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Mitt Romney

Judge UNSEALS Docs,

Allred Gets Shut Down

10/25/2012 5:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
breaking news

Mitt Romney's testimony in his friend's divorce case -- in which he's accused of lying under oath to screw over his friend's ex-wife -- will be unsealed today and released to the Boston Globe ... the judge has ruled. 

As we first reported, Mitt testified in the divorce of Staples' founder Tom Stemberg -- and Tom's ex-wife Maureen claims Mitt lied under oath, falsely undervaluing Staples' stock in order to shaft her in the divorce.

Mitt's people have already said the Presidential hopeful doesn't care if the testimony is released -- he has nothing to hide.

Things didn't fare so well for Gloria Allred -- her request to ungag her client was shut down by the hot judge ... because Gloria never submitted an official motion to the court.

Gloria was grasping at straws in a last ditch effort to get the judge to cut her a break -- but she was shot down, hard.

The transcripts will be released to the Globe any minute.

8:30 AM PT -- Gloria denied accusations she's a "surrogate" for the Democratic party ... who's only representing Stemberg in order to wreak havoc on the Romney campaign.

8:20 AM PT  --
During a news conference, Gloria accused the Boston Globe of pulling a "double-cross" because she says the paper abandoned its motion to have the gag order against Maureen Sullivan Stemberg lifted.


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"The POTUS says I'm one of the greatest attorneys"Gloria. Glad I have never had a great attorney. Thought she was gonna have a stroke when she was attacking the Globes attorney. ROTFLMAO

695 days ago


BREAKING NEWS: Woman in bitter divorce claims man lied who supported her husband. Next we will be reporting "the sun is hot" and "water is wet".

695 days ago


she is a media whore and she could care less about the ex-wife, she just want to help obama....Sad day and women should be pissed and embarrassed the way she uses women
She is, ll by herself, turning women away from voting obama

695 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

The bitch should get on her broom and go home.

695 days ago


Gloria was too late. Mitt had already paid for the judge. But where there is smoke there is fire. Mitt has probably lied often. If he as a Mormon can put his hand on a bible and lie to make a woman with cancer lose benefits so his buddy could cash out stocks and break all commandments he obviously has no worries about offending God.Pure sociopath. Charm on the outside vindictive on the inside. But this is who America wants to trust with their paychecks.

695 days ago


So since TMZ is such a great news source, how about you challenge Obama to accept Trump's $5 million for charity to release his school records and passport info. Romney says he has nothing to hide, so Mr. President, how about it?

695 days ago


This just shows how desperate the Liberals/Democrats are. Anything they can do to attack Mitt and shift the focus from the fact that the Obama Adminstraion failures led to the deaths of 4 Americans, then they tried to cover it up and lied, for over 2 weeks, to the American people. So let's see, Mitt lied in a divorce case or the President lied repeatedly to the American people. Which seems more important? According to TMZ the Romney thing does since they don't put up one story about thbe Libya situation.

695 days ago


HAHAHA Allred is a joke, and the judge knows it. No matter what is in those do***ents, the Boston Globe will spin it left, and the GOP will say there is nothing. Either way, we are still stuck with voting between two idiots.

695 days ago


Gloria Allred is why some lawyers seem to have the reputations they have. She's such an opportunist, and it's disgusting. Anytime theres' a case that SHE thinks is news worthy, or that might get her name in news, she's there. She's like the female equivalent of Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson.

695 days ago


The woman is mentally instable. John Notle wrote the best piece on this story. Ms. Sullivan has held a grudge since 1989. What were you doing in 1989? Can YOU imagine living everyday of your life holding a grudge for that long? This woman has some serious issues, and it is quite sad that this apparently mentally imbalanced woman has found an audience at the Huffington Post (she is a power user there) and with Gloria Allred. Read Nolte's excellent article:

695 days ago


Why is Allred always given a platform on TMZ? No one else gives her any time..

695 days ago


Allred needs to be disbarred she don't care about her clients, All she cares about is getting her face on TV. and making things up along the way .

Someone correct me if I am wrong but didn't one of her so called ''clients'' recently sue her and call her out for what she really is a media whore

After she talked to the press she dropped him as her client .

695 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

Reupublicans want to be your dad, Democrats want to be your mom. Wake up, country.

695 days ago


Why does anybody show up to her press conferences !!! She is a media whore plain and simple.

695 days ago

Linda Moore    

To finish you statement Harvey...because she's Gloria, the fame whore!! Gov. Romney should not have to put up with her antics and disrespect. Doesn't she know that if he had ANY skeletons in his closet the Democratic machine would have found them by now. AGGHHH!! A very, very wise judge!!!

695 days ago
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