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Octomom's Babysitters


When She's Gone

10/30/2012 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The people taking care of Octomom's kids while she's in rehab couldn't be happier the mom of 14 is out of their hair -- in fact, one of the children's caretakers tells TMZ, it's WAY easier to do their jobs now that Octo's gone.

Octo has 3 nannies and 2 friends helping her with the kids while she seeks treatment -- and one nanny tells TMZ,  Octo's been calling twice a day from rehab, giving specific directions about how to care for each child.

The nanny says it's been helpful to hear from her, but it's a MILLION times easier to actually take care of the kids when she's not in the house constantly barking orders.

The nanny tells us, the house is much, much calmer than normal now that Octo's gone -- and the kids are in great spirits, behaving like angels.

It's a far cry from the photos we posted in April that resulted in a child services investigation against Octo -- real name Nadya Suleman -- showing the kids pooping outside and crazy graffiti.

The nanny says Octo will get to visit the children for the first time on Saturday and she's really excited. "She's been crying a lot," the nanny tells us.

As we reported, Octo entered a 30-day treatment program over the weekend for her Xanax dependency.


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Also with this coming election I care too much for the 23 million unemployed people and struggeling small to mid-size businesses in this country to want to vote for Obama. All we will get is another 4 years of poor economic growth.

Stop being so partisan people!!!! You should care more about the country than your political party affiliation.

701 days ago

Star Whacker    

For the sake of the kids, can she stay in rehab for about another sixteen years? After that, let her out to do whatever wierdness she wants to do herself once the kids are adults.

701 days ago


Poor women can't even go to rehab without people running to the tabs selling out the kiddos. I feel sorry for her.

701 days ago


If I had 14 kids I would be in rehab for something much stronger and a long time ago. But in the other hand was her choice to have her private day care center

701 days ago


The fact that people put her in tabloids and people read and have a gag about this just shows a nauseating sside of humanity

701 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

who does this octom squirter think was going to raise her kids for her,oh thats right the tax payers,now that she has a disability drugs, she will get more money and sympathies

701 days ago


Can somebody pls tell me why she is in rehab ?
& don't say exhaustion & dehydration lol

701 days ago


I know this sounds aweful, but I can't wait for the tell all books that will be written by these kids some day. Hopefully they will make enough money to pay for the therapy they will surely need. Good luck kids!!

701 days ago


It is heartbreaking that Octoskank just uses these needy kids as pawns in her various moneymaking schemes. She is always out and about getting nails done, etc. always doing stuff for herself. (I've seen her and she makes herself known. And, she's never with the kids. ) She clearly thinks she's a big celeb and the kids are only trotted out for photo ops so she can shake the money cup. She is disgusting.

701 days ago


IDK how anyone in their right mind would be able to care for this many children. NO WAY!!

701 days ago


I haven't been on here in quite some time and you guys have gone even further below the belt th an before--you say "the kids are pooping outside" when in fact this photographer is is snooping onto private property witnessing potty training on a carport or patio---not the same at all! Also it;s calmer whenever anyones' boss is gone--doesn't make her a bad person--looks to me like she's a terriffic mother-all good moms "bark lots of orders"-because they care! Get your noses out of the gutter and into reality--you never will of course!

701 days ago


This woman wanted 14 children, she should have to be the one paying for the nannies to take care of them. I can't believe that company is actually footing the bill to make her life easier.

701 days ago


Nov 4th thru the 6th fasting and prayer for our country and its leaders. Christians unite under one banner Jehovah Nissi.

701 days ago


Think it's tough now? Wait until they are teenagers. Can you imagine? Oh, maybe she can get them all into porn. She is disgusting and for sure not playing with a full deck.

701 days ago


It'sgood she is doing this now. It can only get worse and be harder to treat successfully.

701 days ago
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