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Court Showdown

Over Secret

Mitt Romney Testimony

10/23/2012 4:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

The Boston Globe is going to court tomorrow, reportedly to ask a judge to unseal the sworn testimony of Mitt Romney in a confidential matter in family court. 

Gloria Allred -- who insinuated she might have a bombshell that could affect the presidential election -- has a client who is somehow involved in the case and who wants to go on the record.  

We're told the Globe will ask the judge both to unseal Romney's testimony and lift the gag order imposed on everyone involved in the case.

As for what the case involves ... it's a secret ... and Gloria's not spillin' the beans. But we do know the court in question handles lots of sensitive family law matters, including those involving high profile people.

Stay tuned ...



No Avatar


If it's gloria it has to be some sexual drama

737 days ago


Oh shut up! You should be concerned about our current president showing us his REAL RECORDS!

737 days ago


Leave it up too TMZ for this crap... friends of CNN I bet....Lets make this a political gain for Obama... who never gets any bad press, or make fun of from SNL... IMAGE THAT TMZ....

737 days ago


Can't stand this filthy c*nt! By the way, did Niki Diaz ever get deported for being an illegal alien? Why doesn't this ugly troll go to court to see if we can BO's college transcripts or donor lists unsealed?

737 days ago


Gloria is a retarded pig.

737 days ago


If this woman really cared about women, why doesn't she go overseas and support the women who are controlled and killed through Sharia law, fight for the rights of the 14 year old Pakastani girl who the Taliban shot in the face because she wanted girls to get an education. Instead she wants to destroy political opponents in a country that is free and has free elections. Her priorities are twisted. She is an idiot for all her destructive ways and Trump is an idiot for his birther obsession and obsession with taking down Obama. Geez people let the election process take place and let the people vote and decide. I think the American public is smart enough not to let either of these morons dictate our decisions. If we want Obama elected out of office, then so be it and let a more experienced person try and if he fails, he too will leave after 4 years.

737 days ago


Disbar the old hag!

737 days ago


If the rumors are true and this story is about him sleeping with his kids babysitter and getting her pregnant then threatening to kick them out of the church and excommunicate them then yeah.. it's a big deal because it shows Romney (again) as the bully and manipulator that he is.

737 days ago


Romney's son apologizes to Obama for 'swing' remark

737 days ago


When you look in the dictionary and see a picture of a turd, it has Gloria Allred's name under it. This woman is seriously a disgusting human being who will use anyone and make up lies to get her face on television and to make a buck. She is the exact reason why people hate and don't trust lawyers. She is the poster child for everything that is wrong with lawyers who ruin peoples lives just so they can get fame and a buck in their pocket. How this hag lives with herself I'll never know. Good luck, Gloria. The Judge is going to laugh you out of court because the matter has zero to do with you and even if it does have a thing to do with your so-called client, no court is going to unseal a case because a t.v. camera awaits you outside. In real courts, there are actual rules that are followed and sealed records remain sealed to protect ALL parties involved. So yet again, you are making a HUGE a s s out of yourself. Your 15 minutes were up MANY years ago.

737 days ago

T. Ruth Sayer    

No matter what comes out from the super secret bombshell, this is still going to be the truth come election day:

737 days ago

Stacy Allison    

Gloria Allred is a classless media whore!

737 days ago


@Martina, you wouldn't be saying that if it was Obama.

737 days ago


This can't be any worse than married Bill Clinton getting head from an 18 year old intern in the white house....

737 days ago


I'm an Obama supporter but everything she comes near just turns to sh*t. She's a vile, ambulance chasing fame whore. Please go away, Gloria. Please.

737 days ago
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