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Mitt Romney

Author Who Saw Divorce Transcripts

Says Romney Didn't Tell Truth About Staples

10/25/2012 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The ex-wife of one of Mitt Romney's closest advisers says Mitt lied on the witness stand in her divorce about a key asset -- the value of Staples, the company her husband founded -- and as a result she was grossly shortchanged in the property settlement ... this according to an author who helped the ex-wife write her story.

Sadi Ranson says she reviewed the transcripts of the divorce between Staples founder Tom Stemberg and his wife Maureen during the collaboration on the book.  Ranson tells TMZ ... she reviewed boxes and boxes of transcripts and claims Romney testified the Staples stock was a pipe dream because the company was not successful -- something Maureen says was flat-out untrue.

The Boston Globe goes to court today in an attempt to unseal the transcripts and lift the gag order on the case.

Romney's people tell TMZ, the Governor does not oppose unsealing the docs because there is simply nothing there.


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But of course Harvey is a clarion against Antisemitism only when it is beneficial to him

644 days ago


Romney is NOT a member of a religious cult, Oh No! The Mormon church is a recognized religious secular community. Insofar as his testimony at his friend's divorce hearing, what the heck does that have to do with running for President of the United States? This is such a non story blown up by Obama supporters out of fear. Here is something to really worry about, Oh No!: Wall Street and the banking industry WHO OWNS BOTH OF THEM.

644 days ago


well the election can't come soon enough ..
Romney is going to win and all the haters can
hate with You Harvey !!

644 days ago


This bitter woman wants revenge because of her divorce..and should not be allowed to pull us into her mess!

644 days ago


He maybe Trump can pay her off

644 days ago


This woman looks like a fricken LIAR.... Get real people .........

644 days ago


Announcing there’s info that could affect a Presidential election, but not divulging it right away could poison people’s minds, no matter what the facts are.

Either this is an attempt at subliminal messaging or it’s something more serious than Mitt Romney’s opinion re: the value of Staples stock.

644 days ago


WHO F ING CARES.... TMZ stick to celebrities and keep out of politics or you will lose your audience. I have already deleted the huffington post, TMZ is next

644 days ago


Oh of course, the scorned wife who thinks she did not get a big enough settlement is saying he lied. So then it must be true!

644 days ago


Romney didn't tell the truth? Of course not. Politicians don't know how to tell the truth.

644 days ago


Remember what Obama said. If you can't run on your record then make the other candidate unelectable. Obama is desperate. He will lie until the bitter end to get re-elected. What a joke. But the ignorant will vote for him again. Unbelievable.

644 days ago

There's a problem here    

The divorce was like 582 years ago but suddenly it becomes important. Gloria Allred and Donald Trump are cut from the same cloth. Publicity whores and legends in their own minds.

644 days ago


We do not know the date of the deposition in relation to the IPO. We do not know the state of the company when he gave the deposition. How many stores were there and were they profitable? Without that information we have no idea what is happening.

TMZ wrote this article to make it sound like Romney gave the deposition and a few weeks later sold his shares for millions. This sounds like it was a NASTY divorce that took a long time to come to a conclusion.

We also know the ex-wife got 500,000 shares and sold half before the IPO. That is actually a pretty sensible thing to do. But the remaining 250,000 shares were worth almost 5 million dollars after the IPO, so I do not think she should have been hurting for money. So what we have is an ex-wife of one of Romney's business partners who has an axe to grind.

TMZ - You usually do a much better job than this with your facts.

644 days ago


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643 days ago


Bros before hoes! Why did the dumb bitch rely on her husbands friend telling her a stock is junk. Doesn't she have eyes or a brain of her own? Probably not. That's why she married rich, so someone else can do all the thinking. Then goldiggers get pissed when the man dumps their sorry ass and they don't get a dime.

643 days ago
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