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Jerry Sandusky

Molestation Victim

Goes Public

10/19/2012 6:39 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
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Sandusky Victim Aaron Fisher
Aaron Fisher -- the young man who first blew the whistle on Jerry Sandusky -- has done an interview with ABC News and says he's not looking for sympathy.

Fisher, now 18, met the convicted child molester when he was 11 at Sandusky's summer camp, Second Mile. A year later, the boy was being sexually assaulted in Sandusky's basement.

Fisher says he kept the secret for 3 years out of embarrassment and fear he wouldn't be believed.  When Fisher finally told his school principal about the molestation, she told the boy and his mom to "go home and think about it."

Fisher, who's written a book, will be featured on 20/20 tonight.

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Congratulations on going public. It's awful that there is such a stigma to victims of rape, especially the rape of boys. The more victims who go public and find the support of other victims, and see how much support they have and how people appreciate their courage it helps all other victims. I'm sure there are more. Sandusky's father himself ran a "youth gym" so it was probably a learned behavior. That makes it even worse, because that freak should have known better. I hope he burns and I hope his wife/enabler burns with him.

733 days ago


Hope the Principal is really having a hard time sleeping & looking herself in the mirror. Good for you Aaron for coming out with your story & we will be keeping you in our prayers.

733 days ago


Good for him--I hope talking about it helps him, and helps others going through this come forward. We have to keep listening to the molester, his wife and ridiculous attorney yammer on and on about how it is everyone else's fault. So--great--keep talking. Expose this child molester for what he is.

733 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

"Go home and think about it." I assume that principal pretty much said, "Oh well" because Sandusky was a man of power and position in that region and that poor child and his mother, especially if he was involved in the Second Mile, were probably part of the "disregarded" people who had no money, no support, and no say.
Every single person involved in this ... which by the way is NOT the entire University ... could have been heroes but instead chose to be enablers while children were being damaged and destroyed, and chose to let it continue. This sickens me.
I wish this young man and the harmed child inside of him see the light of day by coming out with the horrors that were put upon them by Sandusky and the cowards that allowed it to happen. I truly hope he finds some peace and happiness in his courage.

733 days ago


These accusations should have been taken directly to the police, not his school principal, but still... shame on her for such a wishy-washy response. I hope that this situation has been eye opening for parents who are too trusting. Just because a man is respected in the community, doesn't mean that your son should be having playdates and sleepovers at his house.

733 days ago


Go home and think about what??? I hope that principal is not even in a school position right now because she doesnt deserve to be. A teacher is one of the people you tell kids to confide something like this in and I agree, he/she should be haunted by this.

733 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

I think the principle should meet Dexter too.
Phishie from Philly

733 days ago


This is just so completely sad. What a brave young man.

733 days ago


Just, "WOW," is all that comes to mind when I hear a response like this. Maybe (in her own mind) the principal knew the allegations would go global and was trying to protect the child further shame and embarrassment?? But her first words should have been, "Let's get you to a doctor and let's call the police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

733 days ago


Why is the principal not being taken to task like other people who were made aware of the situation, but did little to stop the cycle of abuse? I understand the shame the poor boy felt, but why would the mother have told a school staff member and not a law enforcement official? Sorry but my kid tells me they have been molested, I am getting the full details from my son and heading to the nearest police station ,not to the damn school, camp counselor, school coach, janitor, school cook, but to the police.

733 days ago


mom should have b!tch slap the principal @ told her to think bout that.

733 days ago

Phishie from Philly    

By going public made Aaron a better person and he also gave other victims the courage to stand up and do something about it and to make sure that this never happens again. Aaron took the negative that Sandusky put him through and turned it into a positive to take Sandusky down. In my eyes these victims are also heroes. I wish all victims the best of luck.
Phishie from Philly

733 days ago

Dan Frederiksen    

first blew the whistle on him. really TMZ? : )

733 days ago

Mr. Clean    

"Go home and think about it"? WTF does that mean?
If that's true, take that mothereffer to task!

Props to the victim - heres to the healing process

733 days ago

Jeff Becker    

I hope this kids gets a million dollars from Sandusky, Penn State and the POS principle that did not report this kids accounts to CYS. The kid comes forward, which had to take a huge amount of courage and a principle tells them to think about it? Fire that educator!

733 days ago
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