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Octomom ... She's in Rehab

Kids in Jeopardy?

10/30/2012 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


Octomom's checked into rehab ... and there's a shocking new allegation about one of her 14 children. Did one of them see her X-rated self-pleasure video -- and, if so ... what does it mean for custody? We'll tell you what people in Octo's circle are saying.

Plus, "Amazing Race" front-runners Jaymes and James, aka ... the Chippendales ... drop by the newsroom to give Harv & Charles a huge dose of insecurity. Oh, they also explain why they originally turned down the 'Race' ... but eventually changed their minds.

Also, President Obama's iPod playlist has some people calling BS -- and ... where's the country music??!!

(0:00) Octomom is checking into rehab -- but the bigger story ... the nannies are saying the kids are more behaved than ever now that she's out of the picture.
(3:30) And it gets worse -- allegations are flying that one Octo's kids was caught watching her porn video on his phone. Yikes.
(6:00) Kris Jenner is on the offensive -- she's dying to know who make a fake call to Child Protective Services, and making accusations that Kylie and Kendall Jenner were living under dangerous conditions. Mike think he knows who's responsible.
(10:00) Kelsey Grammer takes his 3-month-old baby to the Playboy mansion -- and we just got a statement from his rep ... and it's pretty hilarious.
(14:00) Lance Armstrong -- we obtained photos of him riding his bike ... in some of the gear that dropped him as a sponsor.
(18:00) Jaymes and James -- the Chippendales dancers in "The Amazing Race" -- come into the office to talk about the crazy crap they did on the show ... why they're too scared to reveal what happened on the show ... and aren't afraid to crack a short joke on our fearless leader.
(26:10) "X Factor" is laying down the law for it's contestants -- and Ryan thinks it's the doing of a bunch of fogeys who don't want the to have fun.
(28:10) The Game has the worst legal strategy in history after being sued for beating the crap out of 40 Glocc.
(30:10) A Chinese man sues his wife after she produces what he considers an ugly baby ... and you won't believe how much crazier this story gets.
(33:45) President Obama has every type of music on his iPod but ONE ... the kind Republicans like.
(38:30) Coco's breasts -- hurricane proof.
(39:00) The floor is yours!

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I'm off to go collect my left over Birthday beers. WOOHOO. Have fun.
BTW, Harvey and TMZ, you bastages. What did you do with Harvey K, Bubbles, Rabby and now today we are missing Anne, Tamara and Seamus...WTF? Do you have a dungeon I need to be worried about?

720 days ago


one more show i will not be watching booooooo

720 days ago


Who Momma KJ thinks made the outrageous report about Kendall and Kylie

Look in the mirror mommy azz

720 days ago


Aw, I can't leave now, dammut

720 days ago


Why does anyone in there right mind give a f@ck about her or her sh@tty little f@ckin kids?

720 days ago

Flying Blind    

Mike’s got one Hawaiian shirt left over from Casual Friday to wear tomorrow for Halloween. You see, he’s not that creative and will take the easy way out.

720 days ago


I missed the last segment, damn I come back and DB Ryan is speaking. "Square man" UGH Does he ever shower?

720 days ago


X is fallin in rating you can't save your friend show Harvey

720 days ago

Internet Tough Guy    

These rap fights are faker than WWE.

720 days ago


gangter girl for gangter stories

720 days ago

Wow ...    

Harvey is right, the production company for X Factor does not want to foot the bill to repair or replace damaged property. Why is that so hard for TMZ staff to understand? What another team did or did not do, is irrelevant.

720 days ago


jury must of been Kim's family

720 days ago


isn't it really the reverse? those poor kids are finally SAFE now she's in rehab....

720 days ago

Flying Blind    

was that Harvey's servant.

720 days ago


What happened to that guys head?

720 days ago
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