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Presidential Debate Questioner

I'm STILL Undecided

After Crappy Answers

10/17/2012 11:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
Exclusive Details

The woman who claimed she was torn between voting for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney last night during the Presidential debate tells TMZ, she's STILL undecided -- even after both candidates answered her tax cut question. 

You probably recognize her -- her name's Mary Follano, and she asked what the candidates' positions were on tax breaks, and how each prospective administration would make up for losses in government revenue, blah blah blah.

Mitt and Barack both gave stock responses -- feel free to argue, we don't care -- and 54-year-old Follano says she's no closer to a decision now than she was before last night's debate.

Follano tells us, "I see positive things in both their plans ... I look forward to the next debate."

As for her little slip-up -- when she blanked on part of her question -- Follano says she did her best to memorize, but she stumbled at the last second.

FYI -- Follano's a registered Republican who claims she voted for John McCain in 2008. In her words, "He's an American hero."

Still, we gotta ask ...


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I couldn't care less who you vote for, but if you're still an undecided voter at this point, you're a f*cking idiot.

713 days ago


If you don't vote for Obama to win the election then you're a racist

713 days ago


Anyone who hasn't figured out who they're going vote for by now after two years of campaigning isn't very bright.

713 days ago


Romney is a major douche.

713 days ago


Obama has my vote, Romney can not be trusted.... -------------- -----------------

713 days ago


McCain is a war monger, wants 2 more wars. He lives for fighting and putting our military in harms way. That is how he has become a millionaire.

713 days ago


Too bad we can't just do our voting online some way using Twitter or facebook. I'll bet more people would participate.

713 days ago


Seriously, if you are deciding on who to vote for by watching the debates, then you don't deserve to have a vote. Be responsible, and be perpetually informed about what is going on in the political administration of your government and your tax base, and from sources other than their politically-controlled media.

713 days ago


Please add Gary Johnson to the poll. He is the Libertarian candidate, 2-time Governor of New Mexico, and will be on the ballot in all 50 states.

713 days ago


Hmmm.. Did anyone fins it interesting that these people were just supposed to ask a question in town hall and every single one of them had to read theur question off a que card. What was that? Have to say I started laughing at the first young guy immediately when hes asking if he can get a job after college but he stumbles on reading a question he couldn't even memorize it. Well these candidates aren't miracle workers I think you need to study more LOL

713 days ago


Romney embarrassed himself last night! Thanks Mitt!

713 days ago


This was the Lady that went in her pocket for her 3rd question she forget, then remembered it was Education and she said she was a Teacher.... She doesn't hold much in my book

713 days ago


TMZ is like the majority of media outlets in that the public is given the impression that you only have two presidential voting options: Romney or Obama. Shame on TMZ and the other media outlets for putting out confusing polls and not successfully communicating what all of the options are. Instead, TMZ should've added an "Other" or "Neither" category. Remember, it's as bad not to vote as it is to vote for someone who you don't want to be president. There is always a write-in option people!

713 days ago


It boggles the mind how so many people can be brainwashed and sucked in by the Republican machine. I think it is because they have attached themselves to the Christian Church, and that is the biggest flock of brainwashed sheep on the planet. Republicans do not give a chit about you, because they are also brainwashed by the Republican machine. They are the financially elite, and they got rich by dirty, heartless deals, much of it manipulated by using money from the American tax base. Romney was actually in the business of buying companies for the purpose of selling them off in pieces, and that put a lot of American workers out of work, yet now he wants to tell you how much he cares if you have a job. As Governor of Mass, he sent state communications jobs to China. Do you need a gawd damn frying pan to hit you upside the head for you to open your eyes and think for yourself? I am not American, so I don't have a dog in this fight, and I don't have a vote. My comments are absolutely based on merit, not on a personal agenda. Do you not think that the Bush family is mentoring Mitt Romney on how to be President. Of course, they are. They are all situated in the upper rung of the Republican Party leadership.

713 days ago


"Undecided" with 20 days left to go? That's bullsh*t. These so-called 'undecided' voters have figured out that the media will give them attention if they declare (to anyone who will listen) that they are still 'undecided.'

713 days ago
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