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Mitt Romney

Author Who Saw Divorce Transcripts

Says Romney Didn't Tell Truth About Staples

10/25/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The ex-wife of one of Mitt Romney's closest advisers says Mitt lied on the witness stand in her divorce about a key asset -- the value of Staples, the company her husband founded -- and as a result she was grossly shortchanged in the property settlement ... this according to an author who helped the ex-wife write her story.

Sadi Ranson says she reviewed the transcripts of the divorce between Staples founder Tom Stemberg and his wife Maureen during the collaboration on the book.  Ranson tells TMZ ... she reviewed boxes and boxes of transcripts and claims Romney testified the Staples stock was a pipe dream because the company was not successful -- something Maureen says was flat-out untrue.

The Boston Globe goes to court today in an attempt to unseal the transcripts and lift the gag order on the case.

Romney's people tell TMZ, the Governor does not oppose unsealing the docs because there is simply nothing there.


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OH NO!    

Romney is a member of a religious cult. Are you going to believe anything he says? The Mormon nutcase vs Obama- Both choices are terrible. The US is doomed.

726 days ago

Laughing at celebrities is fun.    

Arrest her now! She's violating the gag order.

726 days ago

OH NO!    

Mormons=Scientology=Brainwashed followers. What a bunch of nut cases. Have you ever researched this crazy religion? Holy **** Batman, this 'religion' is on par with Scientology- a religion founded by a science fiction writer. If Romney wins, we are all doomed.

726 days ago


This is so NOT relevant!....for the record Obama hasn't told the TRUTH in over 4 YEARS!...GO ROMNEY!

726 days ago


TMZ and Gloria, nobody cares. It would be one person's word against another, and would require another huge court case to determine the truth, if it is indeed able to be determined. This stuff doesn't matter in an election to elect someone to run this country. We have basically 2 choices. You can choose obama or Romney. There might be plenty to say about either, depending on your point of view. It's getting down to tit for tat now. And if you protested at talking about obama being a foreign scholarship student, which he was, or being raised with a muslim stepfather in Indonesia, which he was, then you need to protest against digging up old, trivial stuff like this. Anything with Allred's name associated with it smacks of hookers and deceit.

726 days ago

Diamond Goddess!    

Wouldn't they have done a independent study of the value of Staples?
I doubt they'd take the word of one of the investors as to its value.
The ex and this author are just fugly b!tchez!!! GET A JOB, Mrs. Ex-Staples!!!
(Talk about NOT "getting the lesson"! geesh)

726 days ago


Campaigning on Staples, Big Bird and binders,......a long way from Hope and Change. These juvenile and pathetic attempts to smear Romney only succeed in revealing the desperation of the left. The Obama campaign is doomed.

726 days ago


TMZ please stick to reporting stupid hollywood celebrity news. Unless you have credible political journalists, stay out of it.......

726 days ago


It expalins why mittens and his son Tagg Romney tied to Stanford Financial Group. It's the second largest Ponzi scheme. Google ==>tagg romney ties to standford fin group, AMAZING!!!
The romneys are s***mmmmmmmm

726 days ago


he never tells the truth
thats the problem
mitt never play fair or by the rules
its just greed and its disgusting
yet wants to be a president.....!!

726 days ago


Yes, Romney did commit perjury. Weeks after the divorce, both Romney and Stemberg unloaded their stocks' in Staples and made a killing. But, even if this story hits the the light of day, those die hard Republican's will never change their vote.

726 days ago


"Romney's people tell TMZ, the Governor does not oppose unsealing the docs because there is simply nothing there."

Romney probably had a cleanup job done to the do***ents a long time ago.

726 days ago

( ಠ_ಠ) KAT DADDY ( ಠ_ಠ)    

Free Our Righteous Doctor

Hang In There Doc
You'll Be Free Soon!

Creepy Little Wacko

Free This Innocent Man!

God Bless Dr.Conrad Murray
The Pedophile Slayer!

726 days ago


this is bs - she got 500,000 shares of staples in her settlement - and they were only worth $2 - and she sold her stock the same time as romney did - so him selling his shares make no difference - she wasn't mad til the company went public a year later and the stock went to $19 - and wants to be paid the difference - she has been trying fr 10 years to get her settlement over turned so she could get more $$ from her ex - if romney committed perjury then the courts would have over turned it by now - i hope gloria allred ends up in gitmo! - and i'm not even a romney supporter and i see how contrived this is

726 days ago


Get out o the Obama left wing California losers.

726 days ago
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