses at the kitchen as well as the director of the kitchen that actually said and saw Congressman Ryan clean dirty dishes. Maybe even see CNN and other Liberal Ass Media now reporting that he did in fact clean dirty dishes. May want to tell Jon Stewart too.

706 days ago


Drop the stupid pot and pan story already will you?!? It's already been reported that he DID clean them and was nice while visiting the soup kitchen! Jeesh... Go follow Lindsay Lohan around, I'm sure you'd get a better story...

706 days ago
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