Lynne Spears Don't Let Sam Lutfi Say I Hate Jews

10/17/2012 12:11 PM PDT

Lynne Spears -- Don't Let Sam Lutfi Say I Hate Jews


Britney Spears' mom is afraid Sam Lutfi will paint her an anti-Semite during their imminent trial  -- so she just got an order blocking him from making Jew-hating allegations ... TMZ has learned.

The order stems from Lynne Spears calling Sam Lutfi a "Svengali" in her book -- a name used to describe a person who controls others through deceitful means.

But the word arguably has anti-Semitic roots as well, referring to the "Wandering Jew" character in Christian mythology.

Lynne was afraid Sam -- who is Jewish -- would run with the "Svengali" reference and use it to label her an anti-Semite during the defamation trial -- by calling an expert witness to testify about the anti-Semitic roots of the word.

Lynne filed papers asking the court to block Sam from calling such an expert witness -- and the judge signed off because it's not relevant and ridiculously prejudicial.

The case is currently mired in jury selection.